How to Use Evernote to Get the Most from a Conference

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How to Use Evernote to Get the Most from a Conference

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 24 Sep 2014

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 24 Sep 2014

If you’re planning on attending a conference or two this fall (such as our annual Evernote Conference next week), it’s helpful to have an action plan for getting the most out of these typically hectic, information-packed events. We’ve outlined some of our best tips to put in play before, during, and after a conference:

Conference prep

  • Create a notebook: make a notebook just for the conference to keep all the details together.
  • Don’t lose your conference pass: keep a copy of your registration in Evernote so you won’t lose it.
  • Make a schedule: create a list in Evernote of the talks and sessions you’ll attend, including date, time, and location.
  • Organize your travel details: collect all of your travel details in your conference notebook, from flight and hotel confirmations to local restaurants you want to check out during the trip.
  • Get ready to network: maximize your networking opportunities by identifying the people you want to meet at the conference and collecting background information on them.

Pro tip: Prior to leaving for the conference, use Evernote to prepare a template for taking notes at each session, talk, or workshop. This is an effective organizational tool that will help you focus on what’s being said and then you can review everything once you return home.

At the conference

  • Record audio: you can easily capture audio recordings in Evernote. To get the best sound quality, sit up front close to the speaker.
  • Snap photos: to save time, instead of typing up your notes, use the document camera in Evernote to take photos of what’s being presented.
  • Make a checklist: create a follow-up list in Evernote with tasks to complete after the conference.
  • Reduce the paper weight: use the camera feature in Evernote to digitally capture and collect business cards instead of letting them clutter your bag.


  • Debrief yourself: a good general practice is to distill all the key learnings and action steps you plan to take in a checklist in Evernote. Create reminders to keep your follow-throughs on track.
  • Share the knowledge: pass along what you’ve learned by sharing your conference notebook or individual notes with team members.
  • Show and tell: presentation mode is another great way to share what you learned with your team. This feature lets you present your notes from Evernote directly to the big screen, no slides needed.



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  • allenage

    looks pretty awesome

  • Chinarut

    awesome! nice to see recommended pre-homework before the conference done the Evernote way!

  • Dave

    I do this all the time – I have a notebook for conferences and then create a note with the registation materials, agenda, links, notes and more. I tag it based on the conference name and topics i take notes on. Great, easy way to keep everything organized. I also scan business cards from other attendees with my Evernote scanner.