Introducing Evernote for Pebble


Introducing Evernote for Pebble

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 07 Mar 2014

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 07 Mar 2014

One of the most useful features of Evernote is that your content is widely available across many devices. Whether you clip articles on your desktop, create checklists on your mobile phone, add new contacts with business card scanning, or email important notes – with Evernote, once synced, everything is accessible when you need it.

Today, we are excited to add Pebble to the list. Now, you can access Evernote on a wearable smartwatch. Welcome news, not only for the Pebble community that has been wanting to access notes on their watch, but also for those who are always on the go. This integration is perfect for those who need their notes with them when laptops are left at the office or checking your smartphone is difficult.

With this integration, notebooks, notes, shortcuts, tags, check lists, and reminders are easily accessible. The screen text is clear so you can read emails, recipes, addresses, or meeting notes from Evernote right on your wrist. Search notes by location to quickly find archived client notes for your next business meeting. Have you ever tried to juggle a shopping cart and a mobile phone at the market? Tick off checklists for groceries with the Pebble, which syncs to Evernote, for a hands-free shopping experience. Evernote Reminders are supported, so you’ll always have your notifications and to-dos close to you.

Evernote on the Pebble is a new way to bring Evernote into your everyday life, seamlessly. You can access the Evernote app in the Pebble app store for both iOS and Android.

How would you use Evernote on the Pebble? Share your ideas in the comments.


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  • Randall

    Awesome!!! I’m loading it up now.

  • SnakeArtworX

    Pebble Steel Evernote Edition? 🙂

    • CarlosRuiz

      This!. Although I really like the Cherry Red Pebble, an Evernote edition would be awesome.

      • George

        I’m in for a green Evernote edition!

  • Mac

    my life is complete now, thanks!

  • Joe Sumpter

    Cool ! Just installed it and am already checking my checklists. Nice job!

  • Jack

    This is the most complex app I’ve seen for pebble so far. It’s awesome.

    How do I file bug reports? I have two so far…

  • Megan

    This is awesome. Now there’s no excuse for losing that shopping list on the way to the grocery store!

  • David

    Awesome, but Swedish char ÅÄÖ dont display in the pebble

  • Will Oren

    Loving the pebble integration and checklists! I’m no longer the idiot fumbling with his smartphone and cart in the Grocery store. Instead people ask, what are you doing with your watch?



    • Mie Yaginuma

      You can get a Pebble at the Pebble site ( We have an integration with them, but we don’t sell them.

  • Irene Enriquez

    Definitely one reason to get Pebble Watch! 🙂 Btw, just want to share that my Evernote has been upgraded to premium! It was such a surprise when I logged in for the first time using the Samsung Note Pro 12.2. Thank you Samsung and Evernote! 🙂

  • Daniel

    Pretty darn nifty if you ask me. Love how the app works on Pebble and that the reminders “should” work – which they do not in my case.

    Perhaps some investigation is needed from my part…

  • Sven Andréas Wallin

    Looks wonderful. My Pebble app (iOS) says “coming soon.” If anybody can point me to the download, I will be most grateful.

    • Damian Mehers

      We are investigating the “coming soon” on iOS. We recently posted an update, but the previous version should still be available until Pebble update their app. Will post back here with an update.

      • Damian Mehers

        Should be good now.

  • Mr.Finch

    Does it have a voice recording feature? That would come in handy during driving a car.

    • Ken

      Is there a way to add a note with the Pebble?

  • Cody Smith

    Ok. WELL I’m buying a Pebble only to live out the imaginative sidetrack I had while reading this article: It’s the day of my interview with a cool tech company. I’m peacefully walking through the parking lot toward the lobby and I’m slowly scrolling my Pebble through last night’s evernote entry of the top TEN reasons they should hire me. Thank you to the brilliants that made this vision possible 🙂

  • Manveru

    I wish there’s Evernote for Samsung Gear 2 🙂

  • Asia King

    I love Evernote! But there are a couple of things I really wish were part of Evernote packages. It would be great to have a mobile version of the web clipper. And taking it to the ultimate awesomeness – an inventory tracker with barcode/QR reader that will offer an easy way to catalogue different supplies in notebooks, with tags etc. A tool that will look up the item’s image on the web to clip the photo as part of the inventory note. Yes, that would certainly make my life’s organisation ambition complete! 🙂

  • Christopher Cyrus

    awesome, but PLEASE fix the öäüçéß-bug! annoying for non english natives…

  • Kenneth D

    Just wanted to share my use of the Evernote app. I combined evernote and google calendar with IFTTT to make a notebook that stores my events and where they take place. That way I dont have to yank my phone out to find out where a event is taking place.

  • Christoph

    I bought a pebble steel because of the Evernote integration. It will be delivered today and I wait currently on the ups man. 🙂

  • Manoj

    I can’t see notebooks that others have shared with me, and that I edit is that a limitation? I only see local notebooks

  • Spectaclescoach

    I have just tried to download this app onto my pebble and it is telling me that I am unable to login in ie it doesn’t even get to the login page. Any thoughts?

  • Ross

    I use a Bluetooth keyboard with my phone to write in the park. Can you use the Evernote app as a love note-taking screen so that in conjunction with the Bluetooth keyboard, you could write and edit notes with the phone in your pocket?

  • Michael

    Guys, its a great app and all, but you’re 2+ months behind updating it for Pebble Time!

  • James Lin

    Evernote, you’re the best! But… if you update your app for the Pebble Time, would you please allow longer notes to display? Currently my longer notes are cut off too early on my Pebble Time.