Skitch for iPhone and iPad Gets a Seamless, Beautiful Redesign in Version 3.2


Skitch for iPhone and iPad Gets a Seamless, Beautiful Redesign in Version 3.2

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 12 Jun 2014

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 12 Jun 2014

The best solutions are almost always the simplest ones.

With a laser focus on simple, elegant solutions, we’ve completely redesigned the way you capture, mark up, and share content in Skitch for iPhone and iPad version 3.2. We’ve also added some great new options for users that save and share Skitch images with Evernote. Let’s take a look:

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Redesigned top to bottom

Instead of tapping and choosing from a list, we’ve given each type of content some room to breathe.


You can simply swipe left or right to pick the content you want to annotate. Sleek animations on each tab let you preview each type, so you can always be sure of what you’re about to mark up. It’s fast, seamless, and beautiful.

Annotating is made faster and smoother with Skitch’s better-than-ever markup tools.


Then, once you’re ready to share your image, it’s as easy as swiping through your options.


You can add a marked up document or photo to a meeting, quickly share a thought using one of your frequent selections, and save or share with Evernote or one of Skitch’s many other methods. To get the most out of Skitch’s sharing, be sure to configure your calendar and Evernote account information in settings.

More reasons to connect Evernote

If you use Evernote to save and share your Skitch images, there are some handy updates you’ll love in Skitch 3.2.

Helpful Evernote Settings

When you share a link to your image with Evernote, you can now pick the notebook where each image will be saved. Once the content syncs, Skitch will copy a shortened shared link to your clipboard that you can paste and share anywhere.


When you save an image to your account, you can also choose the notebook you want it to sync with from the save tab. Both of these new options give you even better control of how your images are saved in Evernote.

Social PDF Sharing

With an Evernote account and Skitch, you can share a link to annotated PDFs with your Facebook or Twitter followers from the share tab. Just tap the share icon, then choose the social network you’d like to share with. Skitch will create a link, and you can add your own thoughts before posting. PDF Annotation is available for Evernote Premium users or by in-app purchase in Skitch.

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Have you tried Skitch for your iPhone or iPad yet? Get the app and let us know what you think!


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  • John

    I love evernote and I love everything that it does. However, Skitch is a gimmick. I dont know if it was only made with designers in mind or what but there is no functional way to actually use it to annotate full length papers. As a teacher I would love something that helps me do that. Right now drawing arrows in pretty colors and using question marks and so on is both ineffective and unnecessary. I would love two simple things, to highlight text efficiently using a pad and a stylus, and I would love to do comments or sections. Neither is possible on skitch. Again maybe this was the point but its almost as if skitch was made so I cannot do those things.

    • Johnny

      It’s like you’re saying don’t use or download Skitch rather than simply telling what are the things could’ve made the app better. Like a wishlist perhaps.