Evernote for Mac 5.6 Beta 1 Available

Posted by on 23 Jun 2014

Posted by on 23 Jun 2014

Over the past six months, our team has been hard at work completely rebuilding Evernote for Mac from the inside out. The goal is to create a faster and more reliable version of Evernote for Mac. It also uses much less power, making it the greenest version we’ve ever released.

We are not done yet, but we’ve reached a point where you can try out the beta and help us squash some bugs. If you’re interested, read to the end of this post for instructions on how to get the beta.

What’s New?

Here’s a list of everything that’s new and improved in this release:


  • Sync is more than 3x faster. Users with lots of Shared Notebooks and Evernote Business users will see the biggest improvements.
  • New notes sync instantly so they’re immediately accessible on your other devices.
  • Share notes without waiting for a sync to complete.
  • Launch and quit times have been reduced dramatically.
  • New keyboard shortcuts have been added to jump to the note list for easy navigation (CMD + |) and you can now tab between the search field, the note list, current note title and note body.
  • Energy consumption when the app is idle and in-use has been significantly reduced.

New Features

  • Tables can now be re-sized, and have configurable background colors and border styles.
  • Images can be re-sized right in the note editor. Just click an image and drag the handle in the bottom right corner.
  • Search results are now ordered by relevance.
  • Faster notebook selector at the top of the note list remembers your recently used notebooks.
  • Redesigned checkboxes in the note editor are easier to click.
  • Evernote will now stay logged in by default.

Stability Improvements

  • We’ve closed over 400 bugs including more than 100 types of crashes.
  • Our crash reporting system has been completely rebuilt.

Known Issue

  • Spotlight search is not currently functional.
  • Evernote for Mac 5.6 requires Mac OS X 10.7+

Important: It’s a Beta!

Evernote for Mac 5.6 is currently in beta. Before installing it, please be sure that you’re comfortable using early software. While unlikely, you may experience various issues and possibly even data loss. Also, certain features are yet to be implemented. They’ll be coming soon.

Get Evernote for Mac 5.6 Beta 1

Download the Evernote for Mac 5.6 Beta 1 »


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  • JD

    Nice. I didn’t know you all could read my mind. ☺ Can this be installed alongside the current stable release? I’m guessing not.

    • Clayton Dean

      Just downloaded 5.6 – it does install alongside the current stable release so you can test the beta without losing the current version. Works fine for me so far.

  • Jeff

    Springpad was great about letting you copy and paste formatted text with colors, font sizes, etc. and it would copy/paste correctly. Evernote messes up every single style when I copy and paste and is extremely unreliable when it comes to retaining styes. Please fix this since we’re now forced to come back to evernote after falling in love with springpad. Thanks

  • Raymond Yee

    What version of OS X is required for Mac 5.6?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Raymond, Evernote for Mac 5.6 requires Mac OS X 10.7+

      We also updated this in the blog post copy. Thanks!

      • Tiffany

        This is ACHINGLY slow syncing– the beach ball constantly runs when trying to sync my 12K+ notes. I am on a new MacBook Pro, late 2013, 13 in with 16gb of RAM. I can’t use this and hope this isn’t what the product will be like once released.

        • Jack

          Your first syncs on this version will take some time to clean up after your data migrates. Your subsequent syncs will be very fast!

  • Donavon

    How about SELECTIVE SYNC for those of us with a huge account and something like a MacBook Air. ;-(

    • Alex Burda

      It was said before but it is never enough. Please, introduce selective sync. It would very, very helpful for those of us using on the go a Mac with smaller HDD or Ram, like a MacBook Air 1.1, besides the main Mac with a bigger memory.
      Thank you!

  • Genevieve

    Thank you for image resizing.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • JMF

    What would happen with the current version? I´m already a user and I don´t want to lose any data.

  • FineJames

    Wonderful additions

  • John

    Just pointing out a bug. My shortcuts do not work. It takes a couple of clicks to get o where I am going.

  • JMF

    JD, great question.

  • Hiro

    I tried the beta, and now it seems that it’s co-existing with the prior version. But, aside from the confusion when maybe searching under spotlight (which one is which), loooooove the update! Agree with genevievie, thaaaankyou for the image resize feature!!.. also, cant thank enough for the tables update aswell!!

    • Shelby

      I was thinking the same thing. I was able to change the name of the beta version by exiting evernote, finding it in my downloads folder, get info > name & extension. Now I’ve got “Evernote” and “EvernoteBeta.”

      • Hiro

        Awesome! I didn’t kniw that you could change an app name.. Thanks Shelby 😉

    • Jack

      Glad you’re enjoying it!

  • V.H.

    Better tables – nice feature! Great!

    • Jack

      Glad you like it!

    • Simon

      Anyone know how you resize a table in 5.6 on Mac?

  • Komrad

    I was hoping for sorted lists or sorting of highlighted text, but these are also good improvements.

  • Ali

    Great, I am going to try it.

  • Josef

    Why(?) Why(!) Did You still unchaged creating of the in-app links of the notes for the other apps from the last update?? The html:// link for local use is trouble form me and I know I can create the in-app link for the other apps with the „alt“ key, but WHY??? Evernote is very great app, but this feature is terrible, sry:)

    • Miguel M. Colón

      Hi Josef,
      Did you know you can easily reveal the classic note link copy option by doing right clic on the note title and pressing ⌥ (option)?

  • Daniel

    This is soooooo much faster. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would love to kiss every engineer who was responsible for this.

  • Ben R

    Such a great piece of technology. Would love to see a quick way of inserting links to other notes. The best implementation I have seen so far is typing ‘@’ and then the name of the note I want to link to. This allows me to create connections between notes – which would improve the external brain metaphor Evernote is famous for. Keep up the great work improving the app. Dr. Ben

    • chris

      This is easy to do. Simply alt right click -> copy classic note link. Highlight the text you would like to link and hit command +k. Paste the classic note link. Done.

      • Ben R

        Thanks. Was thinking more like quip where you can be working in a note, and use the @key to create a link to another note by just typing a few words from the note title. Saves you having to go find the note you want to link to first.

    • Tobias

      Agrred inteligent fast linking with @ would be the single greatest feature in evernote.

  • nacer

    The same on Windows will be great 🙂

  • Michael

    No data loss here, I’ve already used some of the new features and it is awesome, love it 😉 Hopefully the other ones won’t take long to be implemented and I hope that you guys are already looking forward to Mac OS adn iOS. This year will be a great year for evernote and evernote users 🙂

    • Taylor Pipes

      Michael = Rock Star! Love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to test the new features and respond so thoughtfully here.

  • Giovanni

    Text encryption does not seem to work properly for me. After the first time, it keeps asking for the passphrase instead of showing the menu for new encryptions. Anyone else with this problem?

  • LK

    Does the “syncing” icon still use an animated gif instead of CoreAnimation (or something similar)? Maybe that takes more energy, not sure…

  • Gregg Lovan

    Extremely slow to point of being nonfunctional. I do have 17,000 notes

  • Gregg Lovan

    Update to my comment: I notice that EN is apparently syncing, because of the blue arrows. There is no status bar where it usually is so I didn’t realize that at first. Perhaps I just need to be patient and let it run a while. And perhaps after sync, the sync status bar will appear.

  • Gregg Lovan

    Sadly, no. Spinning sync arrows stopped, as though done syncing, but search isn’t working, clicking on shortcuts doesn’t yield anything, clicking on a notebook doesn’t bring up notebook.

  • Ali

    The actual version, and the 5.6 are two different programs, and experience, But it is not stable since it is in beta, I guess it will have a huge future.

  • Mark

    I am using the Beta on a Mac, it is not syncing properly, I have completely removed the note supposedly causing problem still getting a sync failure that the same note is causing an error

  • Pascal

    Is there any special channel to report bugs? The default “contact support” option feels like of a waste of time. For every bug I report I get one of 2 default replies, “Restart your computer” or “reinstall Evernote”. Don’t have the impression that any bug report is taken serious.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Pascal, please direct any bugs in this Mac Beta on our Evernote Forum. Thanks!

      • Michael

        Ok, I would love to contribute to the debugging of Evernote 5.6 Beta 1 for OS X but I think I will need a bit more than the generic link. Once there, the only Beta forum that I can see is for Blackberry.
        Whilst I have got your attention, everything seems fine with the Beta except for clicking on links in a note not doing anything e.g. clicking on a link (URL option) to a file in the Finder does nothing.

        • Taylor Pipes

          Let’s try that again! Here you go, Michael:

  • Stephen

    I like the larger checkboxes (as I use them extensively in lists that I distribute to my team) but they no longer show up with you print the note out. Please fix this!

  • Lucinda

    Hi, don’t know if this has been pointed out already, but noticed a bug – reminders don’t sort properly in order of date as before

  • Dustin @ ventureblend

    Will Evernote for Mac ever be updated to match the great clean interface of the Windows version? Why is the Evernote mac interface so far behind the windows version?

    It’s frustrating how different the Evernote interface & experience is from device to device.

  • Luke Larsson

    I want to love Evernote. Please design the rest of the program to match the elegant design of the Market section. It’s like going back in time to 1998 when I leave the Market and go to my folders.

  • steve

    This is so buggy on Yosemite it’s not funny. Disappearing cursor, some sort of blinking thing. Frustrating.