Evernote for Windows Desktop: Shared Notebook Editing Improvements

Posted by on 18 Jun 2014

Posted by on 18 Jun 2014

Today, we’re adding two features to Evernote for Windows Desktop that you’ve been asking for. One allows you to work better with others, and the second lets you customize your Shortcuts layout. Let’s take a look.

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Request Editing Permission to Shared Notebooks

Whenever you share a notebook with someone, you can choose to give the recipients view-only or editing rights. Sometimes, things change and a person who was initially just a viewer becomes a collaborator on the project. Now, Evernote for Windows allows anyone with access to a notebook the ability to request editing permissions. To do this, the viewer clicks on the lock in the top right corner of any note in the notebook. The request is sent to the notebook owner, and, once editing rights are granted, an email is sent back to the person requesting the rights.


Horizontal Shortcuts

Shortcuts let you quickly jump to the notes, notebooks, and tags that you want to access frequently. By default we place shortcuts into Evernote’s left panel. Some of our users asked that we design a horizontal layout. We listened. From the View menu you can choose to have Shortcuts displayed horizontally above the note list. To add a shortcut, just drag an item into the bar.

And More…

We love adding some user-requested features into the app. You’ll also find the app faster and more reliable with this update. Let us know what you think.


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  • denisddfb

    “We love adding some user-requested features into the app. You’ll also find the app faster and more reliable with this update. Let us know what you think.”

    That is great. But very disappointing that Horizontal Shortcuts simply don’t work. See the forum discussions. Please EN guys, be more serious in your testing. Nothing happened in this respect, Phil Liblin’s post end of last year remains without any consequence.

  • Mike C.

    Where’s the changelogs? doesn’t work anymore!!!

  • Ivan

    I just updated and can’t launch anymore 🙁

  • Diving Dwarf

    As a matter of fact, I wish I could go back to v4. It worked perfect. No glitches, no flaws. Just “worked” fine. EN is the best invention since the wheel, and it just went bad on Windows with v5. Stop adding stuff and focus on a pure and sheer impeccable performance of the functionalities, PLEASE.

  • Jaymoon

    Why can’t I share a Notebook that contains Sub-Notebooks? I can only share each Sub-Notebook, and even that shows up weird on the left side in the “Shared Notebooks” section. (Windows 7)

  • Rodney K

    Why can’t I put my own tags into a shared notebook that I have edit permissions on? A colleague shred a notebook with me, I have full ‘rights’, I go to put a tag on a note… says I can only add tags that were originally in the notebook.