The New Evernote for iOS 8: Web Clipping, Quick Notes, and More


The New Evernote for iOS 8: Web Clipping, Quick Notes, and More

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 17 Sep 2014

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 17 Sep 2014

Every significant iOS update opens up new possibilities for Evernote. We’re excited to unveil three major new features that are made possible by iOS 8, plus a few other great additions.

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Clipping from the web and apps

We’ve wanted to bring web clipping to iOS for a long time. It’s here, and it’s much more than just web clipping. Whenever you’re on a webpage that you’d like to save, tap the Share icon, then, choose Evernote as your destination. You can select a destination notebook for your clip and add a note. It’s that simple.


Web pages are only the beginning. The same feature works for photos, documents, PDFs, and numerous other parts of your iOS experience that you’d like to save for easy access. In iOS 8, you’re able to rearrange items in your share menu, so if you use Evernote a lot, make it the first item in the list. To move Evernote to the front, long press on the share menu, and drag Evernote to the first position.

Evernote in the Notification Center

Swiping down from the very top of any screen, including the lock screen, brings up the Notification Center. You can now add Evernote’s quick note bar to the Notification Center so that starting a note is just a swipe and tap away. Add Evernote by tapping Edit at the bottom of the Today section in the Notification Center.


Premium feature: Touch ID lock

In addition to our Premium passcode lock feature, you can now unlock Evernote with your fingerprint on devices that support Touch ID. This is a faster way to get into Evernote if you use the passcode feature.


Premium feature: Related Notes

As you type or view a note, Evernote searches through your account to find other notes in your account that might be related to the work you’re doing. These notes appear below the note in the Related Notes section. It’s a great way to rediscover useful content that provides context for work projects or scheduled meetings.

Evernote Business: Automatic notebook sync

When your team is using Evernote Business, changes and additions are constantly happening. We don’t want you to look at outdated information, so Evernote now keeps business notebooks updated in the background if you have push notifications enabled.

New and exciting

Let us know what you think of these new features. We have a lot more on the way to support the new platform and the new phones. Stay tuned.


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  • Fabio

    Notification Center is an awesome add!

    Great about Web clipping too, since it was only possible with iOS 8 now. Is it possible to select tags in the future as well or is the extension restricted in terms of options?

    • Christoffer

      no tags? NO DEAL!

      • Meghan

        Exactly. Without tags what is the purpose?

    • Milo

      Agreed, we really need the ability to tag entries or this is close to useless. Pocket has even added this!

      • Dan

        Tags and note title and body as well.

    • Kenny Goodman

      Got so excited when I saw this feature and then looked for tags and couldn’t find them. Useless without ability to tag unfortunately.

  • Neil

    Does it allow to open attached PDF in external PDF viewer? Any change can be synchronized back without creating a new note?

  • Ali

    I am exciting to try.

  • Arturo

    I’ve been longing for this feature to come! It’s awesome, i’ve already re-aranged my sharing options to give priority to Evernote 😉

  • Stew

    Agreed that Notification Center addition will be incredibly useful. The Share from Safari will be great too.

    Thanks a lot for continuing to expand Evernote’s ubiquity.

  • Tiffany

    I’m beside myself about the sharing widget! However, it took me a second to figure out how to use it. It may have been helpful to add a quick screenshot to this blog post on how to change sharing preferences in Safari. I had to scroll to the right, click “more” toggle on Evernote, then adjust its order in my list of sharing options. Again, probably obvious to most, but it’s been so long since I saw the Apple keynote, that I have had to familiarize myself with ios 8 all over agin. food for thought….

    • Patrick

      I’ve updated on both my iPad and iPhone, started them up, and in neither action menu/more does the toggle to turn on the Evernote Extension appear.

      • Tiffany

        Patrick, on iPad at least, if you press the share button and scroll all the way to the right and click “more” with the three dots, it will show a list of “Activities” if you scroll down, you will see Evernote and you can press the toggle button as well as the three-lined bar on the right to adjust the order of sharing applications. I put Evernote first of course! Hope that helps!

        • Marcel

          Tanks for this reply, But i agree with Patrick. The extension does not appear in the section. How to reorganize is easy, But there Evernote icon is not there…

          • Kathrynelder

            I’m among those who don’t find the extension at all on my iPad? Boo, I was really excited by the prospect of the clipper.

      • Jim

        Patrick, I had the same problem but I finally figured out what the problem was. After clicking the Share button in Safari, don’t look for ‘more’ (…) on the bottom row where Add Bookmark and Add to Reading List are, look in the row ABOVE that where you see actual app icons (for example I have Mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc) in this row. That’s where you’ll see the more (…) that you’re looking for.

  • Kyle

    YES!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this to be available, since we’ve had these capabilities with Android for about 3 years. This will be the ONE REASON that I update to iOS 8 right away!! Thanks Evernote!!

  • Lawrence

    Will the camera feature actually now work. I had to delete your app because it constantly freezes and crashes. AND I pay your premium fee. Sigh.

  • Noah

    Why does this say “Clipping from…email” without showing how clipping email works?

  • Davide

    Hi! I’m a power user of Evernote for years and I’ve expected this release all the summer! Very good release, but the lack of the tags selection is a big problem for me, because I daily use Evernote for my business with tags…. Waiting the implementation of this essential feature, I’m relying meanwhile on other apps I’m already using, like WebClipper 🙁

  • Mathieu

    Simply great! Thanks for adding these features so quickly. Especially the web clipper is an awesome addition. Would be great if we could see a reminders widget too in the near future.

  • Jon

    Quiet but fantastic improvements to the suggested note titles, which now automatically include a date, plus you can choose which calendar to prefer, and exclude all-day and weekend events. Excellent update to one my favourite Evernote features. Thanks!

  • David

    No evernote sharing option appears, I have a couple of others (1password) but not evernote

    • JO

      When you click on share, you can see a “more’ option, far right to the other options. click on it and activate evernote there.

      • Beth

        I don’t have the Evernote option (iPad 2). There is also no “more” option when I go to the sharing icon. Above the line I have the Message, Mail, Twitter and Facebook Icons, and below the line I have Bookmark, Add to Reading List, Add to Home Screen, Copy and Print options. That is it.

        • Help

          I am having the same issue. When I go to “Share” and scroll to the right (or left for that matter) there is no “More” or “…” button, option, icon, or whatever.

          I have tried resetting the phone but the “More” button never appears. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this?

  • Hal

    I’m very disappointed. The updates are nice, but having to pay a premium subscription in order to use a security feature that’s already built into your own phone is extortion.

    I’m fine with charging for the other features, and I’m no cheapskate – I’ve been a loyal subscriber for years until I lost my job and was unable to afford the yearly subscription – but charging for a security feature grates me.

  • Mark Struczewski

    I love Evernote (I am a Premium subscriber) and I like the iOS 8 upgrade. However, I notice that when I use the new Sharing option, the page is not saved as neatly as when I am using the Web Clipper on a desktop or when I save to Pocket and then export to Evenote. If you changed this clipper to behave like Pocket does in terms of formatting, it would rock!

    • Tiffany


    • Tony

      Seconded. Getting rid of adverts and other distractions like the web clipper is necessary for me to use it. Good to see things moving in the right direction though. I also found that in Chrome it simply records the url whereas in Safari I get the (full) page. are others seeing this?

  • Tim

    Hmm, how can I clip just part of the page as I can on the Mac?

  • Bob

    Does the sharing widget support video? In my photo albums, I’ve successfully pushed photos to Evernote via the sharing widget, but Evernote is not an option with video.

    When saving a webpage in Safari, I love how the web clipper saves the entire article and not just the URL. Awesome!

  • Mark Traphagen

    Evernote, on the Chrome iOS8 browser the clipper only saves the URL of the page. Will you upgrade that to actually clipping the contents?

  • André

    Finally, the Web Clipper is here! What a relief…
    Unfortunately, it clips only the URL of a web page (in Chrome). Also, the list of notebooks ignores stacks.

  • Nickie

    This is great! One request–Please add the ability to add tags in addition to choosing a notebook.

  • David Earl

    Really useful addition made possible by ios8. However, I can only get it to work for web pages in Safari, not PDFs. If I do it on a PDF it creates a text note entitled ‘Favorites’ with nothing in it.

  • ankit

    Just one question:

    Can you open the widget (pop-up like with sharing option) when you click on new Text/Reminder in the notification center. Now it takes you to the app.

  • Stu

    Is it possible to tag when clipping? Is a clunky workflow to have to remember to go into Evernote later to tag things I’ve already clipped.

  • Joe Campbell

    Notification is an awesome add. With the larger iPhones – especially iPhone 6, it would be great if Penultimate was available on the iPhone.

  • Steve

    Like a lot of things, many of us have learned to work around this. I personally think emailing clips is much more powerful, since you actually get the content. Also, if you use safari’s reader function (doesn’t work on all sites) it will clip the whole site and simplify the format. So, although some will think this is a brilliant update, I personally think there are better ways of doing it until this gets more sophisticated.

    • Tony

      Agreed (but I like the Quick note on notification screen – a nice addition that’s useable now

  • Neil

    This is a big release. The app extension with Evernote share is great. But I look more for the Evernote as “document provider”.

    One of the major weak points is PDF annotation built in EN. Skitch is image oriented but not PDF. Annotation made by Skitch, which is built in EN, cannot be recognized by any other PDF reader. That said, you cannot modify or delete annotation made by EN in other PDF reader.
    Also, in annotation mode, annotation made by other PDF reader is all gone in EN.

    It might too much to get EN to be a swissarmy knife for any task. EN is essential cloud storage. Why not provide “document provider” so that user can pick their favorite app to process attachments. Say using PDF Expert for PDF, Word for docx, rather than make copies and spread those copies all over.

    iOS has enable “document provider”. When EN will implement it? I am really looking for it.

  • Keith

    Passcode lock is turning off.

    I really love the ability to use Touch ID to unlock my Evernote app. However, I’m noticing that the Passcode Lock option keeps turning off and my app is unprotected. I’ve been using the lock feature on iOS for over a year and never seen this before.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Robert

    The web clipper would have been a useful addition if it had tagging enabled, this way it’s pretty much useless. Don’t get me wrong, but the Dolphin browser for iOS has had the Evernote web clipper implemented right for *years* (including tagging, comments and the choice what to clip, the article or the entire page etc.) – so how come that you guys can’t implement it right even with all the hooks in the new iOS in place?

  • cb

    I enjoy using evernote. On the weekend I updated my iPad mini to OS 8, and noticed Evernote to be so broke, I can’t use it. I attempted to edit a note, the keyboard display half way off the screen. To sort of resolve this, I had to turn off the predicitive typing feature in iOS 8 Keyboard settings. The keyboard displayed correctly, but now any key I touch immediately dismisses the keyboard. With this behavior, I am now unable to create / edit notes.

  • Silvia

    I download iOS8 onto my iPad recently. Now I cannot open evernote on that device. When I tap the icon, it flashes the home page and then reverts to my home screen. I’ve tried rebooting to no avail. Fortunately, I can access from my laptop but this is not my primary device.

  • Bob

    I am finding that Evernote on my iPad 3 running iOS8 is pretty much a disaster. There is seemingly no way to create notes with any text formatting that involves bullet points or numbers. Touching either of these keys does nothing but bring up the select/select all/paste options.

  • Nigel

    Using the iOS* extension on my iPad I can only get it to work for web pages in Safari, not PDFs. If I do it on a PDF it creates a text note entitled ‘Favorites’ with nothing in it? Anyone else have the same problem?

    • Gillian

      Hi Nigel, I have the same problem with clipping PDFs and just get “favourites” too.

  • Melle

    No tags when sharing from iPhone? That’s disappointing indeed! Can you fix that?

    Plus I second the ‘let the clipper behave as Pocket’-remark made earlier.

  • Emerson

    I REALLY want to be able to add tags from the pop up window that appears when creating a web clip note from in the browser.

  • David

    I agree without tagging useless for me, and even worse now that the “open in Evernote ” option os gone from mail app in iOS

  • Pm

    Have just updated to iOS 8. Tried to install evernote but keep getting message that item is no longer available. Is this just me?

  • Chris

    Would like an easy and quick way to add a note via siri

  • Kolleen

    I have been using Evernote for years already. Unfortunately, when I upgraded from an iPhone 5c to an iPhone 6, I could not download Evernote on my new phone. I tried everything! I reset my iPhone 6 and I also tried to restore it, but even after those steps I have been unable to download Evernote on my iPhone 6. 🙁

    • Taylor Pipes

      That is unfortunate. Please reach out to our customer support team if you can and they can help assist you.

  • Jason

    Sharing images from iOs photos into Evernote via the sharing widget doesn’t work. The images aren’t added into the selected notebook. Anyone?
    iOs v8.1.3

  • MaikR

    Clipper on iOS (and Android) doesn’t clip article or webpage, but only the url is stored into Evernote. On iOS performance of the clipper differs when used on the same webpage from Chrome or Safari.

  • Terry

    I’m at a loss
    The Evernote share button isn’t sending a Reader clarified article to Evernote; only some trashed out pieces of the web site. Also, I clipped a website once and it only sent the link. I clipped again (still using the Evernote share dropdown) and it just sends that same trashed out piece of a website. I’m on an iPad 3, iOS 8. Whatup?

  • Peter Bohn

    Yes … Heavily needed… Is there a chance to get this fast?
    Anyone have an idea if there are other plugins for chrome mobile, doing this?

  • Glenn

    I wonder if anyone from Evernote Is actually reading the very good feedback provided by its customers. The announcement from Evernote is dated Sept 2014 and many of the comments are related to the lack of a tagging features in the latest iOS web clipper… I really want this feature too as tagging is the main way I classify things in Evernote so I can find them again. It’s pretty useless if I can clip and tag from my Mac at home but not do the same for stuff I clip from iOS Surely this can’t be an iOS limitation? after all, the interface is Evernote’s to control

  • Bill

    Hi there, is anyone else having a problem with web clipper on their iPhone. Everything I clip only shows up as an empty note – no content whatsoever.

    • Kelly

      I too have the same issue. Started happening out of nowhere. Thought initially it might be website specific, but no. Were you able to resolve this, if so would you please share?

  • Tom

    This is great, but for me it’s only halfway there. I maintain a professional Evernote account for my primary use on iOS, but I also maintain a personal collection account that I prefer to keep separate. When I want to clip a web page and send it to my personal account, I still have to use a 3rd party clipper. I wish I could easily toggle accounts like I can on desktop.

  • Meghan

    This is awful. I appreciate the attempt to modernize but this is awful. It used to be very simple to save images to Evernote and now I am wasting way too much time trying to figure out how to save a simple image. I don’t want an article or a marked up web page, I just want an image.

  • yltlatl

    I’ll pile on as well… why no tags??????????? And what is taking so long to implement them????

  • Carl-Robert Hall

    Any idea how I can create a list using Note on iPad mini, Can’t find it anywhere. Perhaps not available?

    • Gregory Figuereo

      It’s not working on my iPad mini either. I think I will have to dish out $10 to get the EverClip 2.

  • Robin

    The web clipper doesn’t work for me in iOS 8.4, notes don’t save although it looks like they are. Also can’t change notebook in the save window. Window just closes.

  • CM

    please add tags to ios web clipper!

  • Paul

    Are you able to web clip while on your iPad using the chrome app

  • Bob

    When I clip webpages to Evernote on my iOS device, it’s a complete mess. Honestly, it’s so bad, I’ve given up. The formatting is all over the place. Usually it’s unreadable. Without a ‘simplified article’ view, it’s basically useless, due to the messy way that most webpages are formatted with ads and other elements all over the shop. You need a way to simplify the formatting of the webpage when clipping it, as on Safari for Mac and presumably other desktop web clippers.

  • James Capozzi

    Just joined blog an installed on my iPad heard many good things about this software will me luck now I’ll just browse your comments thank yoy jim1953speed