Apps Worth Trying: Remember Where You've Been with Glympse

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Apps Worth Trying: Remember Where You’ve Been with Glympse

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 24 May 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 24 May 2014

The Evernote App Center is full of apps that extend how Evernote can be used in nearly every facet of your daily life, from professional pursuits to academic endeavors. In this series, we introduce some of our user’s favorites.

Imagine for a moment, that you could instantly recall specific route details for places you’ve visited. Suddenly, the locations you’ve been to on business travel and leisure trips become much more meaningful.

Learn how photographer Ray Cornett uses Glympse.


Track in Real Time

Of the many apps that connect with Evernote, Ray finds Glympse the most useful. He uses it to track where he goes in real time. That information can be saved and sent via email, or even shared socially with friends on Facebook so friends can locate him. That feature is especially useful when meeting friends.

Photographic Recall

Ray uses Glympse to keep track of where he has traveled in unfamiliar territory. The ability to recall specific locations for his photographic work is integral during shoots or for digging down into recalling specific locations or streets he visited. He also uses it as is a tool to catalog movements during the times when he wanders around new places, getting lost in the moment or capturing photographs.

“If I find a spot that is particularly interesting I can post the Glympse showing where I am to other photographers, or potential models in case they may be in the area and have time to come join me to do some shooting or modeling,” Cornett says. If I have moved on to another location, no problem. Glympse shows where I am in real time. So, if I am not in that original location all they need to do is look at my Glympse to find me.”

So, remember where you’ve been and get Glympse from the Evernote App Center.

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Glympse Sharing

It’s important to know that Glympse Trails are private until shared with specific people and once shared, will automatically expire either within a pre-determined time limit or when you get to a specified destination (you can specify in your settings). The people with whom you share a Glympse do not need to download the Glympse app; they’ll receive your Glympse via SMS, email, Facebook, or Twitter, and view your trail on any web-enabled device.


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