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Posted by on 02 Oct 2014

Posted by on 02 Oct 2014

In product development you have two choices: be conservative or be epic. The conservative road is safe with the fewest potential risks and maybe even a modest upside. But that ‘what if’ nags at you. What if you looked beyond the risks and towards the possible greatness? After years of building Evernote Web with a safe, let’s make it work like a desktop app, mindset, we’ve decided to go epic.

For six years, we believed that people wanted a desktop app in their browser. Today’s web begs for a different experience, one that’s light, fast, and clear. That’s what we set out to build. The results are amazing and unlike anything we’ve ever done.

Notebook 2
When you work, the interface fades away to showcase your thoughts. Then, when you need it, Evernote Web beautifully re-emerges. When you need a notebook or to find something, you click and the app guides you to the content you’re looking for.

This is a dramatic re-imagining of Evernote Web. It’s no longer a second choice, but rather a destination for the creative mind. It’s the workspace you’ll rely on when you simply need to work. No distractions. No interruptions. Just focus.

You can switch into an early beta today by going into settings on Evernote Web. Take a look, but we recommend that you use it only if you’re comfortable with beta software. The complete version is coming later this fall.


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  • Bill

    Woah! Just checked it out. It really is a huge improvement. Looks good enough that I’ll actually use it. I have always just used evernote on my laptop or phone. Nice work. -Bill

    • Zoltan

      Wow…Really? I think that this “improvement” is a huge failure. They should fire the person who approved this horrible UI. And Evernote should be ashamed for fooling their users into upgrading into this unusable nightmare with no warning. From what I’ reading on the internets – people no longer have the unshakable trust that Evernote had with their users. Functionality has been ruined and many are talking about abandoning the software altogether. Also this headline is misleading and self serving.

      • Ryan

        I wasn’t so sure when I first started using it – I actually found it confusing. But, now that I’ve had a chance to try it out a bit, I’m wondering when the new design will come to the desktop!

      • George

        Hey, Zoltan, sounds like you are from the “Don’t Never Change Nothing” school – I’d guess you are an over 50 “power user” of older evernote – I think the new interface skyrockets, and I’m old too.

        • Zoltan

          Actually George I’m not a “power user”. I’m a designer and I appreciate nice design. This minimalist look has taken the soul out of the thing. I appreciate flat design, actually I love flat design and use it all the time when designing websites. But Evernote has killed it and not in a good way. It’s become uninspired and bland. Everything looks the same and the “way finding” in where you’re at in the application no longer exists. It’s a practicality issue as well. I don’t know if I’m in a note, a notebook or somewhere else in the app. It sucks now.

      • boris

        agree 100%, its not correct way for app that should help to do the job

      • Todd

        I agree … This is the worst interface I ever saw. Need 5 minutes to find and open notes. Why they change something that awesome to something terrible.

        • Todd

          We now need hours to scroll down looking for notes. YES, scrolling because “Search” option doesn’t work.

          • Todd

            Thanks God there is a way to go back to the old version 🙂

  • Marcel

    I just loved this new interface! Please, bring it to desktop app to!

  • Carlos

    The new web client in beta has some problem on the input title for a new note. It does not save the new note title leaving it blank. The title has to be input again in the saved note. Then the title is saved.

  • J.M. Oemler

    The new ‘Beta’ Web App is hopefully very much still in the early beginnings. The minimalist design is OK, but the EXTREMELY wide margins on notes is annoying and impracticable. Accessing notes that were originated either from web clips or from the Windows Desktop App, displays considerably less that the Desktop. What good is a nice large, distraction free, page if I can only use less than 2/3rds of it?

  • Shahin

    Userfriendly and simple, thanks guys!

  • Cédric Magnin

    Like it, but I think you should make the rollovers a little bit more discreet. TOo flashy !

  • Richard

    How do you add reminders in the new beta?

  • ESM

    Guys, the new web UI is indeed beautiful but it’s a hit in the stomach for productivity geeks like me. I (and a few of my colleagues) use Evernote to manage many Getting Things Done contexts. The most common action we do is to take a note from the inbox, throw some tags at it and move it to a “processed” notebook. This workflow has become clumsy and slow in the new UI, given that drag & drop of tags is no longer an option 🙁

    • Ariadne

      Also, the tags menu now is in alphabetical order, and that completely destroys my GTD set up. There should an option to toggle from the alphabetical to hierarchical order. For me, it is virtually impossible to use my GTD system with this new Web version.

      • anteagle

        I have the same problem as Ariadne – I need the option to view tags in hierarchical order. This is especially true because I have to add the tags here to the web version, and not in windows where my new tags won’t sync back to the server.

  • Bernd Meyer

    Great, only three notes on my 24″ screen? how shall I be productive when I see the same information as on my phone? I think it is the wrong approach especially for power users. Design over productivity?

    • Jorge Arturo


    • TheMetaExplorer

      And further agreement! It seems rather silly and absurd to view the same amount of notes on a large PC monitor as on a small phone screen. Evernote’s Android App works wonderfully – ON A PHONE. It seems absurd to port an app designed for working on a small phone screen to a large PC screen.
      Let the phone UI be for the phone, and the PC UI be for the PC <|:)

  • Hans

    Like the new look but missing the “tag in tag” from the current version (tag one and then tag another tag). But it’s a beta, hope this will come back

  • Alex


    I just checked the new Evernote Web and my first thinking was, this is gorgeous. But when I started working I saw that the tags lost their hierarchy and so are all flat – this completely breaks my work method. Is this change going for all apps?

  • Ramin

    Love the new Evernote web! Great work, thanks!

  • Daniel

    The new Version Looks really tidy. But one Thing would be great. When you work with a lot of keywords, it would be great to have a structure as you have on the Windows or Mac Version of Evernote. By the way, the same Problem exists on the ipad and iphone Version.

  • Chad Garrett

    I love the minimal design. I would be grand if this motif carried over to desktop and mobile.

    • Ryan

      I agree with Chad – love the design and would love to see it applied to the other products.

    • Brittany

      Agreed! I love the simplicity & how distraction-free it is. I usually use the desktop app, but if it doesn’t get a similar update, I may be switching to the web version as my primary way to use Evernote.

    • JMichaelTX

      Moving this over-simplistic, non-functional UI design to the desktop clients would be a disaster of epic proportions. I strongly believe that a large number of long time Evernote users would jump ship immediately. If you want to have a Web version that is simple for those that like it, fine. Just don’t force it on the rest of us.

      • Jean-Francois Ouellette

        Over-simplistic!!! Are you kidding? How about fast and clear! I mostly usr the web interface and this is great. 20 times faster than the old one.

        • kevin

          I agree with JMichaelTX, it is way over simplified and unusable. I may stop using the Evernote app if this is carried over. I user this for work on a daily basis and if it is slowing me down I’m out. The current minimal, flat UI trend is a little out of control.

        • Kovács Péter

          @Jean-Francois Ouellette

          over-simplistic and NON-FUNCTIONAL meaning that about 70% of the functionality provided by the old/current WEB interface seems to have gone with the beta.

        • Omar

          I have to agree with Jean-Francois.

          The desktop app is a bit of a cluttered mess. It tries to be all things to all people and comes across very intimidating to new starters as a result.

          The cleaner, simpler web UI is a much better starting point for new and most experienced users.

          If it made its way to the desktop and mobile apps, power users could just retain an option to turn on all UI elements so they’d loose none of the functionality.

          • TheMetaExplorer

            Since some people seem to love the new interface and some seem to dislike it so much that they’ll jump ship if this becomes mandatory, this seems like a good idea! Make both modes available, both the Classic and the New – that way, all users are happy!
            Me personally, I’m in the camp that vastly prefers the Classic interface – I love having everything at my fingertips, ready when I need it.

        • Chuck

          Here is what I see on my screen with the current/old version:
          1. Three shortcuts; AND
          2. Links to around 30 notebooks for quick access (or same amount of tags); AND
          3. Current reminders (currently 3); AND
          4. Headline of latest 9 notes (using “snippet” view); AND
          5. Currently selected note

          Here is what I see with the Beta version:
          1. Three shortcuts; OR
          2. Headlines of five latest notes; OR
          3. Links to fifteen notebooks; OR
          4. Fifteen tags.
          I do always see A LOT white, though.
          I’m not good at math, so someone else has to figure out what percentage of my information is lost with the new UI. Evernote is not a distraction-free creative writing tool, it’s for collecting and accessing a lot of relevant information – at least, this is how it was marketed for years since I started using it almost five years ago

        • Michael

          No, not kidding at all. It’s ridiculously simplistic. In current UI I can see dozens of notes in context. In new UI I can see only a handful of notes and no context whatsoever. And I’ll ask you: Faster? Are you kidding? In current UI I can quickly click on a visible notebook or tag. In the new UI I have to float my mouse over some nondescript icon and wait for the UI to bring up a list of lists, click an item and then wait for the list to show up. How is that faster?

      • Ann

        Could anyone tell me how can i return to the old interface… i don’t feel that comfortable using the new beta version…

        • Ann

          Got it, in “setting” 🙂

      • Kieran

        Absolutely. For that matter, if they’re going to create a simplified web version, they really need to maintain the full-featured web version in parallel for those of us who actually use Evernote as a productivity tool and not a toy.

      • AlexMPLS

        I’m in agreement with JMichaelTX and Kieran – this interface is attractive, but far less useful for me than the old interface. Everything that I need to do to organize my notes seems to have become far more difficult… Thanks.

      • Jens

        Agree totally with JMIchaelTX – I tested the new interface, and spent the first 15 minutes fishing for things that are very apparent in the current interface.

        From an aesthetic perspective the new interface might be “clear”, from a performace perspective “fast”, but from a UX perspective I have to agree it’s a disaster.

        I hope, dear Evernote team, you have done some serious user testing…

      • Dave

        The new web interface has a major drawback. In trying to minimize content displayed, it takes away the ease of navigation that I still enjoy on the desktop version. I used to be able to quickly and easily navigate my notes, which were organized into projects and notebooks on the left. They were organized by topic and not by date. Not any more, as the only ordering is that of individual notes by dates. After 1/2 hour using beta, I quickly switched back to the desktop version.

        Please give us our site map back of our notes on the web client. Otherwise, Evernote will be no better than Windows 8 and it’s disorganized tile arrangement for launching programs.

      • Charu

        Totally and completely agree. I don’t understand the fascination with minimalistic designs. Evernote is designed to keep a lot of data and notes at hand. Note taking quickly is important, but so is not retrieval, sorting etc. – the basic reason why you take notes is that you can find them alter and use them.

        Please, please, I beg you. DO NOT make this minimalist design permanent. The Android app’s simplification is plenty minimalist. Any more minimalist and it will become totally unusable.

        • Charu

          Find them later* I meant.

      • Jim

        I agree with JMichaelTX. For one thing, how do you select multiple tags with the new interface – I can’t find a way to do that. Major disaster.

        • jay

          Please let us keep the tag hierarchy option!

  • Mace Ojala

    Looking lean+clean, and so much faster too. At the moment the feature to schedule notes is not implemented, but it’s such a useful feature (my life depends on it, Evernote is my 2do-list) that I think it will be implemented sometime soon. Keep up the good work 🙂 Maybe adjustable division between the list of notes and the note itself for us with smaller resolution screens?

  • Russ Thornton

    Maybe I’m just missing it, but how can we drag & drop files from our desktop into the new web interface? I’m on a PC and can’t get it to work.

    Love the new interface, by the way

  • Neil

    Highlighter is still missing. It is a highly demanded feature which has been available on all other platforms.

  • alan

    The design is very interesting. But I just wanted to look at it for a few minutes. I’d rather wait until it is out of beta.

    How do I opt-out of the beta???


  • Fil

    Where are the saved searchs?!

  • Rob

    Why were reminders omitted from being displayed?

  • Clayton

    Hey guys a cant orginize my labels in this version???

  • EyeBee

    Awful. The new web interface is simply awful. Please keep this horror out of the app.

    • rick

      Could not have put it better than EyeBee

  • Leonardo Prunk

    It’s beautiful! This new minimal focused design is really awesome, I’m loving it! Already using it instead of the desktop app. Congratulations to the designers!

    Please bring this kind of design to the desktop and mobile app! =)

  • Daniel Widrew

    It looks really good. My only complaint so far is I can’t find reminders anywhere. There’s no way to set them, and notes that I already have reminders on have no indication of it that I can spot.

  • Matt Robinson

    Beautiful update guys and gals. I must agree with the previous comment, makes me feel jealous on behalf on my desktop version. I couldn’t be happier with my Android Evernote update though, it’s just as awesome. Keep it up 🙂

  • Shay Shaked

    How do I insert hyperlinks in the new format? I love how it looks like, I was waiting for something like that for a long time. Another one last thing I’d like to see is an offline option, where we can use the client offline and it syncs automatically when we connect.

    • Sergey

      Yeah, I also was surprised… I can insert hyperlink in old interface, but can’t do it with new!!! Is that joke?!

    • adamiaonr

      I’m also wondering how can we insert hyperlinks with this new version…

    • Sophie

      Adding to the chorus: please add hyperlink functionality! My notes will look as clean as your design if I can stick in hyperlinks, not messy URLs. Thanks!

    • Amy

      The inability to use hyperlinks has rendered the desktop web version almost completely useless for me. The help function said Ctrl+K would open up an “Add hyperlink” dialog box, but nothing happened. Please, please fix this.

      • Ken Weiner

        I also searched all over for how to add a hyperlink in this new version. This is a feature I simply can’t live without. Please, Evernote, add it back in, even if I have to go to some advanced menu or use a shortcut to access it. It is a must-have.

        • Christine Ramirez

          +1 on the links!

    • stevgouws

      Not sure if this is part of a new update (I didn’t see it before) but you can create hyperlinks by selecting the text you want to link and then a little format bar appears (with Bold and Font size etc) where there is also a hyperlink icon.

  • Seré

    I like the new interface. Is it still possible to Merge Notes?

  • seaserpent

    Knowing that change is always difficult, I will work with this design to see how it performs. Right off the top it is counter productive. Why everyone feels it is necessary to focus on one or a few things at a time is beyond me. I hate endless scrolling to get where I want to go. The current trend in web design is to spread info out, make it minimal, and force viewers into a narrow view. Hate that. Hate it when when everything the cursor touches highlights or moves. This is insanity.

  • Mike L

    Looks clean. I’m assuming hyperlinks and tables will be added in the final version…

  • Holger

    looks really cool!
    finally i can delete the desktop app (not cause it’s bad but cause it’s hdd usage sucks on my macbook air) 🙂

  • Jahangir

    I love Evernote. Several comments to improve UX of the new design:
    * Fit more note previews into the left/middle panel.
    * After clicking on delete icon now can not choose ‘delete’ by simply clicking enter. This future was saving time during weekly reviews.

  • nils

    Why no logout button on the main page ?

  • Karl Fischer

    Offline support will be amazing. I’m a Linux User

  • Peter Witham

    Love the new design, like many I hope it carries over to the desktop and mobile apps. Clean and easy to get around, well done.

    • Matt

      Clean and easy, if you like clicking a LOT! This has lost a HUGE amount of features that are used for productivity and organization. That is what Evernote is known for. It would be sad to see this lost. Fine for some, but please keep the feature rich version for many of those who are here for those very reasons.

  • Saveliy

    Needed functionality to create links within the note to other note and certain text in it.

  • Cory

    Hate it. How do I switch back? I can’t find the setting button.

  • Conor Porter

    I’d become disheartened by my 4500 notes (mixed media) grinding Safari to a halt. While I agree with JMichaelTX, the desktop needs a lot of attention. 30 minutes passes on a new install before I can access Evernote*.

    *I have a 35/8Mbps connection.

  • Afsar Ahmad

    Just check the new UI few minutes back. The new design with minimalist, simple and clean, definitely inspired by the cleanliness of the medium. Coming to the UX, it’s a retrograde from the previous version and sincerely needs thinking and some pivoting. For example, I love to switch between my notebooks. For the action, previously I had list of notebooks on the left and click to switch, check list. Now I have to click on the icon on the left, let my notebook appear (which in itself takes 0.5 s I guess; reduce it to 0.28s, google’s optimisation). Then scroll, click. Eventually, I would say its an experience killer.
    I totally loved the old text editor of evernote and until you have only few formating options like in medium, you can never move to a minimalist text editor. The best text editor for a lot of options was the old one of evernote.

  • TL

    The new design just isn’t for me. Is there a way to switch between the classic look and the new one?

  • Daniel

    Love the new design. Very clean

  • Kazu

    Background story of new web form makes sense to me. It’s cool. Evernote got an another big step!

  • michel

    I’m so, so tired of adopting a web service only to have changes forced on me. I realize it isn’t being forced yet, but I’m sure it will be. I’m pretty close to abandoning all web services because of this. It’s bait and switch. I really, really don’t want to change my work habits when someone else feels I should.

  • Steve Kenow

    The new UI is interesting, and has potential. Is the stack functionality going away? I can’t find any way to edit or add notebooks to stacks in this

  • Robert P

    Please give back the tag search in search bar, not only notes…!
    I save a note generally with two tags. For example: #Gift idea” + #Girlfriend or #Sister | #Flat + #Bills or #Plan.
    (My method, that I identify a note with more self working tags. Staying at the former one: In the example #plan it is possible to bind a tag to ones with a totally other: #plan + #flat, #plan + #cooking, #plan + #office work…) Writing the two tags its was enough earlier, and I obtained the notes. I have to modify everything now. I have more thousand notes. Maybe, that the desktop client helps this, but i use four different computer and laptop with Ubuntu Linux and the web application.
    I am very sad now… 🙁 Please give back the tag search! Thanks!

  • Megan Iemma

    Have just signed up to the new version…It’s missing a few things…like the ability to add reminders, open the note in a new window…love the clarity but it’s lacking in features when you create a new note.

  • Fre Moin

    Beautiful, sure. No reminders, screen is full of blank (focus !!), no visible link (just on click away !!), no drag and drop for notes… and less functionalities than the (really good) android app. Did I mention that I can’t work with the desktop apps ? Quite useless at this point. Is this a beta or an alpha release ?

  • TomL

    Please offer users the configuration option to switch between both classic and new UI.

    • Taylor Pipes

      To go back to your old version click on your username in the top RHS > Account Settings > Beta option. There you find the link to switch back.

  • Scott Meacham

    I think the one size fits all paradigm is problematic. Some people like a minimal design, but others don’t. You need the less minimal design at times for organizational purposes. It would be nice if you could weave some of the older organizer functionality back into the design or provide an option. Oh, by the way, how do I create a link?

  • Camilo Contreras

    I agree with JMichaelTX. It is over-simplistic and non-functional. It is beautiful indeed, but its “beauty” make it lost its functionality. For example, where did the tag hierarchy go? The only way I have now to navigate through my tags is in alphabetical order? There must be a hierarchy tree!

    Thank God is just a beta! (as JMichaelTX said) PLEASE don’t force us to use this! PLEASE!

  • Albert

    Yes it looks very nice but it doesn;t work well. I take way more time to process information and you get lost under a sea of white space that actually stops you moving quickly and efficieently around the site.
    So yes bery nice but not practical

  • Michael

    Anyone worked out yet how to search for a tag within a specific notebook? Or for combinations of tags?

  • Eyal

    How do you merge notes with the new UI?

    • paul

      Top 3 Items that I need to make me use the web version more:

      1. Ability to Merge two more notes
      2. When moving a note to a folder add a search feature instead of walking through the picker.
      3. Enable Alerts

  • Adam Houston

    I’m all for modern UI design but honestly not if it trades off features. I can see right off the bat that URLs I use with the old UI to jump directly into a view of a notebook or notebook stack do not work with the new UI. Make sure that some tricks power users like to employ still work and I’ll be a fan.

  • Kieran

    As a Linux user, I *do* want a desktop app in my browser, since there is no desktop app.

    I’ll have to see how this pans out ultimately. The current version seems to completely lose my tag hierarchy, making it useless to me. I understand that it’s still in beta, but if tag nesting isn’t supported in the final version, I will strongly have to consider moving away from Evernote entirely.

    • happosai

      Like kieran, I use web version on desktop Linux. I don’t really even want a desktop linux version, I want a fully featured web app to do all the complex tagging, searching and management. HTML5 should do it fine, so I don’t want to install a local app. All my note-taking happens on mobiles, where the beta-kind of immersive interface works well.

      The new beta version of web app had the result of me almost stopping completly using evernote. Now I reverted back from beta and I’m more productive again.

    • pep

      I love Evernote, and I can understand that developing a desktop linux app is a hard task, but please, the new beta web app doesn’t even allow me to nest tags! ¿Will the new web app include this feature in the future?

      Thank you!

  • Allen Knight

    I am not pleased with the new Evernote Web design. I use the search features, and with 700+ tags, I want to search tags from the search bar. With the old system, I could type in a partial tag name and the search would return notes and tags. Now, with the new search, I can not even search tags by using tag:name of tag to locate my requested tag.

    Please no changes to the to the desktop UI. Again 13000 notes, 700+ tags, the desktop and phone app provide a much more diverse set of search combinations.

    • Andrea

      I completely agree about the loss of functionality when you can’t type in names of tags and have them come up quickly, nor drag and drop. While I love the graphic interface, Evernote just became almost useless for me (other than a static inbox) with the loss of these two functions.

    • Ricidleiv

      Me too. I don’t have many notes or tags like you, but my hierarchical structure tags was gone.

      Please, Evernote Team, don’t make this update the one way to web app in the future.

  • Alex

    This looks great, but I am having some trouble with the side bar covering some of the names of my notebooks. Other than that I love the no distraction mode!

  • David

    In general, I really like the new interface. There are a few rough edges, though:

    – Like Megan Iemma, I also miss the ability to pop a note out into a new window.

    – I’d like to see the old interface’s ability to display only titles when when listing notes. I usually don’t need to see a few lines of content.

    – After a search, the little “expand to full window” icon does not show when displaying a note, as is the case when displaying a note from the list of notes in a notebook. (This wouldn’t be so important if one could pop the note out into a new window.)

  • Roy bragg

    This is a great change. I’ve always loved Evernote, but the design was too cramped. The web app goes a long way to fixing that problem. When you apply this to the desktop client, please go one step further and steal the tactile “board” concept, used by the iOS app Pinnic and the late great Springpad.

  • Mats

    Clean interface is really good and I’m not afraid of changes BUT I prefer to have a good overview and this new interface will force me to click and clixk and click to see my notebooks and tags.

    Drag-n-drop is great, multiple selection is great, informative view is great. Evernote today offer this but the new one seems not and is more than minimalistic 🙁
    Minimalistic is great but when I’m using my computer I have space to show more than one thing.

    This is a beta so I hope reminders and shortcuts will be available and possibility to set that notebooks, tags etc always shows.

    I really trust that Evernote won’t make this kind of drastic changes without supporting the old interface. Don’t want to sign off so please don’t force me.

  • Josh Clement

    Amazing, makes me want to write something straight away!

  • Mark Watson

    I really like the design, but if you’re a Business customer it’s still near impossible (actually impossible) to move notes from personal notebooks to business notebooks.

  • Brian Schultze

    My problem with the new design (besides all the missing features) is that I can’t see as many notes in a list at a time. For instance in the beta version I see 5 or 6 notes in my inbox, for the production version I see 11.

  • Frustrated paying user

    I hope that both old and new version will be possible to use forever. I need to use the old version. New version is much worse: not possible to see 3 levels together (Snippets), not possible to move notes from one notebook to another by drag and drop, the same notes need more space. Maybe nicer design, but worse for real work !!!

  • Guillermo

    It would be better if you put a “Log out” option directly to main screen, instead of having to go out to settings in a new window. I think It is confuse to have not a log out button right here in the window we are going to use for a long.

  • Matthew D

    Looks nice but as other people are saying, please keep all the functionality. The quote often attributed to Einstein comes to mind: “Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler”

  • Philip Murphy

    Oh, no… I’ve been responsible for 20-30 new people using Evernote over the last few years. But recently they have strated to stop using Evernote. No one has problems with creating Notes the issues are all about finding, recalling and managing notes. Unless there is a bug in my beta web version, when I click on a notebook the list of notebooks goes away. I’m always hopping between notebooks, making notelinks, cross referencing notes etc. That seems a nightmare in this new design. Maybe offer it for people who access Evernote on their phones, but for everyone else restore the old web version and PLEASE DO NOT make this the design for the desktop version. No one on the desktop is short on real estate! This will kill off use of Evernote. Which means back to OneNote…. arghhh!

  • Dean Kahremanis

    I really like the simplicity of the new Evernote Web. The concept is outstanding! Over the past few years, I have attempted to use Evernote, and found it to be very cluttered. My focus is now purely on what I am writing, without the distraction of a very busy screen. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see each iteration of this product development!

  • Art

    This minimal design sucks. I want 3 column layout back. I want see my notebooks listed in the first glance.

  • Nicholas

    Please include sorting by tags. This has been requested for a few years. It is the final requirement for me to move away from a desktop app.

  • Andy

    Where is the Reminder feature??

  • Laura G

    I use the reminder list as a task list at work, since I cannot install the Evernote client on my work machine. This new design is awful. Worse than useless. Lots of blank space, no reminders and totally worthless. I’m going to have to cancel my premium subscription if it goes to this, because it will no longer work for what I need it for.

  • Eric

    Where are the reminders in the new version – if they are not available to display then that’s a no-no. If, like me, you are trying to use Evernote to cover the full range of data storage and sorting and also task planning then the ability to have a list of notes in “reminder order” is essential to allow forward visibility.

  • Upma

    Dear Evernote, I really LOVE your new GUI. I hope you’ll re-incorporate some essential toolbar items in a more streamlined way. I’m happy to be a usability/user research test subject if you need more.

  • Daniel

    Love the new look. Very minimal and available at a glance where I may need to use it outside my phone and workstation. Just out of curiosity, where is the print button? 🙂 Some situations, but not all, may require a physical copy and I was wondering if there was a hidden option (possibly among all that white space, haha) to print.

  • Yusuke Takahashi

    @joshuantaylor This is an amazing work! Thanks for making this happen! I love this new design!!

  • stehoscope nunchucks

    I’m not a fan. While it is simplified, it increases the number of clicks I screens I have to navigate to to get to the information I want. How do I undo this and go back to the regular version?

    • Jens

      To go back to your old version click on your username in the top RHS > Account Settings > Beta option. There you find the link to switch back.

    • fanta

      I agree!!!!

  • jonny gardiner

    Sorry. Dont like the new version. I like to work in chaos. I like to see everything at once. Please give us an option!!

  • Dusan

    I love Evernote concept and I am very satisfied Premium user. Except of the new web UI.
    Not more possible to move notes by drag and drop, not more possible to see 3 windows at once (list of notebooks, list of notes in active notebook and active note detailed view), not more possible to see full width of note in detailed view, not possible to see as much text as monitor allows (wasted white space around each note in both preview and detailed views)
    For me it is now unfortunately easy. The same day there will be no option to use the old UI I will cancel the subscription.
    Tip for Evernote shareholders 🙂 : Please check if employees behind idea to destroy lovely functioning former UI are not smuggled by competitors to your company 🙂

  • orendzi

    It is high time for the new clean design. Thank you for it!

  • Ronan O'Connell

    While trying to keep an open mind – it is only a beta after all – I am extremely worried by this new web-design. Like Kieran, as a linux user the web app is the only client I have on my machine.
    The existing web-app is not as fully featured as the windows client. I tried the beta for about 1/2 an hour on Tuesday and had to switch back.
    I’m hoping that when production ready I will get used to it – and maybe even find it an improvement – but the beta feels to me like its aimed at windows and phone user’s who occasionally need to access the web-app, and not at those of us who need the web-app for our “power” evernote work.

  • francis

    a big mistake. minimal will not increase functional aspect of the application, it will cause an UX black hole.

  • Cye Gray

    Hate it and will definitely be going elsewhere if I am stuck with this on my desktop permanently. Right now I see no way to move a note to a different stack which is a must for me.

  • mike

    The new web beta needs some work. Part of that might be due to it being ‘beta’. I hope it all gets fixed.
    1. No tool tips. You guys might memorize every wavy little icon designing it but I certainly don’t using it. I don’t want to have to click on the things to experiment with what they might do.
    2. Some things – like the Title – could be edited from within the information panel previously and now cannot.
    3. Excessive white space. Not so bad when just writing in a note. But in viewing I’ve got a 24″ monitor and the notes now have like 1.5 or more inches of white space on either side. Meanwhile I’ve got word wrap going on which completely munges the simple formatting I’ve done on some notes.
    It’s great to feel all distractionless and whatnot but we need tools to control that look and feel.
    I do not need huge friggin margins. I need my notes to look like how I typed them rather than sacrificing word wrap to some designers sense of aesthetic.
    Please, please, please address this stuff. I don’t want my productivity demoted as the cost of design-nazi thinking.
    Call me self involved or even a philistine. But I don’t care how large you think my note margins should be. I only care how wide I think they should be.
    This is perhaps more hostile sounding than I intend. I appreciate you putting work into the web app as it is my primary means of using Evernote and I use Evernote a fair bit. However there are some strong mis-steps with the beta as it stands.

  • francis

    I would suggest placing a visible link to allow users to switch back to non-beta view without having to go into settings.

  • Michael

    “It’s no longer a second choice, but rather a destination for the creative mind.” What does that even mean? This whole entry sounds like some kind of Jobs-ian Apple Nonspeak. And the version of the beta that I played with was all about the victory of form over function. It’s also a pretty narrow view of how people work. I don’t know about others, but for me Evernote is all about getting in, finding stuff, and getting out to other places where I actually do my work. And a large part of my finding stuff is being able to quickly scan many related notes and, sometimes, related notebooks to more quickly find what I want. The LAST thing I want is for my notebooks and lists of notes to be hidden away someplace where I then have to do some kind of mouse trick to see the information I need to see. If EN doesn’t allow me to keep the current web UI I will definitely be looking for some other way to manage my random info. Even for all its misguidedness, at least Windows 8 allowed users to keep the actually useful UI. “Epic”? “Greatness”? Meh. Not really. Smells more like hubris to me.

  • Welch Suggs

    I live in Evernote and definitely like the minimalist look for the web interface, and hope it moves to iOS. I do my heavy-duty organizing and tagging in the desktop clients on my home and work computers, and use web and iOS for quick notes and writing on phone and Chromebook. One request: presentation mode availability on the web!!

  • stuart

    I’m using the new Beta. It’s nicely streamlined. I’m hoping the new mobile app(s) are just as beautiful!

    Several bugs:
    1. No way to add hyperlinks to text in a note
    2. No way to print my note – I just get a blank page with the Evernote window dressing
    3. Can’t edit a title – I have retype the whole thing

    Thanks and good luck!

  • Smart Owl

    Just love it. Simple and elegant design. You eliminated a lot of distractions with this intuitive layout. Getting rid of my desktop client and will use only the web version going forward.

  • Brian

    I appreciate that you’re working on game-changing features and design.

    What I immediately noticed in the beta Web version that will prevent me from using it is that tags are displayed alphabetically in the left panel.

    I rely on tags as the main organizational structure of my notes. With over 300 tags I often need to quickly look through them in the left panel to find the one I need. I use the search function as well, but that’s not always an option with so many tags (i.e., I may not remember the tag to search for).

    I hope Evernote Web offers a way to list tags in the nested hierarchy as they appear in Evernote Windows Desktop.

  • Anthony

    Arrgggh – too much white space! On a 27″ monitor, expanding the note give over 70% white. This would not be too bad, but on a note that has a fixed table, parts are not displayed and you have to use mouse or arrow keys to scroll across. Please let the note fill this area… How can I send an image to show you?

    • Marek

      I can’t agree more. I am afraid the old design is IMHO better.

  • David

    What a giant joke. You folks are bound and determined to destroy everything that was useful in your product. I love all the bogus BS terms – “work without distraction”. As if having a navigation bar is “distracting”. No, you want to know what’s distracting? Not being able to see the navigation bar and all the notebooks and tags I use constantly. Having to engage in more clicks to get where I need.

  • Fil

    No more saved searchs? We can’t search tag’s? Don’t you like heavy users?!

  • fanta

    I don’t like the new evernote web – minimal design is nice, but I preferred to have all my notebooks and tags listed in the right column straight away, without having to click to open the menu – too much clicking, not so efficient, harder to navigate.

  • Ben

    How do I get off of this beta??

  • aaron phelan

    i’m using safari and as soon as i clicked to see the new interface in beta everything went white. i can’t see anything on my evernote homepage online. help please!

  • Matt

    I am extremely disappointed with the Beta version. I use Evernote not only for my professional productivity life but for personal use as well
    Here are a few issues i found off the top of my head

    1) No reminders on top of notes when I click on a notebook

    I have multiple projects in Evernote, each one has a notebook. In these notebooks I store project research, information, reminders, and assignments.
    If I want to see what I have follow up on, at a glance, in the previous version it was just one click for that notebook and there would be all my reminders at the top. Now there are multiple clicks and no way to add reminders to any notes

    With evernote BETA that went way and I can’t find a way to show my reminders by notebook/project

    2)No nested tags
    I use the nested tag ability for grouping assignments and tasks to individuals or so I can filter down by action. This useful feature helped me have a clean interface with the ability to drill down if needed. With no nesting showing, i really have to scroll down in search of a tag.

    3) If I need to get to a note, I now need more clicks.

    Click the icon on the left to get to notes, find a notebook through the gigantic font list of notebooks, click a notebook and open a note. (4 clicks)
    Previously, I would just pick a notebook from the side view and see all notes and reminders (1 click) – I find this MUCH more productive and easy to use

    4) Design is confusing

    The note is centered on my 24 “screen and there’s a lot of weird white space around it. Fonts are huge.
    Where is the separation of the note title and title and the note text? There are not very clearly defined boundaries between different sections of the screen. I agree whitespace might be beneficial for those easily distracted, however when you have a large monitor and are required to sometimes multi-task – this feature hinders you, and frankly, is frustrating.

    5) The new note toolbar still needs improvement to be helpful. I would like to see all options at glance.

    After attempting to use the beta version, these issues are just off the top of my head. Usually I’m all for progress, but it’s not progress when you lose usability and productivity. I switched everything to evernote for it’s amazing functionality, I would be very sad to see so much of that lost in an upcoming ‘upgrade’. I would hate to have to leave if it no longer met my needs.

    • Cons

      totally agree with you Matt
      I will be sad if Evernote is changing this way.
      I just feel like the simplicity interface trend is not suitable for all apps/software.

  • Charu

    Functional design is more important than minimalist. Right now, I had to wonder where my editing tools were, were my folders were etc. Too much empty space create confusion.

    The human mind can handle a wee tiny bit of complexity like menus and toolbars. Please do not dumb us down by taking away the little complexity we have left in this world.

  • Cons

    Sorry, I have to vote for the old version. I have used the new Beta for a month now and I switched it back to the old one. It is much more productive in my opinion. I can find the notes I want and organize them much easier.
    There are lots of rooms for improvement for the new version.

  • Cons

    What I would suggest is adding a button in the old version for user to quickly switch to a clearer space like this minimal beta version. Everyone uses Evernote for different purposes, some use it mainly to organise while some use it to write/note down their ideas. For me I usually clip my notes from other websites and write down very short checklists so the white space is totally not needed. If you can have a button (just like the “Clearly” chrome app this might incorporate the advantages of both layouts for different users.

  • fanta

    Awful, awful, awful! completely useless navigation. what have you done 🙁

  • Annoyed

    This is just about useless. As someone who uses the web interface for 90% of my interaction with Evernote this will END my use if it is the only option. A sea of wasted screen real estate and I can’t even add links?!?!? Please lose the BS minimalist Apple design and give us a product for people who want to actually get things done

  • krissen

    Loving it!

  • John

    Not being able to have columns with Notebooks, Notes, Note, readily and openly displayed, takes away from my ease of use and focus.

  • Marco

    Absolutely hate it. Switching between different folders is cumbersome and timeconsuming. If this will be the only interface I will end my premium and move on to another service. Bad call, Evernote.

  • Brent

    I typically love minimalist design, but I am NOT a fan of the user experience with the new beta. I just switched back to the old design (thank goodness there’s the option to do so).

    My biggest beef with the new UI is that the search feature is awful. I search using a combination of tags and keywords ALL the time, and this new interface only allows me to search the notebooks themselves. This has been a really big step backwards as far as the user experience goes. I find myself having to sift through search results taking me quite a lot longer to recall notes.

    My second biggest beef is the alphabetical tag structure. Hierarchy is really big for a power user. Bring… it… back.

    My third biggest beef is the huge margins around the note itself. Not a fan.

  • Gus

    Sorry Evernote. Fail. This was my only option to use Evernote on Linux. The old version was slow, but at least it offered something familiar to users of the desktop version. The new web version is just a waste of screen real estate. Yes I know it is beta, but please think about the users who care about functionality over flashy looks.

  • Walter

    Bad news. Please don’t go there Evernote! The old interface was better, I can see more on the screen. And I had to switch back when I could not make a link. to one note from another. But that could be fixed. The problem is far bigger.

    From a design perspective what you have done is eliminated “affordance”. Visible notebooks, telling me how many notes in each, my list of visible shortcuts, visible snippets, these things create an environment where I can see what I have to do without thinking about it and making lists on bits of paper!!

    Sidebar and content has evolved as a standard for a good reason. You messed that up on the iPad, and now on the web, and where next! The sidebar is a navigation guide, it is configurable and after that it is stable. The right content area changes. That makes for an easy ride.

    In the new interface and in the old one it is too hard to search by tag. That works well on the Mac. Please keep that functionality.

  • Arnar

    Looks good but a lot of functionality is missing. Two things that I feel I cant be without is to open a note in a separate window and dragging notes to folders. As of now I can´t use the new web interface and I have to revert to the old one to keep doing my work. Hope the keep the new look without so much loss of function.

  • Jaco Crafford

    Looks great but impossible to navigate. Once I am done editing a new note there is no way to get out or back to my notes short of refreshing the page. I don’t get it.

  • mwr

    Ughh! What is this? Dumbed down for touch screen tablet users? White space everywhere = less data/information. Less of an information collection and organising application; more of a pretty note maker

  • David Westenkirchner

    I vote for the old interface. Perhaps the beta is “beautiful,” but the function is very ugly and cumbersome…

  • Dustin

    UI takes some getting used to (and I’m still not there), but the idea behind the UX is spot-on. When writing, it feels like a notebook: clean, inviting, distraction-free. I’ve honestly never had such a quick transition to that in-the-zone moment than my first few times playing with the new web app.

  • Garry

    What the heck!?! Why would I want a blocky tablet interface on my desktop browser? What’s with all the white space? Where’s the INFORMATION that allegedly is the Evenrnote sine non qua? Hopefully you’ll leave the current interface available forever. Frankly, the tabletization of all UI’s everywhere is a little misguided, and this is especially the case Evernote. Bear in mind that *very few people* use a tablet in the workplace, and that’s where the web interface is most important. If you insist on tabletizing the interface, please limit it to the actual iOS and Android apps (do’t tabletize the Windows interface either, please). Or if you intend to go this way (I sure hope not) at the very least make the note sizing and font sizing adjustable so that we can put many more than 3 or 4 notes on the display simultaneously…. sort of what’s done with the current UI. In fact, why not simply keep the current UI? This is not “epic” or “bold”, it’s silly.

  • Ed Weiss

    Yikes, I really, really, don’t like this new beta version. I loved being to type and have tags auto-suggested; now I can’t do that. There’s way too much white space. Blech. Please go back to the original!

  • Liz

    Please don’t change the desktop client!

    “Distraction-free” designs are great when you want them, and annoying as hell when you don’t. Resist the fad.

  • Marcell

    The rollover function is nice but sometimes it just gets in the way. Command B, Command C, Command V functions are easy to do. There should be a way to conveniently turn the rollover off and on. Overall, great job though. Where is the hi-light feature? Haven’t been able to find it.

  • Michael Willer

    The new web interface looks fantastic.
    Just tried writing a Journal note in it. What a thrill!
    Here’s hoping you can do something similar to the Desktop interface as well.

  • Michael Willer

    … just one suggestion: When tags are created as children to other tags, please display them as such. I know that you can’t use the hierarchy when searching, but it does make finding the tags easier…

  • Chris

    I greatly prefer the desktop interface. Please don’t change that.

  • Rshha

    The new Beta app seems in very early stage of development.
    I dont feel it handy at all and moving to older version till this beta is populated with better design and more content.

  • vivek kaarthek

    Cool design.I hope there is a dark theme too!! 😀

  • Tony Sarno

    As long as this dumbed web UI without nested tags (for light users) does not make it into the Windows desktop app (which is used by serious users) , you will still have me as a customer.

  • Lea

    Hmmm, mixed feelings. I like decluttered designs in general, but this is too extreme… 3 clicks and 1 new window to log off? Too much – 1 click would have been better. Also, choosing a notebook for a new note takes lots of scrolling now – stacks for that would have been nice, such as (1) drop-down menu for a stash + (2) hover over a stash to get to the single notebooks or sth like that

  • Lea

    In general, I like decluttered designs. But design over productivity is overshooting the mark. 3 clicks and 1 new window to log off? Alphabetical tags instead of hierarchical ones? Choosing a notebook from an alphabetical list without stacks? Also, the hovering text format window gets in the way and doesn’t appear reliably when marking text. And the margin is so wide that all formatting options would fit nicely all at once without having to wait for the animation and change direction. Drag and drop is considerably hampered. An “action count” might be a useful guide: How many actions does it take to reach your goal? For adding a checklist button it now takes 4 actions: (1) get mouse to bulletpoint button, (2) wait for animation, (3) get mouse to correct button, (4) click it. Before, only 2 actions were needed. This might all be small things, but they add up and make the new design annoying to use when speed and productivity are paramount.

  • Simon

    I like change and refreshed design, but I don’t like this. I prefer to see all my notes and folders so that I can easily click and access them. This new design takes more time to find what I am looking for. I use the web version at work as I can’t install the windows version. I’ve used Evernote premium for many years and love it as it’s such an brilliantly designed productivity tool that supports both my personal and work life to make it much easier. If the new design is fully implemented then there needs to be some functions that allow the notes and folders to show on the left for ease of access and finding the right notes. The print feature also needs looked at as it is missing on the beta. For these reasons I have changed back to the old version.

  • Gyanish

    Why is there no logout button?? It essentially means I cannot use it to quickly get information on public computers at all. Having to go to settings to logout is an extremely bad and painful way to do something so simple.

  • Shelly Rollison

    Would love the ability in the writing mode to turn the background black and text white. Would be incredibly helpful for long writing sessions to go easier on the eyes.

  • Bill

    Interesting, but too bland and unnecessary for my way of working. It takes one click to see a list of notebooks, notes, tags, etc., and a second click to select the desired one, I prefer the old UI, which provides a better sense of perspective with an immediate reference for single-click access. Especially nice for nested tags. Too much wasted white-space for me. Kinda like flying in the Cloud with no perspective or ground references to help guide direction and altitude. Sorry guys, for me it’s horrible. Please ensure the tried and true methods of work in the old version remains available to those of us who are not only happy with the current version, but find it easier to use.

  • Charles

    The beta is fantastic! It’s my new preferred method of access.

  • Gary

    The new web interface looks nice but I fond it almost impossible to use now. Took me twenty minutes to try and figure out how to stack a new notebook, finally had to go to the desktop version to do it. Design is nice but when you ruin functionality, which is totally the point with your service, wtf?

  • Scott

    “For six years, we believed that people wanted a desktop app in their browser…” Well, for some of us, this is exactly what we want. There are times I appreciate a minimalist UI (e.g. when writing a long document), but most of the time I need all of the functionality of switching between notes, notebooks, tags, etc… all simultaneously visible and requiring only a single click. Evernote is my digital brain, my library, not just my work interface. When I wanted a minimalist writing/editing UI, I simply expanded the current note to open in a new tab.

    Please don’t take the maximized functionality of the current version away when you make the new beta a final release.

  • Mike

    This is exactly why developers don’t want to early release products – because people lose their minds. OMG MY THING IS GONE!!!! I CANNOT EXIST!!!

    You were given fair warring – “You can switch into an early beta today by going into settings on Evernote Web. Take a look, but we recommend that you use it only if you’re comfortable with beta software. The complete version is coming later this fall.”

    The keyword here is beta… early beta in fact and it’s totally opt-in. Should you expect an early beta to be functionally complete? Probably not. Should you should expect it to be feature incomplete and buggy? Sure.

    Developers are looking for serious constructive feedback, not panic attacks. And keep in mind that what works best for you may not work best for others… I tend to like the clean, minimalist look and I don’t need a ton of data on my screen at all times to feel like I can find what I need. That may not be true for others so perhaps suggesting multiple workflow views as a feature would be a good thing whereas flipping the hell out and having a mental breakdown is probably not.

    To go back to the old version, please, click the settings icon on the bottom left of the screen ( Under Account Summary > Beta, choose “Go back to old version”.

  • Lazza

    Where is the option for selecting multiple notes?!?!?

    Ctrl does not work. Shift does not work.

    This is unusable.

  • Joel

    My Evernote usage has been increasing over the last while. I accepted the invitation to try the beta just now–my experience lasted for less than a minute. (Figuring out how to switch back out of beta took substantially longer.)

    Obviously, this is a beta–I’ll look forward to seeing where it goes. I like the aesthetics of the new interface, but note some big drawbacks with the current implementation–drawbacks that will likely result in my exploring a switch away from Evernote if not addressed in some form.

    My gripes with the current version:
    * A general impression: multiple clicks are necessary for a lot of tasks. That’s not going to be helpful. (And yes–this is based on *very* brief exposure.)
    * I need good, universal search.
    * Ability to open notes in new windows is a big loss in the current beta.
    * I’d very much like to have a good set of keyboard shortcuts.

    It’s great to get the site clean/mobile-friendly/etc. But if the site’s “cleanness” gets in my way, I’ll become less likely to use it. 🙂

  • Grace

    This new evernote sucks. My titles are missing, and though I can view the text in the notes, I absolutely cannot edit it. I want to un-update my evernote.

  • Fermin

    Oh yes beautiful. And impractical. Searching is a mess. There is no way to look for notes that have a certain tag in a notebook, how could that be? all my GTD implementation will be useless if this is the way you are going to redesign the desktop application. I am so frustrated with this new version! Useless! a waste of space on screen!

    Gorgeous? yes, if you love the white color everywhere like white walls and clear skies!!

  • John

    The new design is attractive and may be easy to use. But a particular problem: I couldn’t find a way to delete a tag.

  • Jorge Arturo

    It is beautiful indeed, but far from functional, you removed or hide a lot of features, and it is harder to work with it.

  • Parfumeur

    Colors are awful, wishy washy, grey fonts merge into the white screen. Has anyone ever taken a course on hoe the eye sees color and chromatic aberration? Darker green on a green background? Awful….

  • shahensha

    Trust me, the new web interface sucks! It is good to be minimalistic, but not at the cost of functionality which your users have become so used that they feel suffocated using the new design.

    For starters, I cannot find a simple way of adding hyperlinks in notes? Why?

    There is no way to stack a notebook inside other notebook!

    Navigating between notebooks is such a big pain in ass.

    I am disappointed.

    • Jim

      Is this the ‘dumbing down’ of Evernote? This is unusable. Just checked it out with another Evernote user, and he’s paralyzed and looking for what he’s used to seeing available, this is madness. look — ‘minimalist’, taken to an extreme, means loss of functionality and ‘DUMBED-DOWN’. My first reaction was WTF?

  • Szabolcs

    I agree with Zoltan, I think too, that this “improvement” is a huge failure. The previous one was perfect. I can’n understand, why have to be changed something that works good. It would be great to have an option to “downgrade” to the previous version…

  • Mengkuong

    Why can’t you make something like this on the Windows 8 App? I love all the interface except the Windows App.

  • Manuel

    I don’t normally like “change for change’s sake”, so I gave this beta a try. At first I didn’t like it because it was a change from the previous UI to which I had grown accustomed. But I like the larger font in the Notebook previews. The icons however, are a little too small for my liking. I don’t find accessibility to be a “distraction”, but a necessity.

  • shane

    How do you ‘merge’ notes on the new evernote web? Help?

  • Milena

    I still can’t find the mystical top-right-corner account name that I’m supposed to click on to sign out (I can’t see it on the screenshot above either). I mean obviously people have been signing out etc… BUT HOW?

  • Marissa

    I just download the Evernote App to my Chromebook. Is there a way to search for multiple tags at one time? And why can’t I see all the tags for a notebook that is shared to me?

  • GLove

    As some people say here: Design over productivity. If I’m using large 24″ display I expect to see more information than on iPhone…

  • Kevin

    hi big fan of evernote but i have a question. what is the story with creating a note on the webpage and then when you wnat to edit it on the app(using samsung galaxy tab s), This would not work for me. I had to create a new Note in the app, which I could edit. And then when I go to check it in the web it is not there. This is not good. Can anyone advise? Many thanks.

  • Scott

    I can appreciate the fact that a lot of work went into this new design, but I have to admit that I’m one of the users who prefers the previous version. I’m all for neat and tidy, but I didn’t find the previous (current?) version particularly *un*tidy. The current version, not the new Web beta, is the Evernote that I’ve grown with, and it works near perfectly for me in its current form. If this new Web Beta comes out of beta, and/or is applied to other versions, I hope that there will ALWAYS be a choice for reversion to the old/classic version. As much as I love Evernote and its bold exploration, I hate to say, this current iteration of the Web beta as of Jan 2015, is practically useless to me. I was so relieved to find the option to revert in Account Settings. I use Evernote on every device/machine available to me – several desktop pcs, macbook, smartphone, tablet, and Chromebook (we need a standalone/offline version for this). Anywhere I have to use the web version, I will need the near desktop/mac client presentation/functionality. The current iteration of Web beta does not offer this for me. just my .02.

  • Mike Dwyer

    After using Beta for a couple of months I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the minimalist look…however…the absence of features caused me to switch back. No stacks, no saved searches. I just wasn’t able to create enough work-arounds to use it successfully (and frankly I shouldn’t have to). Overall your product is still my go-to application and I look forward to a more ‘complete’ version soon.

  • Esther

    Oh and forgot to say that I cannot find a help function. Could be usefull though !

    • emmit

      feel like in an effort to try to make this more flexible, it’s become way too cumbersome. I use the web clipper to save inspiration, etc…. now getting to links is now way more difficult. wish i could still click titles and be taken to page i’ve saved. little frustrated here.

      • Mr_Wagstaff

        Wide notes (such as notes containing tables) become unusable in this Beta. The current Web app allows me to open a note in a new window and uses all available screen. This Beta removes that feature and imposes a WIDTH LIMIT similar to how shared notes are unusable. Why does Evernote allow one platform to create a usable wide note but then render it useless on another platform?

        • Glenrealtoraz

          Is there a fix to this?

          Wide notes (such as notes containing tables) become unusable in this Beta. The current Web app allows me to open a note in a new window and uses all available screen. This Beta removes that feature and imposes a WIDTH LIMIT similar to how shared notes are unusable. Why does Evernote allow one platform to create a usable wide note but then render it useless on another platform?

  • Yan Supormoro

    New user and subscriber to premium. When setting up it asked to try Beta. Pretty, but missing some key usability features: need to easily notebooks and tags, at least the top level ones while including a twistie to open up note stacks, or a tag hierarchy.

    Also, doing something simple like trying to search with more than one tag is either not doable, or is not intuitive like the production released interface is.

    I switched back from Beta almost immediately.

  • Wallace

    I really love the look of the new beta, but I’ve found I can’t use a lot of the organizational tools that really make Evernote worthwhile. For instance, I can’t figure out how to stack pre-existing notebooks, or merge notes. Is there a way to do this in the beta that I’m missing? If so, how? If not, please bring those features into the beta asap, they’re what makes Evernote so useful.

  • Brian

    I need the ability to select multiple notes and do things with them (tag, merge, add to notebook).

  • Jordan

    I know your design guy/gal must be a really nice person, but that is not enough to throw all your user base out the window. This new “clean” UI goes against why many, many people paid and subscribed to the service. They want to be able to be productive. You seem to be steering to a new direction. You could have still had productive AND beautiful, but somehow you managed to mess it up and now its only “beautiful”, with big quote marks there because many don’t even find it nice to see (white space looks good on design, but it makes things even harder to find).

    Think about the company, please. NO need to go back, you can do another version. Mark 2. You have literally a huge amount of your user base who use you every day telling you exactly what you did wrong and you are ignoring it for those who just say “Wow! This is nice! Thanks!” and might not even use evernote on regular basis.

  • raindog308

    Major usability fail – the old web version was much more efficient. If this web beta replaces the old web version, I’ll switch back to OneNote.

  • Trylo Fire

    Spot on with this write-up, I seriously think this website
    needs far more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!

  • Jamie

    When typing in the new interface, when you get to the bottom of the page, you cannot see where your cursor is if it is below the fold until you start typing.

  • Alexander Greim

    I love the interface. For the first time I feel undisturbed by unnecessary interface elements while writing. Focus matters!

    Please keep going that way. Hope to see desktop apps being adapted soon!

  • chris stevens


  • Chris

    I am totally frustrated. This ust be built for people with a lot of time. Previously I could see all features with just a glance, including the various notebookks. Now I feel like I am looking thru fog. Can I still get the old version?

  • Cidalia

    The beta looks nice. I had some initial issues with trying to discover how to do certain things (renaming notebooks, for example, is not as simple as before). However, there is still A LOT of room for improvement. I know that the beta version is supposed to provide a more clutter-free interface, but I don’t like that the side bar constantly disappears while navigating…it’s a time waster. Additionally, I am not longer able to view all reminders within a stack, for example, and can only see them in each individual notebook. Another time waster. Going to keep using the “old” version until beta has all of the same functionality.

  • Gary

    HELP! How can I get the old dense web interface back? I can hardly see any of my notes, there’s no context whatsoever! Just huge swaths of aimless white (on my beautiful 1920×1200 26″ monitor).

  • delia

    how do i see my “library” of notes? That’s something I love, being able to look around my “bookshelf” of notebooks i’ve created. I used to be able to scan say 20 notes at once for the once I needed. Now I have to perform multiple searches, continually scroll around, all making for a frustrating experience. I can’t find all the content I carefully curated here. Rrrrr.

  • Jim

    I like the interface, but I haven’t found a way to delete a note when in preview mode for that note. Sure… I see that I can trash it via the left panel, but for some reason, that left panel refreshes, and then I have to scroll again to find it. Essentially, the workflow has been greatly hindered by extra scrolling and clicking. I sure hope that they take all of this feedback and put in some fixes.

  • Roger

    Awesome – love it!

  • Steve G

    I hope we will have the option to keep using the “old” (and much more feature rich) web application.

    The way I use evernote is with tags and nested tags. This new web version is simply horrible with tags and screen real estate.

    IMO, this new version is simply a dumbed down version of the current web app.

  • Pedro

    Hi All,

    I have tried the new, beta, version of EN, but I do not seem to be able to see the tag shortcuts that I had set up in the old version. Is that not possible in the new version…?

  • Ishana

    I was very disappointed when this update came around. I have only been using evernote for the past few months and I really liked the simplicity of the design. You always had the notes at the side and the notebooks after that, it was easy to make the writing in bold an italics, not have to go on some sort of expedition through the website to find everything! I get that you are trying to go for something flashy and new, making everything look ‘high-tech’ and ‘elegant’ and ‘modern’. In that case, I suppose you would have succeeded. That doesn’t mean I like it! I had a system set up! It was functional before but now creating new notes and editing old ones is really difficult because the new design is distracting and everything keeps disappearing to the side of the screen and it’s getting on my nerves! I won’t lie, some people have liked the new update, saying it’s better than the old one. I am not one of those people. I find it frustrating and hard to manage. Others however have praised you for this update. Is there anyway that, maybe, you could create some sort of setting where you could choose to go to the old style if you wanted? I suppose that may sound unreasonable, (and probably a little bias) but also updating randomly one day with no warning and giving it such an extreme design seems pretty unreasonable too. Please consider this.

  • Haystack

    I am soo sooo glad I found the setting to go back to the old interface. I gave up on the redesigned version and switched back to taking notes on paper napkins, the backs of receipts, and my hand. Full credit for trying, though, and making something any pegged-pants and square-toed shoes wearing minimalist fanatic worth his black turtleneck would smirk at in approval.

    There’s no way I can afford to buy one for each member of the design team, and I wouldn’t know where to send them, but somebody there should give this a skim:

  • dave

    The new interface is beautiful, but It is not functional for me. I move notes from notebook to notebook as work on them progresses. I use tags in a hierarchical fashion to find things. I am in the process of putting together a work group centered around Evernote, but will have to look at other options if I can’t get off the beta web version and back to the old version. I’m still going to be leery of committing to a system which may soon be non-functional for me. I do like the appearance of the beta. If only looks were everything.

  • Zhirou

    Oh, wow. This is absolutely stunning! I used to only use Evernote for Desktop because the web interface wasn’t so appealing—now, I hardly ever launch the Desktop app.
    When’s this design coming to Yosemite? It is so gorgeous.
    Zoltan—Why do you say that? This “horrible UI” seems a lot more reliable and intuitive. It incorporates the latest design trends and HTML5. Or are you talking about the load time? Load time, for me, is actually faster than the older version, if you ask me. Anyhow, you are entitled to your own opinion, right?

  • Leo

    I must say while the new UI is visually appealing it suffers a stark drop in functionality. I wish I had the choice to go back to the previous version. This just isn’t working for me and I don’t have the option of using a client since Evernote doesn’t support Linux users. I might have to start migrating to Tagspaces even though their search isn’t nearly as good as evernote’s.

  • TDog

    I really dislike how you can’t see an overview of your notebooks at all times in this new version. This takes a lot of workflow functionality away from an otherwise great program.

  • Utah Sites

    Vernote’s new design is just so impressive. I should commend the difference it have been from the before interface. Can’t wait to see more of it.

  • Unhappy User

    It’s unusable. I don’t mind what colours and style you use but any UI that doesn’t let me see the notebooks, notes and contents at the same time is useless to me and since you’ve discontinued the linux client I’m stuck. Don’t pat yourself too hard on the back.

  • Andy-

    I agree the new UI looks beautiful but it’s lost so many important functions that its almost unusable compared to the prior version. I loved the Web version because you almost didn’t need the desktop version. I used up to 5-6 different PCs for work daily. I loved knowing that my evernote experience would be consistent across web applications. Please make if beautiful but not lose important functions!
    -auto fill tag searches
    -change note locations between notebooks
    -click tags with search and easily search by multiple tags

  • Jorge Flores

    Looks amazing and beautiful, but I feel it is a step back, not progress, the UI is pretty, but that is it, it is harder to use, has less feauters, takes more steps to do simple stuff.

  • Jenksy

    It’db e great if the web editor was consistent. Why does using the TAB key to indent often result in a varying number of spaces? Sometimes it’s 5 spaces; sometimes it’s 4…

    For a company that focuses on note taking, the data input capabilities of Evernote have always been frustrating. Indenting lists shouldn’t require post-list formatting.

  • Anne

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    because of SEO?

    Are you active on any discussion boards?

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