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Quick Tip: Accomplish Financial Goals with Evernote

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 06 Apr 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 06 Apr 2014

With tax day quickly approaching, here’s a few quick tips on how to quickly manage and track your financial details with Evernote:

In A Snap

Use Evernote on your smartphone to snap photos of receipts, then tag each one with helpful information that describes the charge, like “Client Dinner” and “Nashville.” You can easily search by tag, vendor, or any information that’s printed on the receipt.

Scan Away

Scan bills and invoices with the ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner. All your financial information will be centralized and made searchable in Evernote. Then, easily share the records with your bookkeeper or accountant.

Forward Email

Send invoices and bills from your email directly to Evernote. Rather than having to dig through your email, you can quickly find the financial information you’re looking for right within your notebook.

Just Clip It

Quickly save screenshots of tax tables, charts, and blog posts with financial ideas with Web Clipper. With a single click, you can easily create your own financial reference library.

Take Note

Attach PDFs to a note in Evernote, then annotate them to call out details. Point out important information with arrows, draw attention to key expenses with boxes or circles, and place a Stamp to call out action items or signal approval.

Share the Knowledge

Shared Notebooks present an easy opportunity to share financial information with a significant other or your financial advisor. Together, you can track spending, upcoming bills and other important financial information.

If you’re looking to streamline some aspects of your financial record-keeping, check out these App Center tools that will save you a lot of time:

FileThisFetch – downloads and organizes years of information from household accounts such as banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, brokerage firms, mortgage companies, and phone and utility companies. The information is securely captured regularly and downloaded to Evernote, so you can access when you need to.

Expensify – automatically create expense reports from receipts that you’ve scanned to your Expensify notebook in Evernote. Expensify also parses information from your receipts, making it easy for you to identify where your money was spent.


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  • Terri

    So…just received the new Evernote Scanner yesterday…LOVE it! A question…I would like to scan in my annual completed tax returns, they are larger than the document feeder can handle, how do I have everything directed into 1 file, ie. 2009 Tax Returns… I have looked a bit for an answer for my question however, I have not seen it posted…thank you so much for your help!