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5 Tips to Use Evernote For Academic Achievement

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 14 Apr 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 14 Apr 2014

For many students in high school or college, the beginning of spring signals the closure of another academic year and a round of final exams and research projects.

Here are some tips on how students can implement Evernote into their routine to achieve academic success:

Capture Everything

Learning to manage your time and projects is a full-time job. Use Evernote to capture, store and organize the array of content you receive on a daily basis. There’s no limit to what you can capture and save into Evernote including text, email, checkboxes, PDFs, audio, web clips, and PDFs. For lectures, use Evernote as the primary place you input class notes so they are archived, stored and easily searchable later.

Clip it All

Most of the work involved with school revolves around research. With the Evernote Web Clipper, you can capture any content you see on the web and save it into Evernote. If it’s online, you can store it in your Evernote. This is perfect for organizing research projects and finding information for a class presentation. You can also use your web clips as an easy way to compile a bibliography for research papers.


Use a scanner or your phone to digitize syllabi, paper documents or old handwritten class notes. You can even snap a photo of class notes on a wall or whiteboard. With Evernote’s ability to read handwriting directly in the photo, you can easily search for content and refer to it when you need it later.


Use Evernote to capture audio from lectures, interviews, speeches, and discussions. Or, use Evernote Audio Notes to record your personal thoughts or ideas.

Share Content

With Evernote, you can share valuable information with others. Use Evernote to instantly email content with classmates. You can also generate a shared link that takes the contents of your note and shares it with a group via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Share lecture notes with fellow students, or send your research or class homework to a discussion group in advance of meeting.

There are a plethora of examples of how other students and professors use Evernote. Here are two of our favorites that we recently featured on the Evernote blog.

The Nerdy Teacher

Two weeks ago, we featured a story of “The Nerdy Teacher” who has implemented Evernote in the classroom. You can read more about how his students use Evernote here.

Education Ambassador

Want some additional tips on leveraging Evernote in the classroom. Check out some wonderful organizational tips from Evernote Education Ambassador, Nicholas Provenzano.

Other Apps

There are a lot of tools in the Evernote App Center that can help you achieve academic success. Here’s a few to check out:

ReferenceMe makes academic research smart and simple by formatting references and exporting them to Evernote.

Eidetic helps you to memorize anything from phone numbers to interesting words and saves them to Evernote.

ClipBook helps you manage your book collection and record your favorite quotes and find them later in Evernote. Share your inspirational quotes with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Scalar is powerful like a spreadsheet, but simple to use without rigid tables or small cells for inputting. When you’re done, save your calculations into Evernote to reference them later.


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  • Gaurav Tiwari

    What about Math? I mean, see ‘other’ note-taking app supports math writing.

  • Meg

    I used Evernote to download everything off my university’s blackboard. I created files for each class and had all my work, notes, research articles files and tagged. That way I could study wherever I was. When blackboard went down I did not lose a step – I could still reference Evernote.
    When I had to study for my certification exams, everything was neatly organized.
    Now that I teach, I suggest that my students do the same. I use it constantly to be able to retrieve important information easily.

  • Arttu

    What about Android (the “Other Apps” section)…