The All New Evernote 6 for Android Is Here


The All New Evernote 6 for Android Is Here

Posted by on 04 Sep 2014

Posted by on 04 Sep 2014

Evernote for Android is our fastest-growing app. For some, it’s an on-the-go companion to a desktop version of Evernote, while for many others, Android is their primary computing platform, and Evernote is their primary workspace. That’s what we’re building Evernote to be, and that’s what the new Evernote 6 redesign is all about.

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Fresh new design

Evernote 6 is here with a new look and feel, and major improvements to note creation, editing, viewing, and search.

New notes
You’ll immediately notice the floating New Note button. The green plus sits at the lower corner of all note and notebook lists. Tap it and your note options spring out in one of the most enjoyable interactions we’ve ever built.


The benefit is fast access. Creating the note you want is always a tap away. If you’re like us, you’ll find that the second benefit is spending a bit too much time tapping on that plus button with a huge grin on your face.

Navigation drawer
Swipe your finger from the left edge of the screen and a panel slides in displaying your notebooks, tags, and shortcuts. If you’re an Evernote Business user, you’ll be able to switch between business and personal notebooks. You can also tap on the stripes near the elephant to open the drawer.

Web clips

Web clipping has arrived on Android! Find a webpage that you’d like to save and tap on the Share menu and choose Evernote as a destination. Tapping the big elephant button lets you choose a notebook or add tags. Depending on the size of the page, and your connection speed, clipping may take a bit of time. We’ll take care of it in the background so you can keep doing what you’re doing.


Fast notebook sharing

Evernote is great for working together with others. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up a notebook around a project, then share it. Everyone with access to this notebook contributes whatever they’re tasked with. The new Evernote 6 makes notebook sharing faster and simpler than it’s ever been.

When you’re in a notebook, tap the person button at the top of the screen. Then add the people you want to invite, include a message describing what you’d like your team to do with this notebook, and finally select the permissions you want to grant to the people you invite. That’s it. Watch as their ideas start filtering in.

Find anything

We’re constantly writing and collecting in our Evernote accounts. Sometimes we’re doing this for ourselves, other times it’s a team effort. In all cases, there comes a point when we turn to Evernote’s search features to help us find what we need. In Evernote 6, the redesigned search screens make finding notes a lot easier. If you’re getting too many results, refine your searches by notebook, tag, and location. You can also switch between personal and business notes to quickly filter out unwanted results.


Become an Evernote expert

Evernote is packed with features. We always try to balance an easy-to-understand interface with the ability to surface all the stuff Evernote can do. That means that there are undoubtedly useful capabilities that you might not be aware of. To address this, we’ve added an Explore Evernote section to the bottom of the Navigation Drawer. This section walks you through a bunch of features that we think you should know about. Check it out.

So much more

In addition to all of this…

  • Cleaner note editor layout improves viewing and updating notes
  • Redesigned tablet experience
  • New camera makes switching between modes a snap
  • Enhanced handwriting support with pinch to zoom and better recognition

There are dozens of other improvements and redesigns throughout the app that make this the most modern, most flexible, and most powerful Evernote for Android ever. Let us know what you think.

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  • Mike Wills

    Still no business card scanning? FAIL! Otherwise it looks nice.

    • Nicola


      I currently just use page camera and put them in a dedicated notebook. But that is a very poor substitute for actual business card scanning.

      • Jamie

        Great redesign work by the Android Evernote team, I hope the business card scanning is just around the corner!

        • frank phillips

          I have used Evernote to capture business cards and other scans for months. I love using Evernote on my phone to scan whole documents.

      • Patrick

        Try Evernote Hello. It snaps business cards, as well as links snapped cards to linkedin. You can also record when and where you had a meeting with the person you snapped the Biz Card. It fully integrates then into your Evernote Notebooks. Been using it now for about 6 months…

        • Henry

          Hello for Android doesn’t have business card scanning either

        • Arlia H.

          I couldn’t get Evernote Hello to work when I tried it months ago. I guess I’ll try again. I’ve been scanning cards with the camera too, but I’m not happy with that.

        • John Bankson

          It has been over a year since Evernote has touched Hello for Android… it has been over a year since Business Card scanning has been part of Evernote for iOS. If you think business card scanning is just around corner…. I would suggest holding your breath while you wait.

    • Barry Shrum

      I agree with everyone, the business card feature would have been great. IMHO, it’s just another example of how Evernote seems to favor Apple users over Android or Microsoft. The focus is generally on the iPhone or iPad. My wife has an iPad and has had the function to scan a business card and select a corresponding LinkedIn contact in the process. That’s a nice feature. On the other hand, there are some things that are only available on Android. I realize it’s difficult to keep the two aligned, so I don’t mean to be too critical of Evernote, as overall it is an excellent application.

  • Jake

    I’m a little disappointed the card view has apparently been removed (or I just can’t find it.) I hope you are not planning to remove it from the desktop application. Also, the list of notebooks in the left-hand “drawer” was very useful. I’m not sure why it has been removed.

  • Dana

    We just want to have specific, locally stored notes (not an all-or-none notebook). I’ve never though the UI needed work.

    • Nicola

      I believe notes are cached locally when you create/edit them on the device.

  • Patrick C.

    Does the Android application support the Business Notebook yet? i.e. does it support sharing only the top half of the page, but keeping the bottom portion private/local?

  • David

    Thanks for the new design and the care for android users.
    The only point is, What happened to the map view?

    • Nicholas

      I found it on my own by going to edit note, and tapping the “i” next to the right of the reminder/alarm icon. I reached out to their support team, and they didn’t know where it was.

      • David

        I meant, the map view with all the note in the map, not just the map view with a specific note.
        Anyway, thanks for the info. I didn’t find that by myself

  • Martin Krnac

    Really super, I prefer not to download, the new update does not have tags, Android, beware.

    • J Dubbs

      There are tags in pull out menu on the left, right after notebooks.

    • Nicola

      What do you mean by “does not have tags”?
      The tag list is right there in the left-hand drawer.

      • Martin

        yes, but they can not be stored directly in the note, which is unacceptable.

        • Richard

          PPress the (i) button to the right of the notebook, then you can tag the note.

        • Mike Wills

          You mean like what comes up when you click the “i” icon in the note?

          • Martin

            yeah, here it is, thank you very much for your help, I thought that I would have to give up Evernote, I’m very happy thank you very much.

          • Martin

            I’m used to it, it’s dramatic change.

          • Chris

            Well yes, but took me a while to find it also, and for someone who stores a lot of notes where I just want to store, type few words and tag, it is annoying. I want tagging to be integral to the creation of a note. There is so much screen real estate, a little tags box across the bottom wouldn’t hurt would it?

  • Kepilif

    Waiting for the implementation of the functionality presentation mode on the Android platform.

    • Frithjof

      I agree! The addition of presentation mode for Android would make Evernote even more useful! I love the new design update but I was disappointed that the presentation mode wasn’t included. Does anyone know why?

    • Patrick Jones

      I also agree that presentation mode on an Android tablet would be excellent. I preach from my tablet every Sunday and I have to bump up the font so I can see everything. Presentation mode would get all the extraneous stuff out of the way so I can focus on the text.

  • Rob

    Pdf viewing/annotation has been moved from the Evernote app to Skitch. Why?

  • Alan

    Still no way to delete a notebook in Android? Don’t want to use a desktop client in 2014.

  • Tom

    Nice update! When I hit the plus button I get a new note. I have to hold down the plus button to get the popup menu. It’s fine but different than the article.

    • Colin Hall

      Thanks for pointing out that the + icon has to be held down before displaying the choices. Cool!

  • Baci

    I can not believe….

    No +jump to next/prev. search result within the note feature” AGAIN?

    It has been requested for…. well… several years by many EN Android user.

    Is this really so hard to implement this basic functionality?

  • Chizaram Ucheaga

    The new Evernote 6 is great. I love it already. I’m a premium user and I’m happy Evernote keeps getting better and more user friendly with each new release. What I would really really love (begging on my knees now) is the Business Card Scanning feature. Please bring this feature to Android soon. Thanks. Great work guys.

  • Ingo

    Is there any way to create a _shortcut_ to the document camera? No, not a Widget, a Shortcut.

    I use GravityBox to add ring targets to my lockscreen and I’d like to have a quick way to go directly to the Evernote Document Camera from my lockscreen. But there’s no shortcut that I can add?

    • Patrick C

      I see the “Add Home Screen” option when I click the 3-dot menu icon from any notebook or note. It adds a shortcut to the Home Screen. Unclear on if this is a Premium feature or not. Are you Premium, or a free user?

      • Patrick C

        Ad. Didn’t read completely. You wanted to go right to the Document Camera. That I don’t know about…

        • Jeanne

          I have a widget on my home page which takes you to camera (or note or microphone or reminder or settings!)

  • acheng99

    How to use the evernote on ubuntu?

    • Andrej

      Try NixNote, but it’s ugly and featureless. Web client is much better when online. Or just use phone.

  • Mike Solinas

    This really kills it for me. When browsing, I often want to save a LINK, and not clip the whole page. I can’t see any way to do that. This is a bandwidth killer. Is there any way to turn off clipping, or to set the default to saving a link?

    • David

      To only clip the link, rather than the whole page, click Share > Add to Evernote > Then click the large green elephant circle towards the bottom of the screen > Uncheck “Clip full article”.
      Notel Evernote appears to remember this setting next time a page is clipped, so to clip a full page, recheck the box.

    • Jo

      When you start to clip, quickly touch and hold down the elephant button and it should give you the option to switch to clipping just a link!

  • Robbo

    Business card scanning.. please please. I just don’t understand why it’s not on there.
    I’m already a Preimium subscriber but wouldn’t even mind paying extra for this feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Otherwise, looks great.

  • Lars Holm

    Apparently you removed the ‘snippet view’ in this last version, which actually rendered this app useless in my line of work with this app as a tool.

    And still the same problem as I’ve always had with previous versions: When editing a note on site on android, it puts new lines so that the whole doc gets double-spaced.

    Hope it’s not a waste of time writing here, due to these problems a Premium subscription is still a remote option.

  • Edwin J. Deere

    I really enjoy this app

    • Jeff Shear

      I’ll second that. The new EN looks great, works great. Easier to use. Amazing flexibility. Three cheers plus!

  • Altaf @android apps

    Great App

  • Derek K

    If this is so awesome why does the format of my notes get corrupted by EV Android.

    If this is so awesome why can I not change the colour of words on EV Android the way I can on the desktop version.

    To be awesome the same SIMPLE functionality should exist in all versions of EV.

  • Larry Newman

    Thanks I think I will like the new features. Will they sheow up on the desktop soon?

  • Anthony

    From what I have experienced with the new app, slammin good!

  • Rich Gallaher

    Since this is a mobile app, the function to dictate and transcribe a note (not record an audio note) should be front and center. I finally found it by choosing Text, selecting the + button, then scrolling down to Speech to Text. Speech to Text should be included on the floating New Note button.

  • james

    how does one download the new android update ?
    Where can I learn to use all these features ?

  • William Parker III

    Evernote keeps getting better and better. Phil Libin for President 2016!

  • Irv

    I downloaded this for business card scanning and it’s still not available. I can’t be the only one!

  • Axel

    We really need to see more transparent work going on in the backend when it comes to security and encryption … I want my content to be fully encrypted on the server as well as the device … otherwise most of my Notes cannot be kept safe in Evernote and have to be recorded in different apps. UI improvements are nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s time for something more substantial!!!

  • Gary Aminoff

    For those of you who scan business cards, I use an app called FullContact Card Reader. It is specifically designed to scan business cards. If you use Google contacts, it automatically adds the contact. It then can send the card to any number of apps, including Evernote. So, after I scan the card, I share it to Evernote. It works great. I know it would be nice to have it all integrated into Evernote, but this process works seamlessly. It also will add or update contacts in several different CRM programs, including Salesforce. Look into this app. I love it.

  • Henry

    I realize this is duplicate. But I just want to emphasize the clear need from consumers for this glaring missing feature… BUSINESS. CARD. SCANNING. CamScan/Card Cam is killing you guys on this.


    it’s very ok…. but when we can add: Youtube Embed & Google Maps Embed??? Version 6 & nothing… it’s possible at version Evernote version 30? :)))))))) May want and money for Premium!

  • martin

    Nice upgrade, but no Moleskine smart sticker functionality yet….any plans on including it soon?

  • Rory

    Not sure if this is has been made available everywhere in the world. My evernote on android looks exactly the same as before and there is no notice of update on the Play Store.

  • Mike

    Can’t wait to go Premium with Evernote. The ONLY feature that I really need to have is the business card scanning. Yesterday on the website when I was looking through it said coming soon. Today this comes out WITHOUT this crucial tool. So when exactly is SOON? Not paying for this until then.

  • Cindy Johnson

    Why isn’t there a feature to be able to re-arrange your lists??? Is there actually one I have not found yet?

  • Dave Saunders

    I am happy with Evernote. It is a match for the Palmpilot I was using 10 years ago. However the grey text on a dark green background for the searches is very tricky to see. My entire evernote application simply vanished off my win 7 dell one day (even its shortcut!) and when I change my email having been requested to confirm via email nothing happens. I was surprised to find that most of my notes are not available if i’m out of wi-fi range. No, not all of us have unlimited data on our contracts. This is particularly annoying if I’m looking for a note to help sort out my wi-fi connection! It does the job and I feel that the data is safe somewhere should I lose my app.

  • David

    There is still a major problem with syncing. I just created a text note in my Windows 7 PC and clicked “sign out” and “waiting for sync to complete” appears on my screen for ages, even though my new note is only a few words! Please fix this. The work around I’m using to to click “sync” first, then sign out, which is nice and fast.

  • Clint Johnson

    The new Android features are nice. But there is still no “tap & type” functionality, such as has been available on iOS for quite a while. Why wasn’t it included in this major Android update? And, the current location of the font atrributes button at the lower right hand corner of the screen just gets in the way of text that ends behind it. Why not place it at the top of the screen in the open area?

  • Pen

    A few good pointers to making a better user experience on Android:
    1. Ability to turn off all options for note types if you dont want them when creating a new note (its really annoying to have all these spring up when all you want is a text note)
    2. Ability to stop functionality reminders about voice notes, web clips blah blah et al – we just don’t need that taking up space in the list of notes!!
    3. Ability to turn off handwriting icon in the edit note toolbar if you don’t want it – I just want txt editing tools and should be able to tick or untick handwriting option
    4. You are in danger of ruining a great and fantastically useful app – over developing is a disease of many great apps. Do not fall into this trap

    Thanks, all the rest is great, keep going.

  • Steve Ruffles

    Evernote is a brilliant app. Would you ever consider adding in a calendar and organiser function? It would so useful.

  • Droid Ash

    The floating New Note button is amazing, thanks a lot. Love Evernote.

  • Richard Shiu

    I cannot find the create audio note icon when I press the “+” button. What are the possible reasons?

  • Kameron

    I see that Evernote has integration with iOS messaging now. Please do the same for Android (have you look at the stock market for iPhone lately!)