Say Goodbye to Virtual Clutter

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Say Goodbye to Virtual Clutter

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 10 Mar 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 10 Mar 2014

To be more productive, it’s essential to free yourself from the clutter that can invade your workspace. For many of us, that means making a commitment to organize and file business cards, letters, papers and documentation that gets in our way. Often overlooked is a distraction of a different kind: virtual clutter.

Here are some tips on how you can use Evernote to de-clutter your digital workspace:

Clear your (virtual) desk. After a busy week, your computer’s desktop can be full of documents, screenshots and spreadsheets. Not only is it a challenge to sift through this content to find what you need to work on, but it looks messy and creates a visual distraction. Think of Evernote as a handy spot to collect and share all sorts of files, including Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Once you’ve attached your documents in Evernote, your files are easily searchable and editable, making it easy for you to find and work on what you need.

Say bye-bye to bookmarks. If you do a lot of online research, you might be creating bookmarks for the information you’ve found or dragging website shortcuts directly to your computer’s desktop. Instead, use the Evernote Web Clipper to bypass bookmarks and create a permanent record of what you’ve found, instantly. If you’re collecting research on behalf of your team, clip websites into a Shared Business Notebook so that everyone can automatically see what you’ve captured.

Eliminate email clutter. Email can accumulate very fast, and when everything is sitting in your inbox, it’s hard to find what you need to work on next. Forward important email messages from your inbox to a Business Notebook for the project you’re working on – that way, all the elements of a project are in one place easily accessible by you and your colleagues. Any documents or attachments from an email are automatically included and searchable once in Evernote, so your team can find a specific file when it’s needed most.


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  • James

    Subfolders would help me get rid of virtual clutter.

    • Joshua Zerkel

      @James, while Evernote doesn’t have the notion of subfolders, you can use Notebook Stacks to visually organize groups of notebooks. If you haven’t already, check out how to use Notebook Stacks at:!/article/23530443

      • Adam

        I use stacks a lot. Thanks for the great practical tips!

      • Tracey Smith

        I use notebook stacks just like Joshua mentioned. I have one stack for personal and inside it has household, health and fitness, vehicles and several other “sub notebooks” and I have one for work (I’m a teacher) that is organized by school year and inside that school year are sub notebooks for all the different things I track.

    • Rodney

      James, Besides Stacks and Tags, I use a feature in the Pop Up Menu called ‘Copy Note Link’. I have several Board Meetings associated with a couple of companies. I create a single Note called Board Meeting – Year. I then create a note for each Board Meeting – Date, that contains all the relevant files and ‘Copy Note Link’. I then Paste it in the Board Meeting – Year. I also keep this Master note in Shortcuts. This way you can have Main File – Company. A sub file Board Meetings. A sub sub file of a particular Board Meeting. This can be replicated into further sub files if necessary or linked to a separate subject..

  • cmcollins001

    When I first started using Evernote, I was apparently using it wrong. I just didn’t see the appeal, then I read an article on Lifehacker where the author felt the way I did but decided to give it another shot. He said that once he started using it for everything, he found he couldn’t live without it. Now…I can’t live without it. I love all the ways of getting notes in there, the notebooks, the notebook stacks, tags, clipper extension, etc., etc., etc. Great job on a fantastic app that spans the gambit of all my devices, quickly and seamlessly.

  • Marco

    Although stacks are certainly useful, I think the real killer feature is tags. Many of my documents just fit into more than one category (e.g. receipt or tax?). Also add a bit of extra meta data, like a proper title so a search makes more sense. I love the webclipper, it’s a very smart tool and recognizes most documents correctly and proposes the right stack. Amazing!

    • Taylor Pipes

      Marco, that is a great example of how you can assign multiple tags in order to promote easy discovery later. The more meta data you can add about a document, or a piece of content, the better. That way, you can find that business expense when you are reconciling your monthly spending and again in February or March when you are filing your taxes.

  • Mike

    Tried downloading Evernote Webclipper, can you please update it to make it compatible with the latest version of Firefox mobile? I’d like to start using it…thanks!

    • TH

      Webclipper doesn’t work for me, using Safari 6.0.5. It will generate basically only the last webpage that I was using – which could be completely unrelated. I won’t switch to another browser because of this fault, so I have dropped Evernote usage dramatically.

    • Ros

      I think WebClipper is absolutely FANTASTIC! However, I have been unable to install it for Firefox for about a year (and others, too – go look at the forums!). Try using ‘Clearly’ for Evernote. It has a web clipper which does the same thing.

  • VB

    I emailed this post to my Evernote account lol.

  • Heather

    I wish I could set up my work email account so that it automatically forwarded to a set notebook. Currently I can forward my email but cannot get it to autosave in a specific notebook, just the default one.

    • Greg

      @Heather – just put “@notebook” in the subject line of the email and it will land in that notebook, you can also tag the email by just putting “#tag” in the subject line too

  • Charley

    I want to use Evernote for some rather heavy research notes. Are their any limitations as far as space is concerned? I don ‘t want to get really started with this only to have the program shut down in the midle of my work.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Charley, here is a link to our Evernote Knowledge Base featuring an article about account limits. You should find what you need here:!/article/23283158 Happy researching, and glad to hear that you are thinking about using Evernote as your tool!

  • AZ

    I find this feature of storing and forwarding important information into Evernote extremely useful. However what happens if I for some reason do not have access to internet but still need to access notebooks/data within Evernote?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Access to Offline Notebooks (and their notes) is a Premium feature (as well as Evernote for Business). Users can access their content offline using Evernote for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Windows Phone. Once you have downloaded the content, they will be accessible at any time, regardless of your Internet connectivity.

      To learn more about this process please check out this article:!/article/23260131

      To learn more about Evernote Premium read this: