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Posted by Taylor Pipes on 18 Aug 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 18 Aug 2014

We have completely redesigned the Web Clipper to provide efficiency at each step. This update includes improved layout and annotation, as well as advanced options like highlighting and notebook selection. Let’s take a look:

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Thoughtful Layout
Sporting a new, more compact design that fits any screen size, the new footprint of the Web Clipper displays the most important functions for any given moment. Now, you can view more of your content while clipping to Evernote.

Distraction-free clipping
The save button is more prominent in the Clipper’s new design, and it’s also been mapped to the enter/return key so you can clip without even clicking. Quickly clip content you want and get right back to the task at hand with this new efficient layout.

Straightforward annotation
Annotation tools are hidden from view until you take a screenshot. Select the area you need to mark up with the crosshairs, and the annotation options pop to the forefront.


Do more with your clip
Once you’ve finished clipping, you will see a panel that allows you to set a reminder on the note you just created. This lets you notify yourself and others who have access to the note to follow up and revisit the clip later. It’s a great way to remember plane and hotel reservations, gifts for birthdays, and other time-sensitive information.


Options for Advanced Clippers

Whether you’re new to clipping, or a seasoned pro, we’ve added some oft-requested features that all clippers will appreciate:

Improved notebook selection
Find notebooks and tags faster in the new drop down menu, which filters to display possible options as you start typing each word.

When you decide to clip an article, full page, or simplified article, the Highlighter is automatically selected by default so you can mark up pages without missing a beat.


Default behaviors
No matter your preferred workflow, the new Web Clipper has a range of options to make clipping web pages as rich or as light as you want. You can hide or reveal related notes to focus in on your clipped content, or, for an even lighter experience, you can hide the post-clip panel entirely by selecting ‘Automatically close Clipper’ in the After Clip section.

To update any of the clipping options or keyboard shortcuts, click on the gear icon in the Options section of the drop-down menu.

Get the Web Clipper »

Try out the new Clipper in your Safari browser and let us know what you think!

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

Instantly save anything you see online into Evernote with a single click.

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  • Ryan Parman

    You broke the ability to add a comma between a string of multiple tags to turn them into real tags.

  • Werner

    Looks awesome. However the video you showcased shows chrome not Safari.

  • homeion

    loving it.
    Been using the Chrome version for some time, so it’s nice to have the same workflow in Safari.

  • Maciek

    Will this be compatible with Safari in OSX Yosemite from the get go?

  • Swaroop C H

    If you guys do update the Firefox Evernote web clipper to the same features, I can go back to Firefox, so please update your Firefox addon as well 🙂

  • Debi

    Sounds great! I look forward to installing and trying it out! However, I would have rather seen development time be put into a Web Clipper for Safari Mobile instead. Pocket is able to clip from Safari Mobile, so it is disappointing Evernote doesn’t have a solution. I have a couple workarounds, but neither is ideal.

  • Josh

    It is annoying that the clipper now hovers over the page rather than in a sidebar. It impedes use for pages that do not have wrapped text or are wider than standard.

  • Glenn

    When you have ‘selection’ of text, the highligther funtion is not available anymore. Would be very much appreciated to have this again.

  • Mark

    I love Evernote Clearly on Chrome and would like to switch to Safari. I see that you incorporated Clearly into Web Clipper for Safari, but you took away all the usability controls! Why did you take away the theme and font control. The font is now too small for me to read.

  • Eric

    The link to “Get the Web Clipper” in this blog takes me to an immediate ‘thank you’ for installing…which, of course, I have done sometime ago. Problem is that the clipper on my Safari (v8) does not work — you click on the icon in the browser and nothing happens. There doesn’t seem to be any way to reload the Web clipper. Can you suggest something?

  • Stephen Dolan

    There’s clearly a browser and web page specific problem with Clipper for Safari. The clipper works properly (pop-up appears) on this web page
    but doesn’t work on this page in another tab

  • Cathy

    Webclipper will not install on the latest version of Safari- that is, Capitan. Any suggestions?