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3 Quick Ways to Build Evernote Use Among Your Team

3 Quick Ways to Build Evernote Use Among Your Team

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 08 Nov 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 08 Nov 2013

Whether you’re just getting started with Evernote Business or been using it for awhile, the more content your team creates, the better — and more useful — it becomes. Creating and sharing content doesn’t have to be complicated; rather, it’s often better to start with the simple things so your team can get to know Evernote Business a bit better. Here’s how:

Give New Employees a Head Start

Create Shared Notebooks for key information like HR guidelines, policies and procedures, and important forms. As new team members join, share these notebooks with them to introduce them to how your company works. Evernote Business lets you share multiple notebooks at one time, making it easy to get everyone up to speed. Make sure to include a variety of types of content (documents, images, and more) so new employees see what’s possible with Evernote Business.


Centralize Meeting Notes

Assign a note-taker at each meeting, and have them record audio, capture whiteboards, and scan meeting documents using the ScanSnap Evernote Edition. Store notes in a shared notebook in your company’s Business Home so everyone can review them as needed. To get your entire team in on the action, LiveMinutes lets your group simultaneously collaborate on a meeting note, which can then be stored and shared in your meeting notes notebook.

Brainstorm Together, Colorfully

At ideation sessions, give each person a set of Post-it® Notes to write down their ideas. As you work through ideas, arrange (and rearrange) your Post-it® Notes on the wall to help you flesh out ideas. Use your phone to capture the Post-it® Notes into Evernote, where you and your team can share the notes and continue to move your ideas forward.

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How do you build Evernote Business use among the people you work with?


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