Evernote and LinkedIn Perfect the Business Card

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 07 May 2014

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 07 May 2014

Business Cards Matter More Than Ever

Business cards are how great things start. Their exchange represents the moment that important partnerships, opportunities, and relationships begin. And even in our hyperconnected lives, business cards are just as relevant as they ever have been. The assortment of cards we collect are a physical tie to people we’ve met, places we’ve traveled, and what we’ve accomplished.

Partnership with LinkedIn

Today, Evernote becomes an amazing business card scanning app. We’re happy to announce a deeper integration between Evernote and LinkedIn that enhances the way business cards are captured, displayed, and recalled in Evernote. Benefitting from LinkedIn’s network of more than 300 million professionals, Evernote can now automatically build a content-rich note around every business card you scan. With full contact information, a link to their current LinkedIn profile, and a photo, plus a section for notes, business cards become searchable contacts in Evernote.

Current Evernote users can connect their accounts with LinkedIn to get a complimentary year of business card scanning, normally a Premium feature, starting today.

How It Works

When you get a new business card, put if down on the table or any contrasting surface and frame it in the business card camera mode of Evernote for iPhone or iPad. The camera will find the card edges and snap a photo. No taps needed.


Evernote instantly digitizes it and, through our integration with LinkedIn, the world’s largest network of professionals, creates a searchable note in your account with the most up-to-date, relevant information about your new contact. The scanning, optical recognition and LinkedIn searching happens automatically and mechanically; no human beings look at your business cards.


From there, use Evernote as you normally would: record every moment from your meetings, attach meaningful documents, and forward key emails from your new contact into a related notebook. In Evernote, that business card now acts as a visual marker for all the interactions and experiences that followed the initial handshake. For the first time, your business cards have the context they deserve.

Note, you don’t actually have to be connected with the person on LinkedIn for this to work. As long as you’ve connected your LinkedIn account to Evernote, you’ll automatically get the person’s profile info and photo. After scanning their card, you’ll have the option to connect on LinkedIn, share your own contact information, or save the new person’s info as a contact in your device’s address book.


The Evernote Business Card Camera is available today in Evernote for iPhone and iPad. This feature is coming soon to Evernote for Android. Business card scanning features are also available in Evernote for Mac and Evernote for Windows Desktop when using the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner.

If you’re not already a LinkedIn member, sign up now to get the most of business card scanning in Evernote. To connect your Evernote account with LinkedIn, simply take a photo of a business card using the Business Card Camera on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll be prompted to link your accounts automatically.

Welcome CardMunch Users!

As part of this partnership, we are also proud to announce that LinkedIn is making it easy for CardMunch users to move to Evernote. If you are a CardMunch user, welcome to Evernote! Move your business cards into Evernote today.


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  • Oletros

    So, after 5 months of releasing the card scanning on iOS you still are saying that it will come “soon” to Android without any date?

    Is this how support you Android premium users?

    • Martin Packer

      In the forum @gbarry mentioned the Android one is in development. As a non-Android user I find that reassuring. It’s more of a statement of intent than we usually get.

    • Henry Daniels

      Maybe the Apple market are the Guinea pigs? With android dominating the market. hmmm

    • Marc Roelofs

      It is a bloody shame that it is still not available for Android.

    • Breanna Baker

      Has it come out for Android yet? This is awesome!! Just what I need…..

      • Austin

  • Luis

    Looking forward to the Android version 🙂

    • HollyHenderson

      This looks like an awesome tool and cannot wait to try it but I am also waiting for the Android version. Any idea when it will be ready???

  • John

    Android???? I am a Premium user on Android and Windows… and it gets old seeing all the best tools in iOS first!

    • Mark


      Everything is always released first on iOS and Android is an afterthought.

      Android(s) + Windows, Evernote premium account, but still no love…

      • Scott

        Seems to be like inline handwriting came to android first… That’s a pretty landmark feature which, now 2 months later iOS is still without. Likewise, windows users just got note locking for concurrently edited shared and business notes. Nothing on the Mac yet. So, tell me again about android and windows as after thoughts?

        • Brian

          Really? Business Card Scanning has been in Evernote Hello on iOS since Feb 2013. So 15 months behind and counting for Android

        • Oletros

          @Scott iOS has Penultimate

    • Erik Britt-Webb

      Still waiting for the Android version!

  • CJ

    Does it save the contact into your address book?

  • Xu

    WP8 version?

  • Theo van der Krogt

    Great feature! Already have lots of business cards on Evernote (old way, just as jpg): how do I transfer them?

  • Jeff

    So I’m curious.. is this different from what was already there in the app? I’ve had Business card scanning for a while now on iOS, including the LinkedIn tie in.

  • Mike

    WP8 ????? Please!!!

  • Visionthing

    In general, I like this a lot (CardIris on the ScanSnap leaves a lot to be desired). My 2 cents:

    1. It would be nice to be able to add to your Contacts List directly from the entry screen. Unless I’m missing something, you need to go to a second screen to do this.

    2. Also, sadly, not all card info is getting scanned – needs some human intervention to add data.

  • Doug M

    When is the Android version available?

  • Shane

    Is there an option to scan both sides of the card?

  • Mark Varner

    Just moved my CardMunch info over to Evernote. That went very smooth and is so easily searchable. I then tried the Evernote Business Card Camera feature. It worked much better than I thought it would. Through the LinkedIn integration, it found updated contact info for the person. I am so using this.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Marc, thanks for sharing! Makes us happy to hear your success!

  • Catherine

    There needs to be some really clear protocols issued that allow cards that do instantly upload. This way graphic designers can make the best single-sided cards possible and everyone wins. What I have learnt so far is that if your company name incorporates a logo or design element the uploader may not read it. There will be more learnings to come and it would be great if these could be captured and shared. This could be a real game changer if Evernote and Linkedin can embrace all those involved in the card process.

  • Raymmar Tirado

    I love Evernote and the business card scanning app is one of my favorites. Take it one step further by adding IFTTT to the mix.

  • Chris

    What’s the story the free Evernote Premium for 2 years fro switchers? moved cards from Cardmunch to Evernote, but no Premium freebie! am I missing something??

    • Taylor Pipes

      Hello Chris. All LinkedIn members who use CardMunch and choose to transfer their existing scanned cards into Evernote will receive two free years of Evernote’s premium business card scanning service, but does not include Evernote Premium.

      • Chris

        Thanks for the answer Taylor. How do I know I have the premium card scanning feature activated?

  • Hang

    Tried to scan some cards, however, it’s not easy to recognize. I still have to key-in by myself. Besides, can it sync with google account?

  • Allison

    The article says current Evernote users will get one free year of business card scanning, but when I went to scan a business card with Evernote on my iPad, it said I got only 5 free business card scans. How do I activate the full year of the feature?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Allison, did you connect Evernote with LinkedIn? If you connect Evernote to LinkedIn you will receive complementary business card scanning, but not Evernote Premium.

  • Ashlie

    Does this new agreement between CardMunch /LinkedIn/ Evernote business card scanner agreement offer iPhone users like me an option to easily add new cards to our iOS phone contacts? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!! 🙂

    • Taylor Pipes

      Ashlie, with the Contact Note open, simply tap the Options icon at the bottom of the screen and tap Save to contacts to save all the contact information to the address book or contacts list on your device. Once you’ve saved your Contact Notes to the contacts list on your device. Specifically for iOS: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Let us know if you have any further questions!

  • AboutDevice

    Extremely waiting for the android version and this is really great and a faster way to reach customers or potential customers.

  • Lori

    Still no Android version. Please, title these articles FOR iOS only! Saves the rest of us lots of time.

  • Marlon

    I agree with Allison: The article says current Evernote users will get one free year of business card scanning, but when I went to scan a business card with Evernote on my iPad, it said I got only 5 free business card scans. How do I activate the full year of the feature? I have linked to my LinkedIn account, but this doesn’t seem to help – I just keep getting a message telling me to upgrade to Premium.

  • Scott Gingold

    I have made the transition from Card Munch. I have scanned a few new biz cards yet I don’t see how to do this: “After scanning their card, you’ll have the option to connect on LinkedIn.”

    What am I missing?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Try these three steps. If this doesn’t quite work, please reach out to our support team:

      1. Login to Evernote and LinkedIn from If you are not an existing Evernote user, you’ll need to create a new account.

      2. Once you have successfully logged in to both accounts, your CardMunch cards will automatically be transferred to Evernote.
      3. Once you’ve received an email letting you know that all your CardMunch cards have been successfully transferred to Evernote, login to Evernote for Web or Evernote on any of your devices or platforms.
      4. Once you’ve synced your Evernote account, all your CardMunch contacts will appear in Evernote.

      • Scott Gingold

        The advice is helpful, but I am still stuck on one facet of this. I scan (take a picture) of a business card. In CardMunch I could sent a LinkedIn connection request from the app itself. How do I do this on my mobile device using Evernote?

        • PKB

          I have the same question/problem. Did anyone answer you yet?

  • DMM

    Any plans for a Windows Phone version?

  • Stuart Walker

    I see some improvement. Some future additions might be 1) a field for a website 2) ability to add links (note and web) 3) importing from contacts or other means as everyone does not use/have bus. cards. Having all contacts as Evernotes could provide real value particularly with reminders and note linking.

  • Tainan

    Premium user with Android. Still waiting for….

  • Matthieu

    any news about Android version to scan business cards ? I’m premium on Evernote and can’t wait to see this option available. I’ve seen the iOS version and it’s amazing ! Please, bring it on Android sooooon 🙂

  • Alicson

    Premium Evernote Android user. Been waiting excitedly for this; still waiting…

  • Tony

    Evernote to LinkedIn very cool…. but what about Evernote to Contacts? any suggestions?

  • Kepilif

    Still waiting for it…

  • pablo

    any update on android ?
    ios is old news….

  • Sam Soukas

    I tried this app and I have spent 3 minutes trying to add the correct phone numbers and make any other changes to ensure the accuracy of the information. I could have input that same information into Google Contacts by now. So where’s the advantage? Perhaps I need to try during the day with natural light?

  • Joseph M. Jarvis

    It’s July and still no business card camera for Android. *sigh*

  • chad

    +1 for the Android – still waiting.

  • John Angelico

    Looks like there are two development streams, Android and Ios, focussing on different features to maximise development effectiveness.

    Doesn’t always work, but it’s a strategy.

    On my Android devices, I find the handwriting feature interesting but not really useful because of my particular handwriting – I have much less control of the writing on screens than on paper.

    But I would like to see two features
    a) link to Google Contacts
    b) link to calendars via iCal connectivity

    If they exist please tell me…

  • Rusty Lingenfelter

    Another premium Android user wondering when I will get business card scanning. I started using Hello a few months before LI completely abandoned Cardmunch. I selected Evernote for platform independence. How tricking long does it take to implement this feature on an open platform. Really disappointing and we are overdue for an “official” update.

  • David

    I loved Cardmunch — especially since it allowed you to automatically add the contacts to the Apple address book… It doesn’t appear you can do that with Evernote… Am I wrong? (Yes, yes, I can copy and paste as well as anyone. But it does represent a step back. Though I guess that’s more of a LinkedIn problem.)

    • Taylor Pipes

      David, there are two ways to save contact information from every scanned card to the Contacts on your mobile device:

      Automatically: To save information from every card scanned, simply tap your account name and select General > Camera > Business Cards > Save Contact Info To Contacts

      Manually: From the Options menu, select Save to contacts

      Note: By default scanned cards are saved to the Business Cards notebook. You can change this notebook and how cards are tagged from the Settings screen. Simply tap your account name and select General > Camera > Business Cards and select Notebook or Tag to change your preferences.

      For further information, reference our article about these features in the Evernote Knowledge Base:!/article/53057988

  • jim

    Where did my connect to linkedIn command go? I have used it before but now I cannot find it with the latest upgrade?

  • Agentsales

    So what about Android? Badly need this function. 4 months are not enougth?

  • dan keenan

    Evernote will crash when I scan business cards. Is this condition a common occurrence?

  • Carol

    +1 still waiting for android version.

    • Steve Sherriff

      +1 For Android

    • Henry Daniels

      +1 waiting for android Version

  • John Bankson

    This article was written in May, we are now in September… the article says, “This feature is coming soon to Evernote for Android.” Obviously your definition of “coming soon” is way different that most of your Android users. I say, “Shame on you Evernote” Your handling of this situation is a huge failure on your part.

  • Britney Brown

    This is great, looking forward to using the tool!

  • wayne

    when i use this and look in the notebook for the contact it is locked. How do I sent it so it is saved without being locked?

    • Maik van Rossum

      New insights on this one? Pretty annoying that the app decides if a note of mine gets locked…

  • D McKay

    +1 for android release please, another frustrated premium user here.. this is getting silly

  • JS

    Almost the end of September, and still no business card scanner for Android. TIME FRAME FOR RELEASE, PLEASE?

  • Jerry Hall

    Yah, no sense whatsoever. A company that wants to go public but, issues features to what, about 25% of the market share now? C’mon guys you can do better. Really, how hard can it be? I’m so perplexed by this idiotic fascination with iOs. Perhaps it’s Jobs hand still around the ankles of these companies? I mean really, what else could it be? And the ‘the Android platform has so many options’ droning is getting really old. Just sayin, I love you guys but, it gets REALLY aggravating to see small companies have only iOs apps… but, the whales (like Evernote)? No excuse. Maybe next financing round ask for another $500k and problem solved? :P… or we can do a Kickstarter for you?

  • Aaron

    Apparently there is no way to add a missing field if the “scanner” doesn’t auto-detect it (like a mailing address). Adding all of the missing information into the notes field is not a solution. Coupled with the inability to export as vCards or something similar makes this little more than a toy.

    • Craig

      +1 For adding/ deleting fields!

  • sebastian

    if you build this for android I will switch to premium

  • Rohit

    Looking forward to android version

  • Sam

    This could be the feature that will push me to premium, but unfortunately no android.

  • Business Cards App

    I am impressed with the appealing functioning of Evernote’s Business Card Camera. Great to know that it will rolled out for Android devices too.

  • Richard Webb

    scanning is great for business cards. but when one wants to add further detail, or perhaps a website address its really not easy! or adding an image on the mac for a contact! please sort these bits!