5 Ways to Use Holiday Downtime

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5 Ways to Use Holiday Downtime

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 19 Dec 2013

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 19 Dec 2013

Around this time of year, most of us are counting the days left until a little holiday break.

There’s plenty of downtime in your future (we hope), so it’s a great time to get yourself organized.

  1. Curate your recipe collection. If you’ve been clipping or scanning in your favorite recipes, now’s the time to save them all to a recipes notebook and maybe even tag a few by course (dessert, breakfast, dinner). Once your recipes are in Evernote, they’re accessible to you (and searchable!) on every device and on the Web.
  2. Plan your dream vacation. It’s time to start making those 2014 daydreams a reality. Start researching places you might want to travel to, clip articles, hotel recommendations and more.
  3. Conceptualize your next big home / DIY project. Doing a kitchen remodel or hoping to start on a nursery? Start a New Notebook in Evernote and start saving inspiration to it. Snap photos of items you see and like when you’re out and about, create a to-do list, and set some Reminders for project deadlines (a week before the baby’s due or the in-laws are coming for a visit?)
  4. Set some personal goals. Want to learn how to knit? Or write your first novel? Make a personal goals list in Evernote before the New Year. Start collecting inspiration related to your goals.
  5. Catch up on your reading. Clipped a bunch of articles and forwarded newsletters to your Evernote account? Grab your tablet, a cozy blanket, and curl up on the couch!

How are you using your holiday downtime?


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