Meet the Pfeiffer Collection


Meet the Pfeiffer Collection

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 26 Aug 2014

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 26 Aug 2014

From small tasks to major projects, Evernote is where you achieve your best work, day in and day out. It’s the one workspace you rely on to take your ideas from inspiration to reality.

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We think your physical space is essential to your success, too. That’s why we launched the Evernote Market almost a year ago to give you tools that help you work more productively.

Today, we’re announcing the Pfeiffer Collection, an exclusive line of beautiful, functional desktop accessories that will both inspire and enhance how you work.

The collection is the result of a partnership with renowned furniture designer Eric Pfeiffer, whose iconic bent plywood designs are widely acclaimed.

Our design team worked closely with Pfeiffer to develop the collection in a matter of months. The first set of products is a family of desktop vessels that function well together or provide a bold statement on their own.


Designed to hold your phone, tablet, and other everyday work essentials, the Pfeiffer vessels organize your desktop and make your workday work.

Crafted of soft touch plastic with either solid walnut wood or brightly colored bases (Evernote Green, Tangerine, and Powder Blue), these handsomely shaped containers include a slotted cup, stacking cup, catch-all tray, and tablet dish.

  • Catch-all tray – Made of solid walnut wood and soft touch plastic, this hollowed out tray attractively holds small items such as keys, coins, and phones that would otherwise clutter your desktop.
  • Tablet dish – Securely displays your tablet at the ideal angle for using it. There’s also a channel for your stylus and a rear tray to organize small desktop items. Made of solid walnut wood and soft touch plastic.
  • Slotted cup – Holds everything, even your phone. A removable base conceals a secret compartment for items to tuck away. Choose from solid walnut wood or one of three brightly colored soft touch plastic bases.
  • Stacking cup with bright base – Three cups of varying sizes stack in a single column to neatly contain desktop items. Alternatively, the cups can be separated and used individually for quick access to their contents. Compact items such as memory cards or stamps can be stashed in the removable base. Choose from three brightly colored soft touch plastic bases.

The Pfeiffer line made its debut in Beijing yesterday, simultaneously with the Evernote Market’s launch in China, and is now available in North America as well.

We’re continually seeking ways to improve every aspect of how you work. Look for more exciting products in the Evernote Market this fall.


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  • Benoit

    Will it ever be available in the UK??

  • Stephen

    +1 For UK delivery, really keen to get my hands on this.

  • Seth

    +1 again for UK delivery. I’d love to be able to have these on my desk.

    • Iain

      And me!

  • Chris

    +1 for other countries. Germany?

  • simon

    Looking to purchase this in the UK. Please advise how I can get it as shipping wouldn’t register a UK address

  • JRT

    +1 for UK availability here too

    • Iain

      Me too! Not available in the UK?

  • Stephen

    Months later and still no response on EU (UK) availability.

    Hmppphh poor show, America is not the world, it is just another country that shares the same earth as many other countries.

    Come on. please?

  • Len

    Yeah, or reduce crazy the shipping costs to Europe!

  • Iain Balmer

    Would love to find a reseller in the UK. Double the price for these items I get them into the UK because of delivery and import taxes