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Inbox Hero: Email Into Evernote

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 14 Jun 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 14 Jun 2014

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, emailing into Evernote is a paid feature available to Evernote Premium and Evernote Plus subscribers. To learn more, visit our level and feature comparison page.

It’s no secret that one of our most popular features is the ability to email notes directly into your Evernote account.

Email serves as a primary method for communicating with others at work and in your personal day to day. Yet, it’s also one of the things that bogs down your daily efforts. And, it lacks some of the comprehensive organizational tools and search functionality that you already use in Evernote.

Whether you strive for inbox zero or hope to do a little archiving, use email into Evernote for a wide array of purposes:

* Declutter your rapidly growing inbox.
* Auto-magically file daily and weekly messages into content appropriate notebooks.
* Wrangle e-receipts and purchases for easy expense report filing.
* Archive emails older than a few months or one year.
* Quickly organize details of an upcoming trip, including confirmations and itineraries.
* Archive company newsletters and content-rich digests.

No matter what you send into Evernote, it is all easily searchable, so you can quickly find it later when you need it.

Find yours in Evernote from any platform.

Windows: Click on your username, then select “Account Info,” your email address will appear below “Email notes to”
Mac: Click on your username, then select “Account Info.” Your email address will appear below “Email notes to”
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Tap your username to access your account Settings. Scroll down and select General > Evernote Email Address
Android: Tap the Evernote menu, select Settings and scroll down until you see Evernote email address
Windows Phone: Tap on your name on the main screen. From “Account” information, you can access your Evernote email address.

Premium Tip: Evernote Premium users can customize their Evernote email address.

Put your email to work for you, and integrate Evernote’s versatility into your daily workflow for better results. Here’s some great tips to get you started.

Re: Subject!

The beginning of your subject line will automatically become the title of your new note. Everything you add after that will help make content easier to file and find later.

Designate @ Notebook

Send your email directly to the notebook you want. At the end of the subject, add “@“ immediately followed by the name of an existing notebook. Presto! Receipts will be sent to an expense report notebook and travel confirmations will fly directly into your upcoming trip notebook.

# it All

Simply include “#” followed by an existing tag to add another layer of organization. This way, you can easily discover all of your #receipts, #recipes, and #confirmations.

! = Reminder

With an exclamation point, you can easily turn an email into a Reminder. You can set the Reminder up for a specific date using numeric values for year, month, and day, or you can just simply say something like ‘tomorrow.’ Here’s an example:

Email Subject: Airfare Reservation Check-in !2014/06/26

Email Subject: History Research Paper !2014/09/25

Order of Operations

For all of this to work, order is important. Just follow this standard logic, and you should be set:

Email Subject: [Title of Note] ![Reminder Date] @[Folder] #[Tag]

These tips will get you started emailing content and figuring out a workflow that fits you best. In the future, we will publish more in-depth tips that will allow you to master email into Evernote to automatically organize and file material within Evernote.

How are you using email with Evernote? Share your tips for the Evernote community, below.


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  • lee munton

    Really useful tips here. Especially creating reminders when emailing a note into evernote. I use email to allow staff members at the school I support to email job tickets into my evernote account. I use it as a helpdesk.

    • EZ

      I send blog pages and content from my iPhone into EN all the time, but when I send a page, only the link shows up in the content of my note, which makes it challenging to search the particular article/blog/page. A search for a keyword in the article or post won’t show up unless it’s used in the link. Any way to send the actual page content from my phone, vs. just the link? Thanks in advance…!

      • Simon

        Try QuickEver clip

  • JD

    Did you forget that you have a Windows Phone app? To find this address here, just click on your name on the main screen which takes you directly to the “Account” information, including your Evernote email address.

    • Taylor Pipes

      JD, thanks for the heads-up. We added that to the post.

  • Brian Meagher

    You said: “Premium Tip: Evernote Premium users can customize their Evernote email address.”
    Technically, all we can do is re-set and generate a new random email address. That is hardly customizing.

    • Giovanni

      @Brian Meagher no, because I am a Premium User and I customized my Evernote email address contacting support. 🙂

    • Moshe Haggai

      It’s possible to ask the support team to manually customize the e-mail address for premium users.

      • Andrey Nikanorov

        What are the possible cases for this? To make it easier to remember?

    • Taylor Pipes

      You can request a customized Evernote email address, but you need to coordinate with our support team to do that. You can start that process here:

  • Thiago

    “Evernote Premium users can customize their Evernote email address.” How can I do this? I only can redefine.

    • Taylor Pipes

      You can request a customized Evernote email address, but you need to coordinate with our support team to do that. You can start that process here:

      • Thiago

        thank you! I’ll do that!

  • Michael

    This isn’t working for me… I am a premium user, I’ve sent a message to my evernote account subject: Testing @Personal #Scraps and it is not dropping the message in my personal notebook or in the/with a scraps tag…

    • Thomas Weber

      @Michael, this is not working for me either. I am a premium user. I have sent 7 emails to evernote today with the @Notebookname and #tag in the subject line and it does not work.

    • Cunha

      The notebook assignments do not work if you use caps. Works fine if you type notebook’s name all in lower-case.

  • paul elias

    Email into Ever note is convenient but emailing from Evernote is essential for business users. However email functions are totally limited. The system does not remember addresses and now the sender address shows as no reply.

    • DutchPete

      Evernote is NOT an email client & it cannot be turned into one. So, receiving emails that you send to it is OK, you can even send email from EN but there will be no trace of sent emails.

  • dmych

    I constantly use this feature every day sending to Evernote important messages from corporate and private emails. Also I use uKeeper to save any interesting articles from web to read them later. uKeeper is most useful from mobile devices such as BlackBerry. But I use uKeeper extension in Chrome om my laptop as well, it’s a bit quicker comparing to Evernote Web Clipper and Clearly since it requires one click to send page to Evernote (since both Evernote clippers require at least two).

  • Peter

    I use CloudMagic on my iPhone and it lets me put emails directly into Evernote. No forwarding. It’s much cleaner. Just hit the tile button, add notebook and tags and one more button to save and you are done. Great service. If in on my laptop, using gmail and the Evernote clipper does the same thing. Evernote is great for inbox zero.

  • Lyn

    I’ve discovered when I want to send an email to Evernote I can simply tap forward & type in “ev” which immediately brings up my Evernote email address.

  • CF

    You forget to include the instructions for your BlackBerry 10 app (which is fantastic, BTW):

    Just tap the “Notes” button on bottom left of the menu bar on the main screen. That will open the navigation menu: “Account Info, Notes, Notebooks, Tags”. Just tap on “Account Info” and it shows your usage, account name and Evernote email address.

  • Werner

    Thanks for the amazing post. I have a question though. It has been rumored that you can append one note to another via adding a + sign the the title, however I haven’t been able to achieve this functionality on a constant basis. Could anybody out there shed some light in this?

  • Craig St. John

    What about a time in addition to a date when using a ! Reminder?

  • Leah

    You can use IFTTT to do a lot of this automatically! For instance, when my kid’s daycare director emails me, it automatically comes in to my gmail address labeled “daycare.” In IFTTT, I created a recipe that automatically sends all emails labeled “daycare” to Evernote, in the notebook I specify, with the tags I specify. Evernote + IFTTT = true automation.

  • Tom Semple

    The Android information seems to be out of date. You need to open Settings, then open Account info to get to Evernote Email Address.

  • allenage

    Excellent 😀

  • Phil Golding

    These are great tips, i need to get on this and start using them..Thanks for the ideas and info.

  • BHS

    I am trying to find the email into Evernote. How do I find that?

    • Taylor Pipes

      This FAQ from our Evernote Knowledge Base should help you find your Evernote email address.

  • Dave

    I love using email with Evernote – it allows my inbox to stay empty and clutter free and put all of my stuff in Evernote where I live/work so that I don’t forget to address it.

  • Harmannus Timmer

    To be honest: EN is a nice tool and I use it a lot. BUT it is not by far an e-mail client. Just by sending mails into it gives you only the possibility to archive them. The date tag might be usefull as well but it does not coop with any agenda nor does it give a nice overview. I only use EN for keeping notes, like meeting notes and produce meeting reports. One can use mail clients like Boxer or Airmail to quickly sent certain mails into EN, which I experienced to be more effective then put tags behind in the RE mail. This also prevents for an overload of tags one which I can’t put in my head so and so.. After you have used the ‘sent to evernote” button in the bespoke email clients you can go to EN later on and sort the notes manually. The big advantage is that you can put it in either a specific notebook rather then start using al kind of new tags. Well at least that better for me.

    Last thing@Evernote: Please stop giving tips you already sent in a lot of time. Better to produce something really new and I think that expand EN into a email client and a agenda all in one would be the perfect tool. All these integrations with many apps just make no sense to me as work efficiency to have everything “open” and “online” just goes down like hell!

    • fernandocachola


  • Tom Skoog

    Question/Issue: When I email things to Evernote, they go into a different folder every time. I need to look at the “all notes” view to find them because I have no idea where they will end up. Not using an directional instructions (@ notebook) and end of email address. Why would this be happening and how do I get things to end up in my default notebook as they are supposed to?

  • Yasutaka Ito

    How do you file an email to a tag that already starts with # character, or a notebook that’s named starting with @ character?

  • WideSmiler

    These are GREAT tips! The ability to organize right in the subject line makes the email forward a fantastic tool.

    With this option + forwarding to project management tool (Asana), I can now turn an email in to a task for later review in one step, thus one step closer to “Inbox Zero” with every forward.

  • Lindsey Thompson

    I use this feature to forward text messages that I need to reply to. On my iPhone, I turned on message subjects. In the subject, you do it just like the subject of an email. I made a notebook called “Respond.” So from my text message, I click forward, type in “evernote” !tomorrow @respond.

    Love it! Especially since you can’t mark a text as “unread.”

  • Glen

    This used to be a basic feature. Instead of improving the product and charging for improvements, you have given something away for free, and then switched it to a ‘premium’ feature once people started using it. Thanks a lot.

  • Sasidar

    all works well..thanks

  • Al

    Hey Evernote – why don’t you do something smart like setting up our evernote email addresses to use plus addressing so we can set up Gmail rules to email straight into a folder without having to modify the subject line.

  • Melinda

    A question on setting reminders – I’m in Australia so our standard method of dates is dd/mm/yyyy – will evernote work in this format or does it have to be US format? Or can I use 12Dec2015 for example? It’s annoying to have to remember to change format and then have to think about how it needs to be.

  • Stan

    E-mail to Evernote works great, one e-mail at a time. I would like to send sets of e-mails to Evernote and have each e-mail land as an individual note. Is there a way to do this bulk operation?

  • Aaron Connell

    How do I auto archive my emails into evernote. The article didn’t seem to touch on it.