Skitch for Mac Update: Switch Between Resolutions on Retina Displays

Skitch for Mac Update: Switch Between Resolutions on Retina Displays

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 13 Dec 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 13 Dec 2013

We’ve just released Skitch for Mac (version 2.7.1) with a handful of bug fixes and a handy new feature; you can now quickly choose between high-resolution output (2x) or normal resolution when using the Drag Me tab. Here’s how it works:

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Hi-Res Output Option

If you’re using a Retina Mac, your screenshots will be high resolution as well — in fact, twice as large on each dimension than non-Retina screens. However, there are times when this image will be too large, and you’d like a smaller version. If you’re using the Drag Me tab (super handy!) to put your screenshots into documents, email, Skype and other places, you can now choose to export them in lower resolution.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 12.42.36 PM

When you screenshot on a Retina Mac or open a high resolution image into Skitch, you will see a new Hi-Res icon appear on the right that lets you know your image is high resolution.


Click the file type dropdown in the bottom left corner of your window to check or uncheck Hi-Res images. Unchecking will reduce your image from 144 DPI (Retina) to 72 DPI (non-Retina). This will not affect the size of the image when you sync it to Evernote – the images in your account will remain at the same quality with which they were snapped.

The release also includes a number of important bug-fixes, making Skitch more reliable.

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Try out the latest update! Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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  • Guest

    I’ve updated to version 2.7.1 but not seeing the low res option. I’ve tried to resintall it but still no luck 🙁 . Please help

  • Rikupekka

    I’ve got the same kind of problem with 2.7.2: I can uncheck the hi-res version on retina display, I can resize the image to e.g. 400*200 but the image saves as 800*400 – always double.

  • Scot

    Gotta say, having the same issue. Can’t get the smaller low-res version. The high res should be an OPTION, not the default. Thanks!

    • Scot

      I may have figured out my issue after reading around a bit. It seems that the link/url/version of the image sent to Evernote, (which is what I’m interested in primarily since I’m sharing the short URL to the images most of the time) is always the High Res version? Can you confirm/clarify?

  • Jeff

    Hi. I may be way behind the knowledge base here, but like many others, I love the 1.0.12 ‘old’ version with the additional functionality- specifically adding shadow to image. Using Mavericks with two screens has become a challenge, as you know. Has anyone figured out how to make the old versions to snap from either screen on Mavericks? Thanks.

  • Marty

    This doesnt work for me either. I uncheck the high-res option and I still get the high-res image when I copy it out of Skitch.

  • Alex

    Same for me. The images captured are all double the resolution even with the option off. That plus the fact that you can’t resize images in Outlook for Mac and you’ve got a real pain

  • James Alley

    I believe this control should be bound to the “Hi-Res” pill in the lower right. Intuitively, I clicked that pill to try to switch to Lo-Res mode. Clicking it should toggle the mode. This control should not be under the file type menu. It has nothing to do with the file type.