Evernote Conference: Day 1


Evernote Conference: Day 1

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 03 Oct 2014

Posted by Taylor Pipes on 03 Oct 2014

Today was an exciting day for the Evernote community. Whether you’re a developer, employee, or user, you’re now officially part of our journey to improve productivity for the modern worker.

Here are the highlights from the first day of the Evernote Conference.

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Your workspace
During the opening keynote, Phil Libin outlined our metaphor problem. Those familiar metaphors — files, documents, projectors, and slides — are connected to office productivity stuck in a world that’s almost as old as personal computing.

In recent years, the physical objects have been replaced with digital replicas. While some of these may have moved from your desktop to the cloud, they haven’t really changed in the process.

We have higher expectations. Evernote is the singular place designed around four central actions we perform each day: write, collect, find, and present.

Welcome to your new workspace. Learn more >>

Market success
In the past year alone, we’ve sold $12 million worth of product from the Evernote Market. Of those purchases, 51 percent were from first-time buyers. This has helped us prove the point that one of our goals at Evernote is that it’s more important to get people to stay, than to buy.

In addition, 500,000 Evernote Moleskine Notebooks have been sold since launch. We’ve learned that people who love writing and physical notebooks are some of the best Evernote users. That’s why we announced the launch of the Evernote Moleskine Day Planner.

Each planner gives you 12 months of pages to fill with meetings or appointments. It also includes three months of Evernote Premium. It’s nice, slim, and a handy way to keep track of your weekly schedule and meeting notes, side by side. Learn more>>

Evernote’s new web client
For six years, we believed that people wanted a desktop app in their browser. Today’s web begs for a different experience, one that’s light, fast, and clear. That’s what we set out to build. The results are amazing and unlike anything we’ve ever done. Learn more and explore our new, beautiful Evernote Web Client.


At Evernote, Augmented Intelligence is an important part of building experience that help you be a better, smarter worker. We think that AI should benefit you, not us. That’s why it’s important to understand we do not monetize any of your data and don’t target. These are the three laws of AI at Evernote:

1. It improves your work.
2. It’s about design.
3. It benefits you, not us.

AI has is a fundamental part of the development of some additional features designed to help you work smarter and achieve more. Here’s some that we announced, today.

In Evernote, every phrase informs our algorithms about what other content might help you further your project. We call this Context. It’s an extremely powerful new Premium feature coming soon to Evernote. Learn more >>

Work Chat
Evernote is the workspace for your entire workday. It’s with you from desk to meetings to business trip, and everywhere in between. Of course, it’s never just about doing the work, it’s about getting the best results. Your workspace should foster the collaboration and communication you need. Your work should be improved by the very tools you use to do it. That’s why we’re building Work Chat, to make Evernote the workspace where your team’s best ideas develop. Learn more >>

This completely free app will immediately transform the scanner from a single-user device to a multi-user office scanner. With Scannable, we are moving paper forward while addressing one of our most common requests with making the scanner a multi-user experience.

Presentation Mode
Meetings suck. They are terrible. Most of you probably hate meetings. Almost all meetings are bad because they waste time. That is unpleasant.

And, 99.9 percent of meetings shouldn’t be pitches. They should increase the knowledge in the room and convince people of good ideas. From your computer to the big screen, Evernote Presentation Mode automatically displays a beautiful version of your current work to share with colleagues. Learn more >>

Tomorrow brings lots more exciting keynotes with Reid Hoffman and Stewart Brand as well as a variety of sessions and workshops. We look forward to seeing you again at beautiful Fort Mason.


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  • Fran_K

    I’ve been hearing for over 20 years about how files are going to go away, Microsoft, IBM and Apple have all said that in the past, but somehow files are still with us. Perhaps there is a real reason that files haven’t gone away after the largest players in the field have had no success replacing the file system? It is your company to do as you like, but I’d rather you focus on improving the existing core product.

    What I was really hoping to hear in this announcement was about Evernote having a renewed focus on reliability, security and usability. After 6 years as a premium user I still have complications on upgrades. In every release the editor changes in mysterious ways, which may be improvements, but it all seems random and inconsistent. Who knows what feature will go away until you install the new version? I dislike these surprises. The UI still has a lot of annoying issues, for instance if you switch to Top List View then switch back, your mouse ends up over the delete icon. So if you click twice, as I do a few times a year, the currently selected note is deleted. That’s just poor usability design. Hire some UX pros to fix the apps and make them consistent.

    Each platform seems like it was made by a different company. Each new major release requires learning a new UI. I’ve often create a note in another app and paste it into Evernote rather than fight the editor or experiment, who has time? And my biggest issue is the lack of security on my notes. I have still not heard anything about how nobody can read my notes and that they are encrypted at all times. Since there is no guarantee about privacy, I have to be careful not to put critical information in Evernote. And now that the app syncs every new note immediately I will have to think about the note before I create it so that I don’t accidentally send off data I want to be secure.

    So yeah, please grow Evernote into a 100 year company and make new products and do new cool things. But please keep improving the core product.

  • Konrad

    Any chance for the video from yesterday’s keynote? 🙂

  • David

    All fine and good. Meanwhile, the apps won’t sync, and one cannot even log in to the customer help site. Fast losing patience!

  • Elad Miterany

    Nice new features!