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Know More About Your Customers, On the Go

Know More About Your Customers, On the Go

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 22 Nov 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 22 Nov 2013

In the first of a four-part series about getting the most out of Evernote Business for Salesforce, we explore how to work with your Evernote notes and Salesforce records from anywhere. 

For anyone who regularly meets with customers, Evernote Business for Salesforce1 lets you easily access all your meeting notes and research, right from your mobile device. On the go, you continue to add color to your Salesforce records by creating notes about meetings you’ve had with people, take snapshots of whiteboards and handwritten notes, and more.

Use Salesforce1 to review notes on your mobile device right before you walk in the door for an in-person meeting. Tidbits you capture from your meeting in Evernote can easily be linked into Salesforce, so you’ll always have all relevant information about your customer at your fingertips. For instance, you can add:

  • Typed text notes from in-person or phone meetings
  • Photos of business cards of the people you met
  • Checklists for follow-up items from meetings

Maximizing Evernote Business for Salesforce

Any new notes you add and updates you make to existing notes will automatically sync to Evernote Business and are then accessible in Salesforce.

If you’re collaborating with a member of your sales team back at the office, they will also see these changes, even if you’re holding meetings out in the field.

Without sending a single email, you and your team can continue to collect and share important information that will help you best meet the needs of your customers.

Learn more about Evernote Business for Salesforce.


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