Apps Worth Trying: FastEver

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Apps Worth Trying: FastEver

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 11 Mar 2014

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 11 Mar 2014

The Evernote App Center is full of apps that extend how Evernote can be used in nearly every facet of your daily life, from professional pursuits to creative endeavors. In this monthly series, we will introduce some of our user’s favorites.

Elizabeth Prior is a science fiction and fantasy writer. The app she uses with Evernote is FastEver.


Prior uses FastEver on her iPhone to capture text notes or parts of a story she is working on to quickly capture and store ideas as they arrive. As her “idea pad and idea keeper,” the benefit of FastEver, is its simplicity. It quickly saves important content to Evernote, and Prior can access it anytime, anywhere.

FastEver is “always right at her fingertips” when an idea comes to mind, and helps her stay creative in the real world. Once at home, she tags the note and transfers the information she needs into a story that she can work on in Evernote.

How could FastEver help your creative endeavors or professional pursuits? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Brian Meagher

    What makes FastEver a better choice than Drafts? More streamlined and designed to be strictly a front-end for EN?

  • Joe Mills

    I have been using Fast Ever for a while now…I travel and first thing in the morning, when I get in my car, I use the microphone function to put in my mileage and areas I’m traveling around. This gets filed in a notebook called “Mileage” and then when I do my expense report at the end of the month, everything’s right there together…

  • Sits

    FastEver would be great if it had reminder support. I asked the developer for this ages ago and it still hasn’t been done.

  • John smith

    I don’t understand this marketing. Your promoting a product which makes taking notes faster… Which isn’t that what Evernote is intended to solve? Maybe that highlights a problem with your product.

    • Julez

      Thanks for this post! That was exactly what I thought.
      @Evernote: please make your app quicker and better performing (e.g. shutdown when opening up large notes with pictures) to make apps like this unnecessary!

  • sfmitch

    I am a huge fan of FastEver. I use it to add quickly add items into Evernote (to-do, movies to watch, phone numbers, etc.).

    It’s on the first page on iPhone

  • Adam Suter

    So, why not just use the evernote app? Is FastEver quicker? I do find myself needing to wait few seconds on iOS. I was assuming this is because I have so many notes.

  • Mie Yaginuma

    FastEver is for super quick note taking. It loads fast, and is simple so it provides a faster way to add notes to Evernote than opening up Evernote. Even offline, it will queue up your notes. Drafts is similar and great too, but with more features. People like FastEver for its simplicity and single focus on quick notes for Evernote.

    • Brian Meagher

      Thanks Mie. That’s all I was asking. Maybe Taylor will take a moment to reply to our comments.

      • Mie Yaginuma

        Actually, Taylor kindly posted on my behalf so comments are for me to respond to : )

  • Nelson Estrada

    FastEver is so simple. It’s great for capturing that quick note or that fleeting idea. I’ve replaced the iOS notes. In conjunction with the Evernote app it makes a great combo for quick input and later organization.

  • Tracey Smith

    Any app that is iOS only is of NO USE to me, as the whole reason I use Evernote so heavily is it’s ease of use across multiple platforms. My typical day has me working on Mac, Windows, android and iPhone all in the course of a day. Also, it’s easy enough to just pop open the Evernote app on whatever device I am using and do a quick note. Just don’t see the benefit of this one.

    • dan

      My thoughts exactly. But, I think I might give it a whirl.

  • سئو

    FastEver would be great if it had reminder support. I asked the developer for this ages ago and it still hasn’t been done.

  • SkwrHdz

    One problem with FastEver is that it is NOT a universal iOS app. It is a separate $2 app for the iPhone and another separate $2 app for the iPad!

  • jason

    Seems like something evernote app should do on its own

  • سئو

    Hi Mie It’s on the first page on iPhone

  • Alan

    For those asking “Why not just use Evernote?”

    FastEver is compatible with TextExpander, the Evernote app is not.