How to Keep Track of Business Expenses

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How to Keep Track of Business Expenses

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 07 Apr 2014

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 07 Apr 2014

Whether you’re traveling around the world for business trips or simply taking a local client out to lunch, chances are you incur some expenses in the course of doing your work. For record-keeping, taxes, and reimbursement, it’s key to implement a system to organize the money you’re spending on behalf of your company. Here’s how to manage your expenses in Evernote Business:

Capture – Lost receipts and misplaced bills can mean not getting reimbursed for the money you’ve spent. The next time you have a receipt from a business lunch or a bill that you need to submit to accounting, snap a photo using the Document Camera in Evernote on your mobile device, or use the ScanSnap Evernote Edition to scan directly to Evernote Business. Add details about each expense, and also note whether it’s been reimbursed. To give you a head start, here’s an Expense Tracker example note.


Organize – As you collect expenses, add them to a Business Notebook for each year. That way, if you ever need to refer back to receipts from a certain time period, you can easily see them all in one spot. Additionally, you can create an extra layer of organization by adding tags by expense category, client, or trip.

Automate – As you snap photos of your receipts and other expenses, submit them manually to accounting simply by sharing your Business Notebook or by emailing a note with an individual expense. Alternatively, App Center tool Expensify can automatically generate expense reports from receipts you capture in Evernote Business, making it even easier for you to get reimbursed.


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  • Jeremy Roberts

    This is a great use case for Evernote. I’ve been capturing work expenses to Evernote for years. However as awesome as it would be to have the finance team check out your receipts notebook, this will rarely happen. I actually wrote a post on this process some time ago and I’d like to share that so readers here can grab another perspective for when your unable to rely on finances to check your notebook, or handle individual receipts and where expensify (I love that service and wish my company used it) isn’t available to use. Readers can find out more at

    • Roland

      I must be missing something, but have not been able to set up my scansnap to scan directly to a business notebook as mentioned above.

      The problem is that Evernote preferences does not allow you to select a business notebook to under the “By default, place new notes into the following notebook” option. And the Scansnap software has no option either (maybe I have an outdated version)?

    • Sara

      Have you ever used Neat Receipts? Not completely happy with their search capabilities but like the database and generating expense reports option. Was looking for a way to integrate Evernote with Neat Receipts but at this point it may be easier just to put everything in Evernote instead.

  • Joshua Zerkel

    @Roland – You should be able to set a Business Notebook as your default destination. If you can’t, please reach out to support and they can assist you.

  • Roddy

    The target notebook can be set under Evernote/Preferences/ScanSnap. The setting for a target notebook cannot be set within the actual ScanSnap program. I am trying to use less notebooks in the future and have considered scanning all receipts to a single notebook and then tagging them Business_exp or something similar. I like the idea of a separate notebook and categorical tags, but it is an extra level of work.

    I have used Expensify and it works great, but my current employer uses Concur. Concur allows receipt storage, but find that the Evernote camera and ScanSnap produce much higher quality copies. I also get to keep a personal copy of the receipt, just in case they should need a high quality copy.

  • Matthew Gray

    became overwhelmed with tagging soon after trying this, ran back to my trusted notebook system!