Quick Tip: Capture Inspiration Using Evernote with Your Post-it® Note Camera

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Quick Tip: Capture Inspiration Using Evernote with Your Post-it® Note Camera

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 30 Mar 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 30 Mar 2014

This month, we’ve been featuring quick tips for using Evernote on your smartphone. Today, we share one of our favorites – how to use Evernote with the Post-it® Note camera.

Here’s a few tips to use Post-it® Notes to remember important things from your everyday life:

For Travel
Plan out each day of your travel itinerary on separate Post-it® Notes that you can capture in Evernote. That way, you’ll have a visual cue of what is needed to pack. When you return, it will be easy to look back and recall the memories of what you did each day of your vacation.

At the Office
Use Post-it® Notes to help measure the progress of projects. Designate specific colors to segment milestones and distinguish the beginning from the project’s completion.

For Creative Projects
Use Post-it® Notes to assemble and arrange plot elements for a book or film project. Once you solidify a direction, use colors to track writing timelines or a shooting schedule. Need a gentle reminder that your deadline is coming? Assign your to-do lists to one specific Post-it® Note color and Evernote automatically sets a Reminder for whatever time you choose.

For Meetings, Anywhere
Give Evernote access to your calendar, and the event will automatically be added to the description of any Post-it® Notes you capture.

At Home
Tackle projects around the house by selecting specific colors to differentiate specific tasks or chores. You can even assign a color to specific family members so you have an easy way to manage who is doing what.

Once in Evernote, your Post-it® Notes are easy to find whenever you need them. Evernote processes the handwriting, making it searchable. Post-it® Note camera is available on Evernote for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. For more information on using the camera, refer to our guide.

What ideas are you capturing using Post-it® Notes? Share your story and your tips in the comments for the rest of us!


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  • jason

    Just wanted to say, I haven’t seen or been on Evernote for quite some time. Recently (today) I took a look and was amazed at the improvements! Good job guys. I will try and use this more!

    • Taylor Pipes

      Jason, that is great to hear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • William An

    It’s just awesome. I’ll use Evernote more to use this feature. And Post-it as well. Thanks guys.

  • Harry Orenstein

    Not clear how to use Evernote with “Your Post-it” on Android phones and tablets, or am I missing something?