Penultimate Update: Enhancements to Usability, Performance, and Jot Script Support

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 02 Apr 2014

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 02 Apr 2014

When you use any of our products, we want to enable you to be your most productive self. The newest version of Penultimate supports this vision with improvements that let you take handwritten notes more naturally on your iPad and get more done with the app. Let’s take a look:

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Improved Pens 

The pen selection menu has been totally redesigned in this update. You can now set a color for each pen width, and just like in real life, you can switch between pens without having to choose your color again.


It’s great for taking class or meeting notes, where you might want a thin blue pen for writing and a more colorful thick pen for underlining or circling important ideas.

Jot Script Enhancements

The Jot Script stylus (available in the Evernote Market) is the first true precision stylus, designed to work seamlessly with Penultimate to offer the best note taking experience possible. Our new pen selection menu makes connecting your Jot Script stylus to Penultimate and checking on the status of your connection much simpler.


All you need to do is tap Connect and make sure your Jot Script is powered on. Once you’ve connected your Jot Script, you can check on the battery from this menu as well.

Flip Through Pages

Navigating between pages is more intuitive and natural in this release. To continue your notes or read through the notes you’ve already taken, all you need to do is turn the page.

image (32) copy

When your screen is oriented in portrait, swipe across the page starting from off the screen to navigate between pages in a notebook.

See Pages Clearly in Evernote

Your handwritten notes have a new layout for easier viewing in your Evernote account.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 4.28.02 PM

The separation between pages is clear, and a grey border makes your content stand out more sharply within the note.

Improved Performance

We’ve also made tons of fixes throughout the app for a better, more accurate handwriting experience. Ink renders more smoothly, palm recognition has been improved, and you’ll get fewer stray marks on your page in version 5.2. We’ve also made the connection between the Jot Script stylus and Penultimate more persistent, so you can keep writing beautifully without interruption.

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We hope you’ll love the updates in Penultimate 5.2 – try it on your iPad now!


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  • Amir Masoud

    That’s great! But I really want Penultimate to have the zoom feature! Please!

    • Phil Libin

      Penultimate does have Zoom and Drift! A really great version of zoom that keeps up with your hand as you write. Try it.

      • Rob Y

        Never knew about the zoom feature before. Thanks for the tip!

      • Harold andrade

        The zoom feature works very poorly in the Ipad air.

  • Antonio Cheong

    When will have Android Pad version?

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      The latest update to Evernote on Android includes handwriting. When you’re editing a note, just tap the paperclip icon, then tap on the pen to start writing. Give it a try!

  • Martin

    I’m still disappointed with the app. After updating, I just now tried writing with my Jot Script Stylus and the speed and quality of the text input is poor–I’m sorry, but I don’t see any improvement. Do you have suggestions to make it smooth and continuous? Right now, I often get half of a letter and printing on real paper with a real pen is still much more legible. I can’t use Penultimate in its current state, as much as I would like to! I’ve been waiting for someone to develop iPad writing to the point I could not always have a notebook with me! Please keep working on it! Thanks!

  • Daniel

    Still waiting for PDF support. I don’t use the app because other note taking apps let you download PDFs and sign them or take notes on them. The only thing I found was inserting it as a picture which is hardly an ideal solution.

  • Sam Soukas

    I hope the improvements for the Jot Script stylus are significant. I don’t think I was ever so disappointed with a writing implement before, and it cost me $85. The metal tip(slippery) on glass (slippery) makes no sense at all. I could not recognize my own handwriting.

  • Gonzo

    When will Penultimate be available for Android? I have Evernote, love it, got the Joy Script Stylus, now what? Really hoping it comes to android soon!


    • Gonzo

      Sorry, that should read Jot Script! 🙂

  • David Abrameto

    I love the changes, the simpler tools are a great improvement. The Jot Script also seems better, but I still find I can’t put ink exactly where I want to.

    Noteshelf is still the best app, IMHO, but I’m really glad to see Penultimate making improvements. I’m a huge Evernote fan, so I’m rooting for Penultimate!

  • Victor Carreto

    I like penultimate but the lack of infinite zoom is not so good for taking notes when I am designing and drawing stuff because I don’t need always to write stuff some times I have to draw too.

  • Mike

    Can we ever expect to get handwriting in the Evernote iPad app directly versus having to use Penultimate separately? That feature has been exclusive to the Windows version, I believe, for several generations of Evernote now, and I, for one, had been hoping that the Penultimate acquisition would be the gateway for that addition to the Evernote app for iPad.

  • Minerva

    Really concerned that Evernote continues to push a faulty product like the jot script

    • Rajul

      I agree the jot script is a lousy product and I am sorry I bought it. Very expensive as well… but I guess one learns..

  • Martin

    This is great news 🙂 I cant wait till I get home – Want to play with my Jot Script now…

  • Volker Holtmeyer

    I have in portrait mode a very large parallax error with the Jot script. Is there a solution for this?

    • Graham Aylard

      I tried the Jot Script in my local Apple store in the UK, and found the same problem. At first I thought it was my iPad or a faulty pen, interesting that you too found the same problem. Question is, has this problem been fixed?

      • Volker Holtmeyer

        No, the Problem ist still there. You can see this offset here quite well:
        I just wonder how other people can live with that fault.

    • Garrett

      It sounds like you might need to choose a different writing style in General Settings > Wrist Position. The Jot Script applies an offset based on how you hold it.

      • Harold andrade

        I agree, although it can still be improved a bit. I would prefer a better respone from the the app. the pen seems to be working well.

  • Justin McClung

    I played with a Jot Script and Penultimate a while ago and was let down with the latency. With this new update has the overall performance gotten better?

  • Rajul

    The updates are great. However, they are not truly earth shattering. The Jost script continues to slip on the app and the result is scrawly wiritng. The ink rendering is good but not yet there. Jot touch 4 is a better stylus to use rather than the script. Multiple stylus recognition is absent from the update. The Jot script is a highly over rated stylus and does not perform very well on Penultimate. So while a good move ahead, it is not the best yet.. Goodnotes still a better option.

  • Chris Staal

    Actually, the zoom feature is a bit particular in how it functions unlike other handwriting apps where its a window at the bottom of the page.

  • emmjayess

    This update is a disappointment. Using my Jot Script, I see no real difference. Creating text is spotty, not smooth and consistent. Please continue to work on this–thanks!

  • Rajul

    The new upgrade to the Penultimate is a big step forward in a very small way. All the features that have now been incorporated are actually par for the course. Nothing new. In fact there are things that Penultimate has missed out on. For one, there is no option to have multiple stylus to sync with Penultimate. Other apps have this facility. The quality of ink with the Jot Stylus is still a work in progress nothing great. However with the Jot 4 the ink is good and the handwriting comes out well. The move from eraser to pen is not automatic and it should be. There are many more features that could be incorporated but there seems to be no place where one can give a feedback.. If there is do let me know. Many thanks and hope someone from Penultimate will see this post and do something about it.

  • Chad

    You need to allow the 53 pencil to have better connectivity. Open is always better!

  • Graeme

    Still shockingly bad. I’ve tried all the wrist protection settings and they all end up with a hit & miss approach as to whether the pen will actually write when I try to. I spend more time erasing marks generated by my wrist than I do writing with the pen. I’ll revisit again some time in the future, in the meantime, what a waste of money it was to buy the Jot Script. If it worked as it is described to work then it would be great, unfortunately it doesn’t 🙁

  • Bob

    Hi there. I am a long time loyal user of Evernote Premium and have recently started using Penultimate because I got tired of all of the loose notes, small notebooks and general paper clutter. I really love the integration between Evernote and Penultimate – it works flawlessly and beautifully for my purposes. A couple of suggestions that I have for future releases of Penultimate that would be really useful for me are:

    1) Variable speed drift setting. I know that the drift automatially adjusts to writing speed, but I often find that the drift is not keeping up with my writing speed. I would like to remain as automatically variable speed (quite convenient when you slow down in spots to think), but also set as a minimum to a fast, medium and slow writing speed so that the user can match the overall drift to their speed.

    2) Variable zoom. I am using Penultimate on an ipad mini, and I find that without zooming the page is too small, but when zoomed it seems to default to a specific size. This tends to result in ‘mega’ sized when I zoom back out and particularly when I print a page. Perhaps this is specifically as a result of using a ipad mini’s screen size, but a fluid variable zoom would be extremely helpful.

    3) Tabs an notebook separators. I find that I am creating too many notebooks and it would be very helpful if my notebooks could be divided into multiple sections with tabs or sometihng similar.

    The last thing that I would like to say is regarding the stylus. In order to really make use of writing on an ipad this accessory is absolutely essential. I have tried them all (well…except the Jot Pro Evernote edition because of the pricetag and some questionable reviews). I do have a Jot Pro and up until recently this was what I viewed as the best, but yet imperfect solution. My recent find is the Wacom Bamboo solo. This is a relatively inexpensive stylue ($20) which glides smoothly across the ipad screen, never creates any erratic marks or movements, and has a rubber nub that is slightly smaller (5mm) than the typical stylus rubber nub. I am not plugging their product, I would only suggest that for people like me that don’t buy into the Steve Jobs ‘use your fingers’ approach and have been frustrated by the stylus options on the market, that this may be close to the perfect solution – it has been for me.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.

    • Bronwyn

      I’m very late to the discussion, but I wanted to second Bob’s request for tabs within notebooks. Perhaps it could work like a binder, such that you can insert a tab to delineate between projects or thought streams (or sections of a single project), but still insert pages within a tabbed section.

      I love Zoom and Drift. My handwriting is much more legible and smooth. It’s fantastic!

      • Bronwyn

        Ooh! And a highlighter function, too, please 🙂

  • Peter

    It would be great if there was a highlighter pen option in Penultimate. Is that on the horizon?

  • Calvin Croucher

    As I review this information there seems to be a total lack of support for android device. When will Penultimate and Scannable be available for android?

  • Annie

    I recently (October 2014) downloaded Penultimate for my iPad mini. Finding that my very basic adonit stylus doesn’t have the palm rejection feature, I looked around and eventually purchased a Jot Script Touch 4, which does offer that feature. My problem is very basic — I can’t find any menu or screen in Penultimate that will allow me to connect the stylus to the app. What am I missing? There is no gear icon that apparently used to appear on each notebook page.

  • Roger

    Still get stray palm marks