New for iPhone and iPad: A Customizable, Faster, Better Evernote


New for iPhone and iPad: A Customizable, Faster, Better Evernote

Posted by on 30 Jan 2014

Posted by on 30 Jan 2014

Today, Evernote for iPhone and iPad get some of our most-requested features. It’s not only faster and easier to use, but it’s also customizable in ways that our users have been requesting ever since we launched our iOS 7 redesign. For the first time, you’ll be able to make Evernote your own in a seemingly-infinite number of ways.

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Your Home Screen, Your Way

The first thing you’ll notice are the redesigned New Note buttons that now sit at the top of the screen. They’re big, clear and easy to tap. Right above them, is the Settings gear. Tap it to get to the home screen customization options.

Color Themes

Choose from the three color themes: light, dark and classic green. I’m partial to the light theme, which looks really great on my black iPhone.



Show the sections you need, hide the ones you don’t. Rearrange them until everything is just right. It’s easy to come back and change your selections at any time.



You can choose to display recently viewed items for your Notes, Notebooks, Shortcuts, and Tags sections. These are great for quickly jumping to the things you’re currently working on, so most of the time the exact thing you want is right under your finger.

Sync Status

If you’re interested in keeping up with sync progress, or knowing how recently everything was synchronized, you can have the sync status displayed below the Settings gear.



We’ve made the app snappier and more responsive. For example, titling and retitling notes is now a lot faster. Tap into the note title and the cursor pops in right away, note title suggestions appear to make things even quicker. We’ve also tweaked the note editor to make frequently used features easy to find. No more delays. In and out.

Better Business Card Scanning

We’ve improved the quality of business card scanning in Evernote, and now allow scanned cards to be added directly to your phone contacts.

Many Bugs Stomped

We fixed an issue that was corrupting audio notes on some occasions. The app will also fix and play audio files previously corrupted by this bug. We found and fixed lots of other bugs as well.

And More

This update is part of our ongoing effort to make our apps simpler, better and more reliable.

We hope you enjoy your new and improved, customizable Evernote. Tell us your favorite home screen combo in the comments.


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  • derlinzer

    Still no working push sync – will this ever be done correctly?

    • T-Will

      Maybe it’s just me, but background sync is working for me (iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.3). I can add a note via the EN web site, and in a few seconds it appears on my iPhone (even with the EN app in the background).

      • derlinzer

        That’s not what i mean: I don’t want to care if Evernote is running in the background or not. Take a look at how Pocket Casts is handling this: wether or not the app is running in the background; when it gets a silent push notification form their servers, that new episodes are available, it downloads these episodes. THIS is the way Evernote and others should handle background updates on iOS and Android…

  • Mark L

    Seems vastly improved so far in terms of layout and, most importantly, speed. Thanks Evernote!

  • Scott

    Can I import/transfer documents for Notetaker app?

  • Fabio

    Liked the update but unfortunately you guys couldn’t fix the home screen details sorting yet, right? I still see completely randomly sorted Notes, Notebook and Tags in the home screen, there’s no standardization as to which ones should show up there.

    • T-Will

      I believe the “details” list always displays the most recently opened notes/notebooks/tags.

  • Steven Julius Struhar

    Approximately a lot faster. That’s hilarious.

    • Rodney

      I was going to make a similar comment.

  • randot

    So glad you made some improvements to the home screen. Thank you! I was close to canceling my subscription when it runs out in May, because I was beginning to think you didn’t understand what a mess it was. Evernote’s back on my home screen.

    Still wish you’d drop the custom font for Helvetica, though. It’s too quirky for easy reading/scanning. And I’d still like to be able to really hide (not just minimize) the Market and Announcements section. I’m never going to buy Evernote socks, and I already follow you on Twitter and RSS—don’t need it in the app, too.

  • Martin

    The themes only apply to the home page??? I would’ve preferred to write my notes on the dark color…

  • campbill01

    Could you offer “Reminders” as a category on the home screen? That would help me out a great deal.

    • Ali

      Cool Idea!

  • Judd

    Updates are good; long-time coming and appreciated. Titling and re-titling notes is much better. Please add Reminders as a home screen section/option.

  • Jason

    Great update! Any chance that you can next modify the note views to order results by tags. Currently, you can order alphabetically, by date created or date updated. Can you add the ability to order the search results or lists by tag?

  • Geert

    Unfortunately the app is freezing…

    • Piet

      Same for me. IOS 7.04

      • Ted

        New version on the iPhone looks cool, but fails BIG as it freezes whenever I select a notebook.

    • Lisbet

      I have the same problem – Iphone 5s and IOS 7.0.4

  • Fred

    I’ll be happy when I can banish the awful and unreadable green from the interface.
    The branding has gone too far. It is not accessible or useable.
    It’s just an ugly color to boot.

  • lrudd41

    yep it’s freezing

  • maique

    Thank you for a cool update. Markdown would be my first request now… 🙂

    • Ryan

      Markdown would be a great feature!

  • Jeff

    Nice job on the Settings. Next for Settings – make it automatically change from light to dark and back at certain times of the day.

  • Stacey

    You guys rock! The combo of customization of home screen order, top-level Search and background color choices is making me VERY happy today — thank you!

  • Matthew

    This is a nice update. I prefer a black, or dark, interface, particularly at night. I also like the ability to rearrange the sections most important to me, and hide others. Keep up the good work!

  • Daniele

    Gorgeous, the best Evernote release ever. Thank you!

  • Stephanie

    I love the update! Thank you for moving (and labeling) the different ways to add a note to the top of the app. I love that when I’m in a note, the extras (like adding attachments) stay below the note body and the icons are more intuitive. Customizing my home screen layout is a huge bonus, and although it’s nifty to change the app color, I love Evernote Green. Well done!

  • Colin Henderson

    Thank you. You have listened since the Jason Kincaid complaint. This update, the update to sync, and the new servers for original users has made a dramatic difference to performance and usability.

  • DonellT

    App is useless now after updating. Freezing every time I open it.

  • Joe

    Love the update. Customizable home screen is great as are the different note buttons on the home screen. Seems to be a little more responsive – at least it’s not slower, that’s for sure. Previous updates have been slower at times. It seems like so far your resolution to focus on core functionality is happening and as a premium user I really appreciate that commitment.

  • philip

    “This update is part of our ongoing effort to make our apps simpler, better and more reliable.”
    This is a great start to 2014 and the new focus. Thank you. Please focus on simplicity.
    On the notes section i have to click “more” to change tags. Can this be added to the the title section to the right of the notebook name?
    Also I never use the location section, yet it turns up when I click “more:; I don’t need it. Can there be an option to remove it and thus make my experience more simple?
    Another thought – do many people use the location feature? Is this a feature that the developers thought was useful but in fact no one uses? [I’m Ready for the backlash here 🙂 ]
    (ps I have been a premium user for several years)

    • Jason

      I use the location extensively. I’m hoping to move to another state, and clip locations and store pages, then set the location to the actual building address. Nice and laid out, with more notes than google maps or something.

  • Josh

    Nice update. I’d really like to hide the market and announcements completely as a premium user. They aren’t useful for me, so they’re just clutter that I’d like to turn off all the way. Aside from that, I think it’s a great update.

  • Ashley

    I love the customized homescreen option, I’m a huge fan of the dark in particular. I really wish that this color customization was available throughout the app and my notes. :\'( If that was an option that would make me soooooo happy!
    Great upgrade nonetheless.

  • Jim

    I am sick and tired of getting emails telling me of improvements that have been made for iPhone and iPad. I have an Android smartphone and an Android tablet. When do you intend to make these improvements available for your Android premium account holders??

  • Brian

    I love that you have made retitling easier. I always end up saving things without titles on accident and have to go back and change them.

  • matt

    where is the spell check option? Otherwise love the new versionn

  • Mike

    But please, please, please….make voice notes an option from the home page like camera…. i don’t understand the logic in “hiding” it…. why didn’t you make the icon one of your new customized options?

  • Trung

    next update – have the option to make a note automatically start on the title instead of the note page – its still difficult to touch on the title note

  • Matt

    This looks really nice. As a primarily android user, I feel a bit jealous….Haha. I hope that something similar is on the way for Android? 🙂

  • Roger

    I’m going to be brutally honest here, this is the most half-assed “Dark Theme” I can remember seeing in any application.

    Why? Well, mainly because the “Dark Theme” only works on the Home Screen. Which isn’t what you’re usually looking at when you’re actually using Evernote. 90% of the time when you’re using Evernote, you’re writing something. Why wouldn’t you make the “Dark Theme” also change the color scheme of the Note area?

    You seem to be completely missing the point of the “Dark Theme”. It’s not because we’re all like, “Oooooh, check out this Dark Theme for my writing app, now I’m edgy and cool and stuff…”

    We’re not looking for a “Dark Theme”. We’re looking for a “Night Mode”.

    The fact that I seem to need to explain the purpose of “Night Mode” to a company as widely known as yours is more than a little perplexing/concerning, to be honest.

    Every writer has their own process to create their works. This process can differ from the tools they use, to the environment they work in.

    Some people prefer writing outdoors, at the park, at the beach. Some other people prefer writing at night, once everyone else in the household has gone to sleep. No interruptions, no random noises, peace and quiet. Nothing to disturb the writer, to interfere with their thought process, nothing to distract them.

    Others might write during the day, but in a darkened room. This can be to help them focus. If the only thing they can see in the darkened room is their device’s screen, it’s harder to get distracted.

    Either way, when writing in a darkened room, bright colors become piercingly so. White might as well be a nuclear bomb in your eyes, moreso when the entire screen’s background is white. Glaring is an understatement.

    I could Google “minimalist writing app” and “writing app” + “Night Mode” and come up with a laundry list of resulting apps. I don’t have a clue why you WOULDN’T include that as an *option*.

    The only reason I’m using Evernote right now is because it was the first writing app that I found for my new iPad Air that seamlessly sync’d my documents across multiple devices (+browser), and allowed me enough control of the organization of the documents that I could assemble them in some form of Folder-esque hierarchy (using Stacks, for now…).

    Without the option to properly organize my documents into a logical structure of Folders (for more complex projects which would benefit from it), I can’t see myself ever paying for Evernote. Without a true “Night Mode”, I can’t see myself ever paying for Evernote.

    We’ve come far enough along in word-processing software that I feel these are standard features which should be included in ANY writing application that costs money. These are features that are already easy to find in many free writing applications.

    I actually was pretty excited when I saw that your update mentioned a “Dark Theme”. “Finally,” I thought, “Now I can use Evernote without that insanely blinding white screen at night.”

    Yeah, that was entirely wrong.

    I mean, Dropbox is seeming like they’re going to be the obvious competitor I end up moving to. The ability to sync almost any type of document, to use any writing app that I want that supports uploading to Dropbox (which are almost all of the good ones), it almost seems like you guys are going full-on BlackBerry here and just ignoring the obvious.

    The fact that you implemented SwiftKey into your application means that you can obviously implement a color-schemed keyboard into your application for a true “Night Mode”. There’s really no excuse because I’ve seen it done in a different app when I Googled “DropBox Text Editor”:

    What’s one of the features I see advertised prominently? Night mode!

    Check out the darkened onscreen keyboard in their iPad app:

    And what full-blown “Night Mode” looks like in their iPad app:

    Obviously they “get it”. Now the question is, why doesn’t your company?

    What is with this completely half-assed “Dark Theme”? Take what you did with the “Dark Theme” on your Homescreen, and expand it to encompass the ENTIRE Evernote application.

    Truth is, I actually love what you did with the color scheme of your “Dark Theme”. It’s just stupidly, mind-numbingly INCOMPLETE.

    As for my laptop’s writing application, I’m currently using FocusWriter:

    It’s a free application and can be thoroughly customized. Check these Themes for the application to understand what I’m talking about here:

    As for me, right now I’ve settled on a very simplistic dark theme. I may toy with some other themes in the future if inspiration strikes, but for now this is what my whole laptop screen looks like when I’m writing:

    That’s it. Simple. Nothing overly bright to make you squint uncomfortably while staring at your screen. It’s not a hard concept. I’m greatly looking forward to this feature being implemented in Evernote.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Thank you for your response and suggestions.

    • Jennifer

      I couldn’t agree more with what Roger said. Just having the “Dark Theme” on the homescreen is rather like saying “here’s some Vodka” but it’s really just water. It’s a try, and good for you on that, but it just doesn’t seem like that great of an effort to those of us who have really been waiting for such a feature. As I have said in the forums, millions of people suffer from various light sensitivities and eye problems (myself included) that makes whites/”light themes” basically hell. Yet, I would really like to use Evernote because I think it’s a great program and would work really well for me. However, when I can’t look at the interface for more than like ten minutes and even then I am squinting my eyes… makes continued use of the program rather difficult. And, as Roger said, not something I would ever pay for because of these issues. I am also a writer too, so all that stuff about writers having their own process and tools applies to me as well. My original thought was to use Evernote to organize and help plan out ideas (I use Scrivener for the actual writing), and I know the program would be great for that, but I just can’t manage for the extensive periods I need to actually get something done. Everything on my computer that I can customize to a darker theme is customized, even this website has been customized to a darker look through the use of the firefox add-on “Stylish”. Please, please push the “Dark Theme” throughout the mobile version AND apply it to the desktop version! Writers and those with light/eye problems will thank you!

  • Larea Arnett

    I’m a little late but I’m thrilled with the update. When I first opened it after the last update I saw all the bright green and just closed it, just now opened it again and realized it was customizable! First time I’ve been really energized about Evernote in quite a while. I love having some flexibility around what I see and I am just really happy with this direction.

  • Nick Hanna

    Sadly this new update freezes up every time I try to use it. Useless!

    • Taylor Pipes

      Nick, please reach out to our support team and they will assist you:

  • App Store Download

    Thank You for the Color Themes. Been wanting that feature for a while now.

  • Dave

    love using the app, but can you please change it so the most recently updated notes are on my home screen? Currently it’s random notes. Thank you!