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Improve Your Recruiting Best Practices With Evernote

Posted by Nela Canovic on 21 Jul 2014

Posted by Nela Canovic on 21 Jul 2014

Recruiting is a team effort that requires detailed planning, coordination, and a set of guidelines to ensure a streamlined workflow.

Improve your recruiting best practices with Evernote Business by following these tips from Evernote recruiters:

Create business notebooks to organize job applications. Add notes for each candidate and include what’s most relevant:

* Contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses
* The position they are applying for, which can be tagged to the note
* The link to their LinkedIn and other online profiles
* Clip online portfolios and relevant samples of their work with Web Clipper

Use a tagging system to organize and find everything. Having the right keyword to organize candidate information can save you time and boost productivity. Try the following keyword category options:

* Strengths: “leadership,” “flexibility,” or “teamwork.”
* Skills: “iOS developer,” “French,” or “media relations.”
* Location: “Tokyo” or “San Francisco.”

Access candidate information anytime, wherever you are. With Evernote Business, you can pull up your team’s most current work on any device, even when you’re out of the office. If you work with team members in different time zones, no need to wait to sync up with them – you have everything at your fingertips throughout the hiring process.

Simplify with shortcuts. As a recruiter, you manage a lot of information on a daily basis. Create shortcuts to the notes and notebooks you use most frequently to keep track of your work. Accessible from the left of your screen, use shortcuts as a navigation tool you can rely on to get you where you need to go.

Build your knowledge base for the future. As you add notes for each candidate and develop a tagging system that best works for your team, you create a repository of valuable information you can tap into when new roles open up in your company. All candidate information remains with you and is always secure.


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