We Have 100 Million People to Thank


We Have 100 Million People to Thank

Posted by Phil Libin on 13 May 2014

Posted by Phil Libin on 13 May 2014

We’re humbled and thrilled to announce that Evernote now has over 100 million total users!


There are two ways to look at this. On the one hand, there are more than 100 million people whose lives have been touched, even a little bit, by something we made. On the other hand, there are still about 7 billion people who’ve never used any Evernote product.

Both are pretty inspirational!

A Hundred Million Pioneers

When we launched the Evernote service in 2008, our intuition was that the world was about to go through a big change in how people worked. There were many note takers and productivity tools around at the time but they all felt out of date; they were becoming less and less relevant to people’s lives.

We set out to redefine the meaning of productivity for modern busy people. We want Evernote to become your workspace; the place where you do all of the everyday things that keep your life moving forward.

The modern workspace is everywhere. On every device and during all times of the day. Our users are everywhere as well.

Here’s where the first 100 million people came from:


One of the most interesting things about this initial stage of Evernote’s growth, is that our 100 million users overwhelmingly found our products by themselves, without much external encouragement. We’ve spent very little money on promoting our products, in fact our total spend on advertising to date comes out to less than 1 cent per user.

Here’s how our first 100 million users found us:


We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us get this far. A hundred million users is a big number, but it’s just a start. We want to make the world a little bit smarter, one person at a time. Thank you to the 100 million friends who’ve taken the first steps of this journey with us. We’ll continue working tirelessly to make Evernote better for you.


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  • Rui Guerreiro

    First of all, congratulations! It’s well deserved. Evernote, at least for me, is the most important tool in my digital life/work at this time. It’s amazing how almost every other app that I use is, nowadays, somehow connected to Evernote, which makes it so cool to use. I also use Penultimate everyday, and Skitch a lot of times, and I just can’t wait to see what new features and apps are coming in the future 🙂

  • Ray Gonsalves

    Congratulations to Phil and his crew ….. I created my first Evernote Note on October, 4th 2008 Its been a great tool so far, please keep up the good work.

  • Andrew

    Well Done Evernote Peeps… keep doing what you’re doing because it is very helpful 🙂

  • Jason Dunn

    Thanks for making such an amazing tool – it’s truly been transformative in my digital life. I can’t wait to see how it will evolve – I desperately want to see the encryption tool improved so I can feel more secure with the information I keep in Evernote. I hope that’s on the roadmap. 🙂

  • John smith

    Congrats guys! Awesome achievement.

    Question: how do you define users? Is that anyone who has ever created an account with you or is that actually 1 million users who login to Evernote every day?

  • Delf Egge

    I found your software extremely useful, versatile, and stable. It belongs to my day on smartphone and computer. Congratulations!

  • Eric

    Congrats! I was there from the beginning and use Evernote daily for a multitude of things. I recommend this software to anyone and everyone I know.

    • AlfredAlmond

      Congrats Evernote–Ever my hero(ine) when I lost a (4 month conceived) document and you all went to great lengths to help me get it back. I will never forget your perseverance. Amazing Evernote, Amazing.

  • Matt

    Congrats guys — you’re an inspiration to software and service business around the world as well, including ours.

  • John Spence

    It’s one thing to take notes, but to store them so you know where they are at and easy to find is the true test of Evernote.

  • Sven

    Congratulations! Good work, keep it up!

  • Pasan

    Congratulations! But on the way you forgot some of your core users that are on the Android platform. I love the evernote product and been a premium user but because how the Android platform always lagged features that were on iOS, I finally stopped paying for a premium account. With the rise of OneNote and it’s multi platform syncing support, Evernote no longer has a monopoly in this space. I urge you to put more effort into Android clients like Hello if you want me back as a paying user. Best of luck!

  • Benjamin Rusholme


  • Ouriel Ohayon

    i had no idea that you guys spent to grow your user base. I am a big fan of evernote and happily paying for the service. I wished evernote was a LOT faster though

    One thing you may also want to highlight is that you received an insane amount of free promo from Apple and Google. would you have 100 million users without it? Can you quantify it?

    Ouriel Ohayon

  • Chizaram Ucheaga

    Congratulations. It’s a big milestone. I started using Evernote several years ago and became a premium user last year. I love the app. It’s one of the first apps I install on any new device I get. Keep up the good work.

  • sander

    big up from degeluiderij.nl
    massive numbers!

  • Alberto Oxford

    Congratulations!!!! I hope that with this new succeeded the Latin America Team can visit Venezuela, still waiting!

  • Dayo Oyediwura

    I am still having difficulty upgrading to premium. I don’t know exactly what is happening. Please help fix this. Congratulations, evernote is a great office apps. Am enjoying it!

    • Taylor Pipes

      Sorry to hear about your issues upgrading. Please reach out to our support team and they will be able to assist you further. You can start that process by visiting: http://evernote.com/contact/support/

  • sally nelson

    I have been using Evernote for at least 2 years, over all my devices. I recommend it highly to lots of other folk I meet.
    I love the way I can create a note on one device and read it on another. Also several apps I use happily share to Evernote – a great boon when going to conferences and such.
    thanks so much for a great app.

    • Taylor Pipes

      We love to hear this, Sally! And thank you very much for being a long-time, devoted Evernote user! We were just at a conference in Minneapolis last week and it was incredible seeing all the people who were capturing valuable information and session notes into Evernote.

      What are the other apps that you use that share to Evernote?

  • TDavis

    I find it useful, but wish the new business card scanner wasn’t a premium feature. Was using Card Munch (happily) for free, but that’s gone in lieu this new feature on EN. Having to pay for what was free isn’t an improvement, and it certainly isn’t cool…

    • Taylor Pipes

      For existing CardMunch users, Evernote offers 2 free years of business card scanning for moving your account over. I hope that helps!

  • Ph Bury

    Congrats … Job well done !!

  • Barbara

    Hey I love evernote

  • Bruce Miller

    I have to admit, I have recommended Evernote to more people more than any other app, ever. I don’t think i’ve gone 72 hours without using it since I installed it. Keep up the good work.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Now, this is what we love to hear. It validates all our hard work and keeps us focused on the future. Thanks for being a loyal Evernote user, and recommending us to those who may not have used it!

  • Rosa Elizondo

    Congratulations. I use Evernote every day for work, art, and personal notes. And I use it from my Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad. Love it!

  • Komrad

    Congratulations! This comes on the heels of me finally getting serious about using Evernote a few days ago when I finally went premium. I opened an account in 2010 to use the AwesomeNote app, but didn’t do much with EN until this week, where I am reading up on the features and strategies to make the data capture/retrieval capabilities of EN work for me.

    Thanks for making such a great app. The more I read the more that I regret not diving into EN with both feet back in 2010

    • Taylor Pipes

      Our pleasure! It truly is great to hear that you recently latched onto your Evernote success! Thanks so much!

  • Rick Vasquez

    Congrats!! I use Evernote all the time and it makes my work much more easy to keep up with and organize…keep up the great work!

  • John Krijnen

    Congratulations! Ever since I have first read about Evernote in IEEE Spectrum, many years ago, it has been a great help in keeping track of log-in codes, phone numbers and so on. The arrival of the cloud only made it better.
    And now for the next 1– million. A great challenge!

  • John Krijnen

    For 1- million read 100 million. Stupid me.

  • Tom Harper

    Great product. I use it all the time on my PC, laptop, iPad, and iPhone. It sure beats dragging around discs and multiple flash drives. All of my kayak trip info, all of my recipes, and several other folders are available on every device I own. I don’t carry photos in my wallet so this great whenever anyone wants to see my family. Thanks.

  • Helene James

    I was there right at the beginning and I have made many great comments about Evernote. It is so helpful
    For me, I am 76 years old. My son now working for Amazon has been working closely with Evernote representatives. Thanks Phil Libin, for this great technology.

  • Ram

    Amazing ride wish we can learn from you guys…meet in the 200 Million..

  • Eileen

    Just a congrat . . .

  • kmac

    how cool! I use this app every day! Glad to be part of such a wonderful community!

  • Rafael Bernardo

    It is just as if Evernote had been there all the time!

  • Thong Tran

    Congrats to Evernote, I was using it since the first month and really love it til now.

  • Sharyn

    Congratulations! I love your work, Evernote is beautiful and easy to use. Please keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Antwon Jackson

    Congratulations Evernote

  • Hazra

    I use Evernote to keep track of my favourite recipes and in so doing I have eliminated the use and management of physical cookbooks. Thank you!

  • Melissa Sanger

    Congrats! I’ve been accused of being a paid supporter at times as I’ve plugged Evernote to friends, family and clients as my electronic brain.

    Really miss the podcasts though…you guys too big and important these days for the little people??? It was one of the quirky, special things that made me happy to be premium…

  • Greg Cimmarrusti

    I have been a Premium subscriber for several years now. I was originally looking for a freeform database to put all of my scattering of notes that I have accumulated. This was the perfect solution. Every computer, iPad, iPhone, and any other new device that comes out in the future will always have Evernote on the original set of apps that I install. Your product and service is indispensable. Thank you for the simplicity and the power . . .you guys (and gals) ROCK!

  • michael t. bee

    What a tool! I find it useful in so many ways. Take a picture of a recipe tag it & share on the web. And search! Excellent. Even scans the words in my photos!

  • Bjorn Hansen


  • David Perkins

    A big THANKS to the crew at Evernote. Just this month my wife and I started using your program in earnest and we’re truly seeing its value. You’ve made our lives better.

  • AlQattan Musaed

    Congrats, It’s all about quality. Great tool and such an amazing app. Keep up

  • Michele

    Excellent product – I love it!

  • Arthur

    Congratulations! Wow! I must say that, I couldn’t get by with Evernote. I use it as a repository, and it has come in handy so many times. And if I don’t have my phone, my tablet is there, or the web! Just so useful. Again, congratulations and thanks!

    • Arthur

      that’s without! poor typing skills!

  • Leiv Karsten Herheim

    Congratulations !

  • Samer

    Congratulations! Evernote has had a major impact on my digital workspace and I can’t imagine a life without it. Thank you so much for your amazing products.

  • Romy Sison

    How do I use Evernote? Isa this like stickies?

  • Kestelli

    Congratulations to Phil and his crew ….. Very Good work.

  • Eddie Leong

    Congrats to Evernote Team! Keep it up!

  • S.Madesh Reddy

    Wow..!! First I would congratulate to Evernote team for creating the best app It has been a part of my life I have experienced a lot….
    This app will help everyone thrust…..

  • sara

    Thanks so much. It’s really useful for everyone.

  • Bryan

    You could get another 100 million by supporting Linux natively!

  • Fiki Firmansyah

    Congratulation..!!! Thankyou for keep the Evernote FREEE….

  • Princess DY


  • Annabelle


  • Julia Kinlaw

    Evernote has been one of the most amazing apps to come into my life! With organization, beauty I my writing that carries across ALL of my devices…the only think I lack that I want at this point is the penulultimate pen….it would just complete my love of writing novelettes and blogs!

  • Barry Robert Ozer

    This is amazing. Well deserved. Evernote is awesome. I love it and it has changed how I network and keep organized. Thank you.

  • Kim

    Wow! Congratulations!!

  • Daryl Austman

    Happy Day…!
    That is a very large user base to accumulate in a short time. Interesting that USA/Canada is 3rd on the list of size of users. I don’t go anywhere without Evernote (my iPhone, iPad mini, netbook and several desktops) so I am in a constant inspirational environment where I can “jot down” anything I need at any time.
    Thanks Evernote for being my “hard copied memory”.

  • Karen Pepper-Bainbridge

    Congratulations Evernote, you deserve to get more people in on your services because it is great!

  • victortalha

    Wow, thnx for letting me Beta test the app, I have loved EverNote ever since !! Kudos and Congrats on Your truly deserved success and accomplishments ,-)

  • Torres

    Congrats! I found the site very useful for organizing data. However, since a lot of private info is stored on it, I believe it would be absolutely essential for your application to be set up so that its users can enter it through a password-protected log-in only instead of simply clicking on an icon.

  • Cristian

    Congratulations guys! I created an account loooong ago, but recently I discovered all the power of Evernote by preparing my MBA final project. And I truly love it. Keep it up!

    • Taylor Pipes

      Thanks for sharing your success story Cristian!

  • Steve

    Congrats’,thats a lot of notes

  • Will Kelly

    Congratulations on this big milestone. I’ve been a customer since 2008 and look forward to more Evernote improvements and integrations.

  • Luke

    Absolutely amazing! Considering simple text-edit still doesn’t work properly.

  • Anna N. Taylor

    Congrats! Keep up the great work, especially staying on top of the kinks.

  • J

    Congratulations. I have had this app for 2years and do not have a clue how to use it. I’ve followed the instructions, no I’ve tried, but no luck. Maybe someday you’ll put out instructions for old clueless wanna be users!

    • Taylor Pipes

      You’ve come to the right place for learning how to use Evernote. Much of the content we focus on publishing here aims to teach our users — including new users, how to use Evernote in their daily lives. Let me know if I can point you to any specific articles.

    • Lenore

      I am with J-! I have had for a few years & I still haven’t gotten close to mastering!

  • Karen Burns

    Congratulations Evernote! I am a recent subscriber to your product and enjoy it immensely.

  • Naveed

    Congratulations Evernote team on reaching the milestone. You have a long may to go. Thank you for giving us a platform to take down notes that’s the first thing and launching another app penultimate this had made life more easier. Together with adonit Evernote jot script edition had helped me in more than a way. It’s had been so easy to take down notes and share it with colleagues and team with support on multiple platforms.
    Best of luck

  • Deadra France


  • Jim Krupnik

    Congrats to the team for a well deserved milestone. I don’t have a heavy business need for Evernote yet, but over the years, it has become my go-to notes app… It is a home run, and I can’t imagine being without it. That goes for Skitch as well. It is an answer to a question I often asked, and it is super! Have a great next decade, and I’m certain to be with you for the next milestone.

  • DazHaela

    Congratulations! I’ve been an article clipper since early teens, with overwhelming numbers of binders and files full of wonderful information, recipes, design ideas, work notes, etc. Evernote was made for me! I can’t image my life without it, and I haven’t spent much time learning all the features and other apps. Really need to spend some time doing that….

  • Ryan

    That is totally awesome. I wanted to let you guys knows that my strong support for Evernote spawns from two reasons. 1) You have an amazing product that has made a hugely positive impact on my everyday job and 2) because I believe you have, as a user, my best interest at heart… you guys are not looking to sell out and abandon an inspired userbase. So congratulations and a big thank you!

    • Taylor Pipes

      Ryan, that is a tremendous compliment that speaks directly to the heart of our core beliefs that we think about every single day. Thanks for being a loyal user of Evernote. We truly appreciate it!

  • Rajendra

    Thanks for developing this simple, easy to use and free tool that meets my requirements. This is one of the top three apps that I recommend to any mac developers that I meet. Well done, keep it up.

  • Piyush Agrawal

    Congratulations! I just love it. Very cool!

  • Claudia Nelson

    Congrats! I’m sure 5 million is only around the corner as word spreads around the world how ever note makes our lives just a bit easier to manage:)


    Amazing Products = Amazing Success
    Referrals are the best form of advertising; lowest cost, best results

  • David Catherall

    Well done Evernote team. I have only been using the software for a few months, but find it indispensable. It is now so much easier for me to attend meetings etc and keep accurate notes on my mobile phone, which I can then expand upon later on my PC at home. Many thanks, and congratulations once more.

  • David

    Congratulation Evernote … thank you for counting me as one of the million.God bless

  • Beverley Newman

    Well done – I use Evernote Premiom for my private life and family/writing/photos/recipes/journaling and then I change accounts and log in for work… After-sales/ideas/strategy notes/photos/research notes etc etc. All with me, all the time, on all my appliances – MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iMac – no more trailing discs, cd’s, flash-drives. It’s seamless. Thank you for making my work and home life so much more organised. 🙂

  • Michae Dawkins

    Congrates to the team at Evernote. I have been using Evernote for more than 5 months now and has found it to be a fun tool to use. Great work guys…

  • Dilip Kumar

    Hats Off to Evernote Team.

  • Bryan Linden

    I’ve been a VERY happy user since the very beginning. I have to compliment your whole team on what you’ve achieved. First you make a killer product and keep improving on it, 2nd you keep in touch in a way that makes me look forward to hearing from the Evernote team instead of deleting as junk as most other updates and news from other companies. I recommend Evernote a lot even years after I started using it and I continue to use it as my external brain. Thanks Guys, you’ve made my life easier 🙂

  • Laura Iliana Sotomayor Carrillo

    Muchas felicidaades por tan excelente aplicacion.

  • Brian Smith

    Well done you guys, I use evernote on a daily basis and would be lost without it. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

  • Banjerd

    ” Congratulations “

  • Harry

    Congratulations! I am a onenote user but currently am looking to go full evernote. I am trying to learn how to organize my notes and am looking for suggestions.

  • Candace

    This is by far the most important app on all my devices and it probably gets the most consistent use. Thanks for making a quality app, with features that get used over and over again, thank you for keeping quality features free and not part of the upgrade.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Candace, thanks very much for your comments! Glad to hear!

  • Niño Piamonte

    To be honest, i discovered Evernote when it was hacked last March 2013. I was reading news articles when it was a part of it. I wasn’t into productivity that time until I found this app.
    It’s a great tool though .And i use it like everyday.

  • Ricardo Mayén

    I ♥ Evernote

  • Pat Resnick

    You can count me in with your satisfied customers. I love this app. and it’s easy to do. Congratulations!

  • Sharon Abimbola Salu

    Congratulations, Evernote! I’ve been using the app for years and it’s been invaluable to me in keeping track of ideas, stories and blog posts. I wish you guys even more success. 🙂

  • bart

    I use a pc app that permits me to add web links inside pdf files. The links go to an Evernote folder. Each link contains personal notes related to specific material inside the pdf. I could have used another online cloud storage but Ever note streamlines the whole process. Thank you Ever note team!

  • nadiaelsharawi

    Thank u It’s amazing

  • Choc

    Congrats to the entire Evernote team!! Evernote has been one of the best apps on the android platform. Simply amazing. Hey is there anyway I can save text messages to evernote? It would be nice to have a platform where they can be saved as opposed to automatic erase.

  • daphne

    Love Evernote! Im happy you guys are doing so well

  • John

    Congratulations !
    Just one question …
    When do you intend to bring Evernote to Linux ?

  • Metta T

    Congratulation, Evernote team.Thank you, it’s such a very helpful app! 🙂

  • Jane Boarman

    You may not have predicted how I would use Evernote and I didn’t think of it myself. I saw a YouTube video showing a second grader using Evernote to practice her reading fluency so I started doing the same thing with my fourth graders. They take a picture of the page they’re going to read and record themselves reading. I can listen to them whenever I have the time and leave them notes about what I notice and what I want them to work on. Evernote is helping young readers – no small thing.

  • Luo

    Congratulations! Evernote is my favorite tool in note-related applications.

  • Rob

    Congratulations for a great achievement,

  • John R.

    Congratulations guys! Evernote is a great tool, extremely useful. I would be delighted to find a Linux version some day.

  • Elaine Lat

    Well done! I’m not surprised that so many had found the delight in using Evernote because ever since my friend recommended it to me, saving up documents had become so convenient for me. I found the ease so delightful, I actually become so motivated in writing because of this wonderful app. Kudos and more power!

  • Tablet user

    I am happy to have a word processor on my android Tablet, but I am having a difficulty finding where it stores and organizes and how to use it.

  • Walter Watkins

    Class act. Thank you!

  • Thorne Olinger

    First off congratulations for the 100 Million customers!!!!!! Now can you please make a ubuntu 12.04/1404 LTS native app. I must use third pary app right now to use your wonderfull service but I would prefer an app fromyou insted.

  • Olga Nefedova

    well done, Evernote!
    Thank you for the cool tool, I really love it
    Don’t stop!

  • Jemmy


  • Josh Miller

    I use and recommend Evernote all the time. The note taking function is a foundation of my work.

  • Penny Ledger

    I use Evernote Clearly with Chrome all the time to view and print information on websites. I also recommend it for people with sight problems and dyslexia.

  • Hamid

    Congratulations and thank you for your effort. You make my teaching life a breeze. I love all your products. Very easy to sync. Best regards

  • Sal B

    Congratulations Evernote! Couldn’t be organized in the digital world without you.

  • Sherri

    Congratulations! I am so incredibly impressed with Evernote. I really like all the ways you can use it, and I am getting more and more adept at using all of it’s features. It’s very intuitive and that’s a huge plus when I share things with some friends that are a little less comfortable using the net. Looking forward to integrating Evernote even more into my life. Thanks.

  • Dileep

    For now, I am using Evernote as my personal diary 🙂 It’s a wonderful thing, you’re doing. Go on and keep making peoples lives better!

  • Ray Mitchley

    What I really like about evernote is that you don’t spam my inbox reminding me what you think I SHOULD BE DOING!!
    I am quite happy to trundle along at my pace.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Josee Couture

    Congratulations!. I am signed up for it but really have no clue how to use it. I have attended 3 seminars given by Realtors, who love Evernote, about Evernote. I learned what I can do with Evernote it but noone has been able to actually explain how to use it. Are there webinara available

  • Waldo Yeager

    It would help if there were some way for me to be able to access a user guide which would help learn better how to use your product which I haven’t used, although installed, in several months. Other products have come along which I’ve started to use when I wasn’t very well acquainted with the use of your product. If convenient, let me know if & where such a use guide would be available to me. Thanks. Waldo Yeager

    • Taylor Pipes

      Waldo, this an excellent question. There are a number of resources available to you that can help get you started. I will point you to some of my favorites. I think it is important to know that a lot of people that begin to use Evernote are also in the same position. What clicked with me was capturing all sorts of content from my professional and personal life into Evernote and then some of the ideal uses for me came out. Currently, I use it to capture inspiring content that I want to show my colleagues, and my wife and I use it to plan our vacations and share places we want to travel together. The more you capture in Evernote, the more it will come together.

      Evernote Getting Started Guide
      Link: https://evernote.com/getting_started/

      Evernote Knowledge Base – this is a great place to learn and see instructions on various Evernote features.
      Link: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/product/evernote

      The Mashable Beginners Guide – this is a wonderful guide for anyone new to using Evernote.
      Link: http://mashable.com/2013/07/03/evernote-beginners/

      The Lifehackers Guide to Evernote
      Link: http://lifehacker.com/5989980/ive-been-using-evernote-all-wrong-heres-why-its-actually-amazing

  • Lok Binayee

    Many many thanks to Evernote grup who made this tool and serviced us.

  • Undule

    Congrats , it’s learning for me but it’s wonderful to be part of Evernote .,Great work guys and Stay blessed ..

  • Edward Smolinsky

    I found Evernote a great place to store many notes that can be easily accessed. However, Evernote locked into a website and I cannot get to my notes. I don’t want to delete the Evernote app fearing a total loss of all the stored notes I have in Evernote. How do I get back to my notes?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Edward, please reach out to our support team and they should be able to help you obtain access to your notes. You can reach them and start a support ticket here: http://evernote.com/contact/support/ Best of luck!

  • John Andresen

    I first started to use Evernote about one year ago. I mainly use it as an ongoing dairy. Isomtimes include photo’s, etc. being eighty-one years old, I find it keeps my mind alert, thinking what I’ve done the past few days and the things that lie ahead of me! So, I think I will be using Evernote as long as I am able to use my fingers to write.
    Thanks for thinking about this valuable instrument!

  • Andrew Oliver

    I have tried several times using this and frankly it is useless. The instructions to add a photo are hopeless and although I am pretty good with computers, I can’t get it to work. Everything that Evernote offers can be done with other better apps. Sorry – waste of time.

  • zaw naing oo

    Congratulations! Good App;

  • Radhika

    This is a really great application & tool to have & so versatile! I use it practically everyday! Congrats to the team behind Evernote! Hope you set out to achieve many more milestones.

  • galo sane

    Congratulations for this great steps of development!

  • Darvin K. Manwah

    I use Evernote extensively. It’s the perfect software for all my notes and quite information holder. I use the extension on Google Chrome and it’s simply fantastic. I make my notes during the day and at night I see it all on my browser. You guys are awesome and you have my vote of confidence for Evernote.

  • M

    I love Evernote!!

  • Pat Gaston

    I, too, am an Android consumer. I am an avid Springpad user. I call it my “brain in my purse” After discovering the Evernote “free” app and trying it simply for note taking. It was cool, for note taking. But after a year or so I started to venture out to see how well it would integrate with other word processing apps I had on my Samsung Galaxy 3 – none. But just a few days ago I got a Samsung Galaxy 5 and it “shakes hands across the table with {ta-da} EVERNOTE! I AM HAPPY! 🙂

  • Yourworstnightmare

    100 Million users and still no Linux client!

  • Jim Casbar

    Excellent and congratulations! Another fine example, make a better product and customers will come. Evernote is a huge asset to my business functions, planning, and daily productivity. Outperforms any competing product in all aspects.

  • Carrie

    Congrats to everyone at Evernote! I have been using Evernote since 2010 I think this is the best App ever! I always recommend this App to people as I think it is a lifeline for organizing everything from business, to home, school and life in general.
    Thanks fro such a great program!

  • Rick

    Well done for getting more than 100 million users! Your service is amazing. It’s right at the heart of my digital life. I look forward to future updates and improvements though.

    One request: Advanced encryption tools would make your service even better.

  • Cameron

    This is so, so, so, so awesome and inspiring guys. I know I’m late to the party, but a huge congrats on this 🙂

  • Felix Pangestu

    Hey Evernote, thanks a bunch for the apps. I really really enjoy and helpful with this. But could you guys make some kind of “LITE VERSION” maybe, cause I’m student and using old phone that haven’t much memory for this. I need a lot 🙁