Skitch for iPhone and iPad Update: Faster, Simpler Sharing

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 17 Apr 2014

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 17 Apr 2014

In Skitch for iPhone and iPad (version 3.1.1), we’ve made some big improvements to help you get your point across quickly, including text tool updates and a brand new sharing flow. Take a look!

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Streamlined Sharing

We’ve completely redesigned sharing in this release to let you access the options you need faster. Once you’re in the sharing screen, you’ll now see a handy preview of your annotated image. You can also tap Caption here to add a little more context along the lower edge of the image.

photo 5 resize

Swiping left or right will let you quickly switch between sharing your image, saving it, and sending it to the attendees of a meeting from your calendar.

Sharing Swipe

Once you’ve shared in a few distinct ways, the app will also display a Frequents section to instantly pick from the people and services you share with most.

After you’ve shipped your image off, a new confirmation screen lets you know your share was successful. It also gives you the option to make edits, share again, or start annotating a new image, map, or PDF.


Paragraph Text

We’re particularly excited to announce the arrival of paragraph text in Skitch’s annotation toolset. To use it, just double tap to reveal the sliders on either side of your text box, then drag them to fit the space you need.

Paragraph text

You can also just type, and your text will automatically wrap at the edges of the text box to fit perfectly with the content you’re marking up.

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Additional Improvements

In-app purchase of PDF Annotation makes its return in this release, so you can upgrade to this feature even if you’re not an Evernote Premium user. We’ve also made updates to cropping to make it feel smoother, the option to auto-save rich Skitch images that you can mark up later to your camera roll, as well as fixes and stability improvements all around. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  • Loyal User

    Dear Evernote Team,

    Firstly, I truly love your product. But then, your update policy needs serious reconsideration. Like every other day I got a request to update your software. This is a bit of a hassle, because I use a company computer where I have to approve the installation of the update by providing my full credentials. All in all maybe just 1min of my time, but to me a total waste of my time. I do think you built your products exactly to do the opposite, make people feel they use their time greatly and better than without your software.

    Please consider if such frequent updates in the way you do right now are the best for your customers. At least in my case it substantially draws from the goodwill that Evernote has with me.

    Loyal User

  • Lisa

    Hope they improve the Font quality, I hate the white outlining of the font. Need better control over the types of Fonts available to do markup as well.