Get Expert Advice on How to Use Evernote with Your Team

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Get Expert Advice on How to Use Evernote with Your Team

Posted by Nela Canovic on 16 Jul 2014

Posted by Nela Canovic on 16 Jul 2014

Today, over 13,500 companies use Evernote Business. Many of these started with one person bringing Evernote on board to help their team work better, together. Incorporating a new tool into an existing workflow can be a challenge. That’s why we created the Evernote Business Certified Consultant (EBCC) program.

EBCCs are business professionals in a variety of industries who are true Evernote experts with experience identifying efficiencies that Evernote Business can bring to your team or company. They can also offer personalized feedback that’ll help your team get on-boarded quickly and on their way to productivity.

There are many benefits to having an Evernote expert on your side. An expert can help you evaluate your workflow along with the other tools you use to seamlessly integrate Evernote Business. In addition, they can provide guidance on developing best practices that maximize productivity and information sharing across your team. And if you don’t know how to manage all your documentation, no worries – they can give advice on cutting through digital clutter to get your team effectively organized.

EBCCs can contribute to your team being more productive with Evernote Business by:

* Providing consulting services to business owners nationwide who are ready to bring digital transformation to their company

* Helping businesses find the right tools to be more efficient, productive and successful

* Offering advice on the best productivity tools, strategies and processes to start and grow new businesses

We have dozens of EBCCs and are adding more monthly. If you’re looking to learn more effective ways to use Evernote at your business, find one in your region today.

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