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3 Ways to Quickly Find Your Information in Evernote Business

3 Ways to Quickly Find Your Information in Evernote Business

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 16 Dec 2013

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 16 Dec 2013

This post is contributed by Brandie Kajino, Evernote’s Organization Ambassador.

If your team is overwhelmed at the idea of meticulously organizing notes and notebooks, consider a different approach: a search-based organizing system. Since search in Evernote Business is so powerful, it can be leveraged to develop a system around how your team organizes information.

Here are a few ways to move toward a search-based system:

Consolidate notebooks. A large collection of Business Notebooks can be overwhelming. Consider consolidating the notes within them to reduce how many notebooks your team has. A quick brainstorming meeting with your team can help determine which notebooks are necessary. As a bonus, when your team has buy-in on the notebooks that get created, they’re more likely to use them.

Create team tags. Once your team has agreed upon a set of Business Notebooks, create a set of tags that will help your team pull up relevant notes quickly. For instance, you can tag a note with the name of the person assigned to work on a project, project status, the name of a customer, or by region. Tags created within Business Notebooks are accessible by any team members who have access to that notebook.

Tags in Evernote Business

Save your searches. After tags are created, each team member can spend a couple of minutes thinking about the type of information they’re going to need regularly, and set up Saved Searches to quickly access the notes they need. For example, a team member in marketing who is working on creating user stories may be looking for customers who are using a particular product in a specific region by searching a combination of “Product” and “Region” tags. Then, save that search for later. You can search in Evernote for a single tag or a combination of tags that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Create a Shared Note that lists essential search strings that your team can reuse as needed. If there are searches that team members use frequently, they can save and add them to their Shortcuts to easily access.

How does your team organize information in Evernote Business?


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  • Thad Puckett

    These are great ideas. Thanks for helping make we Evernote Business users better!

    • Joshua Zerkel

      Thad, it’s our pleasure. Feel free to chime in with your own ideas for how to use Evernote Business!