Evernote Platform Awards: Education Nominees


Evernote Platform Awards: Education Nominees

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 30 Aug 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 30 Aug 2014

Over the past few weeks, we’ve highlighted finalist from various categories of the inaugural Evernote Platform Awards.

Today we’re highlighting the finalists in our Education category. With each of these integrations, students and eager-minded professionals amass lists of valuable content they’ll want to remember, and these apps help sort and recall that content later on.

We’re counting on you, our users, to vote for your favorite app in each category. Voting closes on August 31. The winning teams will be announced on September 4th and showcased at our fourth annual Evernote Conference in October.


Gone be the days of the dreaded works cited page. ReferenceMe uses a book’s bar code or book number to automatically format all your references according to any of the seven major formatting styles. Finished pages can then be saved to Evernote.

Learning a new language isn’t easy, and constantly pausing to look up the definition of unfamiliar terms can get especially frustrating. Biscuit, however, simplifies this experience by offering an in-browser translator. Simply “copy” the troublesome word and a notification will automatically appear with its definition. The Evernote integration saves all highlighted terms into one convenient, updated “Biscuit Box” rather than creating multiple notes. It also allows users to export word lists already saved in their Evernote account to Biscuit.

ClipBook helps store and sort your favorite book quotes and author attributions. Either type the quote yourself or take a picture, dog-ear the page number, and save it in ClipBook. When you’ve finished the book, export the quote list to Evernote for easy recollection later on.

StudyBlue makes it easy to convert Evernote notes into digital flashcards, helping you study even while on the move. The sync works two-ways, so cards can be saved back to Evernote once they’re created.

Anyone who’s ever worked through a long equation with nothing to write on knows it can be difficult to track and refer to previously calculated values, and entering them into complex spreadsheets can be a struggle on cumbersome touch-screens. Scalar recognizes this, enabling drag-and-drop capabilities that let you reference previous values in one long-sprawling sheet. Save your work to Evernote to easily recall the data.

Eidetic capitalized on a phenomenon known as the “spacing effect” to help embed information in your long-term memory. By constantly testing users over predetermined intervals of time, important phone numbers, names, quotes, or definitions become easy to recall. Set Eidetic to auto-sync with Evernote to have all your tests saved in Evernote as a second reference.


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