5 Tips to Research Your Next Travel Adventure

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5 Tips to Research Your Next Travel Adventure

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 12 May 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 12 May 2014

Where are you going on your next vacation?

Perhaps you’re in the process of planning one now. Maybe you’re dreaming about destinations.

Evernote provides the tools that make researching your trip easy, whether you are going to a major city or an isolated tropical island.

More than 60 percent of leisure travelers go online to research and plan their travels. They are far more empowered than ever before, with accessibility to travel content across a plethora of websites on tablets and smarthphones.

Here’s some tips and tools that can help make travel research fun with Evernote:

1. Clip it All

The biggest tool in your traveler’s toolbox is definitely the Web Clipper. The type of content you can save is truly limitless. Clip articles, hotel details, maps, menus and more. One of our favorites is the 36 Hours column in The New York Times.

2. Share Ideas

It’s more fun to plan with friends and loved ones. Share notebooks so they can help contribute to the research process.

3. Empowered Email

Harness the power of your email by forwarding travel recommendations, reservations and more from your into Evernote. Once the information is saved in Evernote, you can organize your plans using tags, Notebooks and Notebook Stacks.

4. Like, Where?

If you have pinned down a destination, LikeWhere is the tool for you. LikeWhere shows you where to go in new cities based on what you like in cities you already know. Simply tell LikeWhere where you like in a familiar city, and the app shows you where to find similar spots in your destination city. Then you can build customized itineraries, and save them to your Evernote account to help with your travel plans.

5. Pack Smart

Nobody wants to wait to the last minute to pack. Start early and assemble your packing checklist in Evernote. Use Reminders to make sure you’re on top of it all as you finalize decisions.

What are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start planning that next trip in Evernote.

Share tips that worked for your travels in the comments below.


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  • Alice

    I’ve been using Evernote for travel planning since 2010. I do all those above (except need to try out LikeWear). I also add any brochures that are available plus scan maps for quick access. I have scans of everyone’s passports. I keep a generic packing list and then copy that to a trip specific list. That way the usual items are not forgotten.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Alice, that is great to hear that we covered a variety of your travel tricks and tips! Stay tuned, this Sunday we will roll out a few additional travel tips on the blog that highlight how you can use Evernote while physically traveling.

  • Nobuhiko

    I add the information, such as flights, hotels, to the offline notebook so that I can access such information wherever I want. I also add the information available in PDF, e.g., subway map to the evernote.

  • Meg

    Thanks for the tips