Evernote for iPhone and iPad Get Notebook and Business Card Improvements

Posted by on 06 Jun 2014

Posted by on 06 Jun 2014

We’ve added a few much-requested improvements to Evernote for iPhone and iPad today. Finding the notebook you’re looking for is easier, business card notes are more actionable, and checkboxes are more tappable.

Let’s take a look.

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Notebook Improvements

As you add more projects, get more coworkers using Evernote Business, and become more organized, the more notebooks you’ll likely have access to. In the past, that notebook list could become unwieldy. Some significant design changes in this update make that list much more manageable.

  • There’s a toggle that lets you switch between personal and Evernote Business Notebooks
  • Notebook searches show sections for personal and Evernote Business Notebooks
  • Icons indicate whether a notebook is shared with others
  • Recently-viewed notebooks sit at the top of the Notebook List


All of these changes make that growing list of notebooks much friendlier.

Business Cards and Contact Notes

Whenever you take a photo of a business card with Evernote’s Business Card Camera, we’ll pull all the relevant information and digitize it. The result is a well-designed contact note complete with your new contact’s photo, when you connect Evernote to LinkedIn. In this update, we made some enhancements to that contact note. You can now call, email or message the contact directly from the note. You can also add a photo of the back of the card. In addition, you can choose which of your email addresses to use when connecting to your new contact.


And More

In addition to these improvements, we’ve also improved speed, stability, and made checkboxes easier to tap by increasing their size and spacing.

Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  • gmtom1

    Great – now how about updating Android with these improvements, especially business card scanning!

    • Jim Bonaventura


  • Frank

    The new animations/ transitions between the home screen and notebook/tag/ shortcut screens are smooth. The recently visited notebook section is awesome! I like it that it is also personalized according to notebooks recently accessed on both iPad and iPhone. You guys rock!

  • Luca Deplano

    It is now quite clear that you have decided to ditch Hello to make business card scanning native within Evernote. I sincerely hope that you are planning a way to export all Hello business cards to Evernote, otherwise we will be stuck with Hello business cards which are not editable in Evernote. I would appreciate if you can clarify

  • jpres

    Really can’t believe business card features still aren’t available for Android. Frustrating.

  • Abdon

    Next suggested updates: contact list/notebook, ability to add contacts without scanning business cards (so one can call or email directly from Evernote for business contacts)…

  • Carroll

    The light on my phone defaults to “on” when I try to take a picture of a business card. The light reflects off the card leaving a white spot that is unreadable. The light remains on even when I set it to off. Really annoying.

  • Paul

    Another vote for Android business card scanning please!

  • Georgia

    PLEASE change the checkboxes back to ordinary spacing!! Or make spacing optional?? I use checkboxes for everything and absolutely DESPISE the spaced out look I can’t use it at all!! It’s just so messy. PLEASE!!

  • Sandro

    It’s great that you added the business card reader, but the accuracy needs improvement. Cardmunch was much more accurate. I hope you guys manage to improve it.

  • Joao Coutinho

    Thanks Evernote to clarify this situation. To add the back parte of a business card we need to do the following:

    After snapping the front of the card and then tapping the check mark in the bottom right.
    Locate the business card note you just created.
    Open that note
    Tap the edit button
    Scroll to the bottom and under the front of the business card you should see the space for the back of the business card.

    Too many steps, but for now is what we have.

  • Nea

    We need a way to integrate the scanned card into our address book on our phone or Mac. Not very useful if the information is trapped in Evernote or if we must maintain two lists of contacts in different systems.

  • Sammy

    Is there a way to scan business cards, and have them automatically appear in a folder labeled “Business Cards” I have set up?

  • Kim

    How can I import the business card information into my Iphone contacts?