Evernote Goes Collaborative with Work Chat


Evernote Goes Collaborative with Work Chat

Posted by on 02 Oct 2014

Posted by on 02 Oct 2014

Evernote is the workspace for your entire workday. It’s with you from desk to meetings to business trip, and everywhere in between. Of course, it’s never just about doing the work, it’s about getting the best results. For that, we need the help of our team. They help correct course, refine ideas, and fill in the gaps.

But, there’s a problem. Today, the connections between working and communicating are loose. Why should you have to drop what you’re doing in Evernote and be sucked into another app to get the answers and feedback you need? Or, worse yet, draft an email that your teammates might read in a few hours (or days) and wait until then to pick up your work again?

It doesn’t need to be this way. Your workspace should foster the collaboration and communication you need. Your work should be improved by the very tools you use to do it. That’s why we’re building Work Chat, to make Evernote the workspace where your team’s best ideas develop.

Work Chat
Work Chat lets you discuss your work with the individuals that will help you get it done, right in Evernote. Share notes and notebooks, exchange ideas, and get feedback from colleagues in an instant. You can share and collaborate with as many, or as few, people as you like. The notes and notebooks that you reference will show up in the chats so that they’re easy to open and find.
WorkChat Logo
To make all of this work beautifully, we’ve enabled read/write sharing of single notes and opened read/write notebook sharing to all users. Plus, when you email a note to someone, it’ll show up in Work Chat so you have a permanent communication history.


When we decided to introduce the concept of ‘people’ into Evernote, we knew that the best decisions come from a combination of communication and awareness—an ambient knowledge of what your team is working on. It’s like popping your head over your monitor to ask what your neighbor is up to.

There’s an important connection built through knowing what others are working on. That’s how it is in real life, so that’s how it should be in Evernote.


Soon, you’ll notice that shared notes and notebooks will show the faces of your teammates. These faces indicate that the individuals are actively engaged with the content that you both have access to. The fascinating aspect of this feature is that it’s not just happening within the note that you’re currently viewing. You’ll see these images in your note and notebook lists. This tells you that a colleague is working on something even if you’re not looking at it. All of a sudden, you have a reason to start a conversation in Work Chat or review what they’re adding. All without ever leaving your workspace.

Coming soon
This is a major new step in Evernote’s development. We’ve spent years building a great product for individuals, and in November we’re adding a truly collaborative, social component that will improve the quality of your work. Work Chat is coming soon to all major desktop, web, mobile, and tablet versions of Evernote. Stay tuned.


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  • Adalbert

    But will it be possible to work collaboratively in real time on the content? Like in GoogleDrive?

  • Mark Messinger

    Work Chat sounds great. That is, if it can somehow take place between Evernote users and non-users of Evernote. As much as I wish that all the world used Evernote, most of my clients don’t.

    I very much look forward to learning more about Evernote Work Chat.

  • Tim Stiffler-Dean

    You guys are really getting me pumped with these updates. I’ve been waiting for over a year for a refreshed web app look, and now you’re bringing this, too!? Cool. 🙂

  • anders

    awesome can’t wait!

  • Tyler

    Please update your BlackBerry 10 app. We need reminders, saved searches, and joined notebooks.

  • Ryan Rhoades

    This is great news – is this going to be available for free users as well as premium?

  • Denis Couto

    I can’t imagine how I lived so much time without Evernote! Great product, great features and still getting better. Congratz!

  • Cyndi Ingle

    Is this chat feature in all versions of Evernote? Or just Evernote Business?

  • George Seybold

    Remarkable! I’ve been a huge fan for years and your investment keeps me coming pack as a paid customer every month. Keep up the great work!

  • Kyoko Kudo

    It’s amazing. I was just talking the other day with my boss that it would be nice if we could chat about the things in the notes right in Evernote. Very excited about the news.

  • James

    This is great – but on Chrome, I can’t get past the ad for Work Chat to actually use my account on the web. I’ve had to log in through Internet Explorer.

  • Dave Yuhas

    Great! So fixing the flaws in the editor starts when?

  • Dan

    This development is great, but it sucks that you can no longer simply email a note to someone. This feels like a grab to force all collaboration into the Evernote ecosystem. I’m bummed. A lot of my coworkers don’t use Evernote and I can no long share notes with them via email. Why disable that feature?

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi Dan, I’m not sure what client you’re using, but you can still email a single note. In the Mac client, goto Note menu >> More Sharing >> Email Note. Voila. As always, your coworkers will receive the static note. With Work Chat, you can invite them to collaborate with edit and share access as well. Maybe they’d like to give it a try!

  • Michelle Newcome

    I’m sorry but I detest chat. Hate it completely. I have other project management systems we use for chat. I don’t need one in Evernote. The new forced functionality of having to use chat to share notes and notebooks is horrible and slowly us down considerably. I play for Evernote Premium for my entire team and I’m seriously considering leaving Evernote. Please make chat optional and decouple it from note/notebook sharing.

  • Nino Piamonte

    The note in the screenshot looks like Jamie & Adam’s Spider project. How is Phil Libin involved in it? And why is Christine Foote the creator of the Spider Notebook Progress? — a shared notebook

    I’m getting confused now.

  • CCH

    Great Idea. My current experience with the chat is not as positive as I had hoped. Its very awkward.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Do you have any feedback you would be willing to provide so we can work to make Work Chat better for you?

  • jj

    it’s so slow on a mac, it’s nearly unusable. Also now sharing a notebook requires use of this slow and kludgy feature which slows down the process and adds frustration. It’s not implemented well

  • Benjamin Shaw

    I love the messaging feature, but tying it to sharing a notebook is a fail in my opinion. I used to successfully share, now, someone with an account that doesn’t understand, or want to use messaging does not get the share.

  • free image collections

    amazing .. this can be one of the attraction points for online group collaboration

  • Sevan Torossian

    What is the SOURCE for the contacts in Evernote and Evernote Chat? Where is it pulling this list from?