Designed for Efficiency: the Updated Web Clipper for Chrome

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 17 Jul 2014

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 17 Jul 2014


Millions of users love using the Web Clipper for Chrome to collect the web because it’s incredibly fast and simple. Today’s updates to the Web Clipper (version 6.2) make the experience of saving online content even more streamlined.

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We’ve completely redesigned the Web Clipper to let you be more efficient at each step. Let’s take a look.

Thoughtful Layout

The footprint of the Web Clipper has been reduced to display only the most important functions for any given moment. The new, more compact design is also a better fit for any screen size, so you can view more of your content while clipping.


Distraction-free clipping
The save button is more prominent in the Clipper’s new design, and it’s also been mapped to the enter/return key so you can clip without even clicking. This efficient layout and function lets you quickly clip what you want and get right back to what you were doing.


Straightforward annotation
Annotation tools are hidden from view until you take a screenshot. Once you’ve selected the area you want to mark up with the crosshairs, they pop to the forefront.


Do more with your clip
Once you’ve finished clipping, you will see a panel that allows you to set a reminder on the note you just created. This lets you notify yourself and others who have access to the note to follow up and revisit the clip later. It’s a great way to remember plane and hotel reservations, gifts for birthdays, and other time-sensitive information.

You can also share your clip with a friend or colleague from this screen.

Options for Advanced Clippers

You don’t have to be a pro at using the Web Clipper to appreciate these updates, but in 6.2 we’ve added some much-requested features that avid clippers will love:

Improved notebook selection
Find notebooks and tags faster in the new drop down menu, which filters to display possible options as you start typing each word.

When you decide to clip an article, full page, or simplified article, the Highlighter is automatically selected by default so you can mark up pages without missing a beat.

Default behaviors
No matter your preferred workflow, the new Web Clipper has a range of options to make clipping web pages as rich or as light as you want. You can hide or reveal related notes to focus in on your clipped content, or, for an even lighter experience, you can hide the post-clip panel entirely by selecting ‘Automatically close Clipper’ in the After Clip section.

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Try out the new Clipper in your Chrome browser and let us know what you think!


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  • Augusto

    Amazing! Where’s the Firefox version? :)

  • John

    The web clipper in Chrome was already pretty good, but nice to see more improvements. The one which needs the most work is the web clipper for Firefox

  • Dale

    What happened to the email clipper i used it all the time now its gone??????

  • cedpoit

    Good news.
    Unfortunately the Firefox Web Clipper still lags behind. It is buggy and most of its Chrome counterpart features are missing.
    Any Firefox update in the pipeline in the near future?

  • Ahmet A. Sabancı

    Are you planning to make these upgrades on Firefox version? All looks perfect but I really want to use it on my main browser.

  • James

    Thanks for the overall great update, however – when attempting to capture the upper right corner of websites, especially if I want to highlight a mouse-over menu, the new screenshot functionality makes it impossibly frustrating.

    I’m forced to move my mouse to click on the screen itself which closes the menu I’m attempting to capture whereas with the old interface it never got in the way.

    A keyboard shortcut that lets me capture the full browser window rather than needing to make use of the mouse would alleviate this issue entirely I believe.

    Two steps forward, one step back in this case – hope you can take this under consideration and keep up the excellent work, thank you!

  • ed

    It seems the ability to open a newly clipped note in the desktop client was removed. If so, why? If not, how do I get that to work?

  • Brecht

    (Still) No option to switch between 2 accounts? =(

  • Chaseme

    Any way that I can just have the text selector instead of the highlighter? I often times fire up the clipper just as a way to copy content quickly.

  • Thomas

    On Chrome/Latest (OS X 10.9.4), this version is producing a large number of errors. I was hoping for some sort of blog post saying, “Hey, we heard y’all, we found the issue, and here’s the fix!” This is, after all, an issue big enough that the community needs to hear about it (given the number/velocity of support posts appearing here and in the Chrome Extension store).

    Instead, it’s all crickets chirping … what gives?

  • Jason

    Love 6.2 …. I would agree with Brecht! I have 4 accounts with evernote and would love a streamline way of switching between accounts!

  • Mark

    How can I hide the side panel when it’s in the way? Seem like that should be a pretty basic function (important for people working with small screens)

  • Andrew Jones

    I’ve used the Web Clipper on Chrome and it’s a great add-on, but since the Google decision to restrict 3rd party add-ons I’ve moved back to FireFox. Like a great many on this thread my question is the same; ‘When are we going to get the same functionality on Firefox’ Or are we losing out to the Mac Fan Boys again………!

  • Evernote User

    The new web clipper keeps popping up, making it impossible for me to type. I’ve had to disable it.

    • Evernote User

      I also would like Evernote to have the ability to create notebooks on the fly.

  • Pariah Burke

    I recently switched to Firefox from Chrome. I REALLY miss the efficient, sleek Webclipper. PLEASE update the Firefox version.

  • Jerry Helffrich

    I’m having trouble with the web clipper popping up saying this version is incompatible with Chrome. I am updated to 6.2, and visiting the Play store shows I have the current version. THere’s a problem here on your end….

  • David

    How about efficiency for people with multiple accounts? See below for more info: