SwiftKey Note: Predictive Typing App for Evernote Notes

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SwiftKey Note: Predictive Typing App for Evernote Notes

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 07 Feb 2014

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 07 Feb 2014

The challenge with typing notes on the go, is accurately capturing information when you need it most. Business meetings and lectures won’t stop to account for spelling mistakes. Spontaneous ideas won’t stick around your mind while you fiddle with your keyboard.

With SwiftKey Note, iPhone and iPad users can take advantage of predictive technology to quickly take notes and send them directly to Evernote.

Think of SwiftKey as an intuitive friend that always seems to know what you are about to say. Instead of hammering out words one letter at a time, SwiftKey anticipates what you’re likely to type next, allowing you to select words to build into your note, staying lockstep with discussions, lectures and the real world conversations.

Even better, SwiftKey Note analyzes Evernote to learn more about your writing style to provide smarter predictions for effective ways to type notes. The more it learns, the better it can tailor predictions based on your writing style, including personalized auto-corrections.

SwiftKey Note

How It Works
The keyboard resembles an iOS configuration, but as you type, three word suggestions will appear. Tap a suggestion to use it. As you finish typing a word, new suggestions appear trying to predict your next word. It may take time adjusting to the learning curve, but once you do, your typing will be noticeably faster. 

Notes are automatically tagged with “SwiftKey,” but you can choose your Evernote tags by tapping at the top menu to specify which Evernote notebook you’d prefer. SwiftKey Note provides basic formatting and editing options as well.

Once you’ve typed a note, simply tap ‘Done.’ It automatically syncs to Evernote where all your notes are available and searchable. 

SwiftKey Note is the fastest typing experience whether you’re a student, professional or creative.

Learn more about SwiftKey Note in the Evernote App Center.


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  • Martin Packer

    A very nice idea. Shame it’s only US English and not UK English as well – according to the description.

    • Ruth at SwiftKey

      Hi Martin thanks for posting your comment. SwiftKey Note also supports English UK. At the moment, the full list of supported languages is: English UK, English US, Spanish ES, Spanish US, German, French FR, French CA, Italian. I hope that helps! Best wishes from the SwiftKey team.

  • Mike

    Cool idea! I think there’s a typo in the sentence starting with “They keyboard resembles an iOS configuration”, though.

  • Tilak Conrad

    Is Swiftkey compatible with the handwriting to text through OCR that works with Evernote using the samsung default keyboard (in my case on Android on Samsung Galaxy Note 3).

    If so can someone please direct me to a “how to” as i’ve had to go back to my samsung keyboard.


    • Mie Yaginuma

      Hi Tilak,
      Currently Swiftkey Note is an iOS-only app, but they are planning to bring their technology to Android in the future.