Community Stories: Three Ideas for Springtime Office Organization

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Community Stories: Three Ideas for Springtime Office Organization

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 24 Mar 2014

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 24 Mar 2014

This post was contributed by Brandie Kajino, Evernote’s Organization Ambassador.

Spring is nearly upon us. That lovely sun will be coming out, shining through the windows. We want to go out and be in the sun on the other side of the window, right? So maybe a little spring cleaning in the workspace will be good for the soul.

Here are three ways your workspace could benefit from a little springtime organization with Evernote:

Create a virtual file cabinet
Recently I reduced a vertical four drawer filing cabinet to a single drawer. Yes, it’s true. The same system that is in your file drawers can be scanned and organized within Evernote. Use an app like FileThis Fetch to automatically retrieve copies of bank statements and bills. For everything else, use Evernote on your smartphone or tablet to capture images of your material, or to speed things along, use the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner. Along the way, you’ll find things you don’t need, so shred and recycle them. Then, sit back and enjoy the convenience of your virtual filing cabinet.

Prepare for meetings
Even in spring, the meetings will carry on, with documents to take, agendas to write, ideas, notes and questions to ask in the meetings. Use Evernote as your go-to spot for everything you need for your meetings, and reduce the risk of not having what you need in a mad rush out the door. When you’re in a meeting, take notes in Evernote, and make sure to include all the supporting materials for easy reference later.

Centralize phone messages
Instead of writing them down on random pieces of paper, keep a “Phone Log” notebook for your phone messages. From here, you can reference them anywhere you are working, email them to others, and delete them once they’ve been handled.

Phone Log in Evernote

Keep it simple, and start with today’s messages to get a clean start. When you have time, go through your backlog of messages and add them to your “Phone Log” notebook. Download a Phone Log example note.

How are you using Evernote to organize your office this Spring?


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