Evernote for Windows Update Adds PDF Annotation

Posted by on 28 Aug 2014

Posted by on 28 Aug 2014

Today’s Evernote for Windows Desktop update introduces a redesigned notebook section and PDF annotation for both Premium and Business users.

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Annotate your PDFs

Evernote is a great place to keep PDFs because they sit in context with all the other work that you’re doing instead of being scattered in random folders, plus they’re searchable. In this Windows update, we’re letting Premium and Evernote Business users annotate those PDFs with arrows, shapes, stamps, and text. It’s a great way to point out important sections, especially in long or information-rich documents. After you mark up the PDF, Evernote adds a summary of these annotations as the first page to give you a quick overview of the additions at a glance.


Free users can use this feature 10 times. Just click the circled A in the note’s editor bar.

Redesigned notebook section

If notebooks are a big part of how you organize Evernote, then you’ll love the notebook section redesign. In addition to a cleaner layout, Evernote Business users are able to click between personal and business notebooks. This makes it easy to visually scan through your notebooks to find the one you’re looking for.


Improved Clipper

We have completely redesigned the Internet Explorer Web Clipper.

The more compact layout and improved notebook selection in this version make collecting anything you see online with the Web Clipper even faster. While the new look is available for most versions of Internet Explorer, screenshot and annotation capabilities are only supported in IE versions 10 and 11.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 2.49.10 PM

As a note, be sure to check that your Command Bar is not hidden so you can start using the new Web Clipper right away. To display it, right-click at the top of your browser window, then select “Command Bar” from the list of available tool bar options.

And more

In addition to these improvements and a host of bug fixes, we also shortened the length of our shared note URLs. We hope you like the new Evernote for Windows Desktop. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Fabio

    Good update but wish the high-res display support was included soon

  • Frank

    Thank you for bringing pack public notebooks under the “publish” option… for both web and desktop. Evernote listened to us users. What more can I ask for!? The remodeled notebook section for Windows actually looks better than the Mac version. Much, much better in one linear list than having to scroll to the right of the screen. I am happy.

  • Eric

    How about some color? I am not sure how a company with a focus on design, with great looking apps everywhere, has left the Windows desktop version looking so boring… The Mac version and the Windows version look like they’re made by two different companies.

    • Brian

      I’ve never understood why Evernote focuses (at least initially) on Mac and iOS enhancements, even though there are far more Windows and Android devices in use.

  • Dmitriy

    Notebooks that belong in a stack need to be indented in a notebook list. While it is nice that you denote stack in a notebook list by making it bold, when I click on the down arrow the stack notebooks lineup with the rest of regular notebooks making it impossible do distinguish between notebooks that belong to a particular stock and which do not. Here is a link to what I mean:
    And another thing. When are you going to bring Firefox Web clipper in line with every other web clipper out there. Internet Explorer before Firefox? Really???!!!

    • JR

      Totally agree that the Firefox web clipper is far behind other browsers and should be updated to bring feature parity with the WebKit browsers. Only Evernote can confirm this, but I’d guess more Evernote users use Firefox than IE…

      • michel

        Why would you assume that? There are far more IE users than Firefox users, or Chrome users, for that matter.

        • Nicola

          I’m sorry, but the current statistics do not support that claim.

          Chrome is the current leader on the desktop. Firefox and IE are very close, with IE having a slight edge:

          Anyhow, Chrome and Firefox are available on more platforms than IE, which could mean better market penetration. But all that depends on the statistics that Evernote has, and their business goals.

          Personally, I’m a Firefox user, and would like to see improvement in Evernote’s support for it.

  • Kevin Murray

    Looks promising, but this hasn’t resolved a bug that is rendering desktop unusable for some accounts. I hope the labs can fix this problem soon.

  • Nicholas

    I really don’t like the update that you did started yesterday.

    Let me say that when ever there is an attached PDF file the Windows version locks up for a while to update and catch up. It is not what I am used to, especially, when I am trying to get work done quickly–not waiting for your program to catch up! Bad update. And a waste of time.

  • Jaclyn

    Until recently, the PDF annotation was working just fine with the touch screen on my laptop. Now, nothing. Doesn’t respond. Any help with this issue?

  • Sal

    I am unable to annotate in my pdf despite having premium service. I depend on annotating using my windows tablet heavily. Is there a way around this?

  • Aleny

    I’m also not able to annotate a PDF. I got one spot and then pen stopped working despite several attempts to annotate. I just downloaded Evernote Desktop to my Samsung Notebook.

  • Kyrre

    I find the the annotation possibilities quite primitive. It should be possible to write a small text like a note with normal letters. Not the fat funny letters with some kind of shadow. It should also be possible to highlight words with a double-click. Now we have a brush-function, and it looks like a small child found and used a marker, or a young teenie has annotated. It just does not look professional. These functions ought to be more like the marking/annotating-function in a pdf-editor or Macs Preview.