The All New Penultimate 6 for iPad Is Here


The All New Penultimate 6 for iPad Is Here

Posted by on 13 Nov 2014

Posted by on 13 Nov 2014

Handwriting is here to stay, but it needs to evolve alongside technology. Penultimate’s goal is to show us what handwriting on an iPad should be. Getting there means unbinding the app from the physical notebook metaphor. That’s why we completely redesigned Penultimate. The new Penultimate breaks with the old in order to fully embrace the future of handwriting.

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Infinite Paper

Each page is as long as you need it to be, just keep scrolling down using two fingers. You’re using an iPad, not a notebook so there’s no reason to artificially break your ideas into pages. All of your thoughts on a topic or notes from a meeting stay together and are easy to find. For Evernote users, this makes a page in Penultimate feel just like a note in Evernote.

New Toolbar. New Tools.

If there’s one thing that notebooks have over most apps it’s that they’re not covered with buttons and features. We took this simplicity to heart in the new Penultimate. There are only two small options visible on the page as you write. Tap the pen icon to expand the redesigned toolbar. Tap on tools to reveal additional options like colors and thickness. There’s also a new highlighter available.

Paper Collections
You have your choice of several different paper backgrounds for your notes, including lines, dots, and grids. We also have seven additional paper collections that are available through our Paper Shop. If any of those aren’t what you need, you can always create your own.

The Stylus
Penultimate is best when it’s used with a stylus, and we recommend The Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus by Adonit. This fine-tipped Bluetooth stylus is optimized for Penultimate to create the most accurate writing experience. Get your stylus from the Evernote Market.

Great Zoom

Zoom is better than ever. Pinch into an area of the screen to create a zoom box (if you’re using a stylus you may need to pinch twice). To have the zoom box drift along with your writing tap the play button, or reposition the box manually.


Built with Evernote

Everything in Penultimate can sync with Evernote. Not only will this allow you to view your handwriting across any computer or phone you use, but it also adds Evernote’s handwriting search so that you can find what you’re looking for in Penultimate.

New Look. New Options.

Gone are the bound notebooks. In their place are beautiful, easy to tap circles. Tap and hold on a notebook to bring up additional options. The tap and hold also works on individual notes to let you share and delete.
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.15.05 AM

We’re really excited to bring you the new Penultimate. It’s full of huge improvements and enhancements and it’s also what we think modern handwriting should be. Let us know what you think.


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  • Brian

    We need this for iPhone 6 plus please.

    • Peter

      Definite +1 for iPhone 6+ I’m very keen to use my large screen iPhone for handwritten notes. As a long time Evernote fan, this would be a huge step forwards.

    • Jason Chin

      +1 for iPhone 6 plus support.

  • pkf

    I can’t figure out how to delete a new page… It’s driving me crazy…

  • Ema

    I have lost most of my data in previous notebooks!!! Please help!!! This is a nightmare…. You should have warned us before asking to upgrade

  • Alan Napier

    I think your new upgrade is garbage. I had ten notebooks in the old Penultimate app, about seventy pages of detailed handwritten notes, to be lost when the app upgraded. Now I have a single notebook consisting of the last pages from each of the last ten notebooks that I created. Thanks for wasting my time, Evernote. You’re like so many iPad developers that make changes with no real testing. Penultimate is a nice little toy, but I would never use it for serious business purpose based on my dreadful experience. Terrible!

  • homeion

    Thanks. Some good improvements, some not.
    From my experience, the connection with Jot Scripts is working better. It’s easier to switch between colours. But pan-and-zoom is working horribly and therefore useless. But on the other hand, better zoom, without pan.
    Some pros some cons.
    Like it.

  • Ethan

    I’m going to spend part of today trying to adapt to the new Penultimate. There are some big changes. The two changes that are the most painful, as a longtime Penultimate user:

    1.) The zoomed “Drift Mode” does not adapt to your writing speed. It just speeds along without regard and really makes thoughtful writing impossible. It’s such a bad user experience that this may be a bug. (Let me know if any of you experience the same.)

    2.) I can’t figure out how to view a list of page thumbnails and reorder pages. I used this feature all the time in the previous version. It was so useful for reviewing and organizing notes and ideas weeks and months after creating them. It may be that I just haven’t yet figured out how to invoke this feature in the new version. Again, I suspect there is some new workflow I need to adopt. (If any of you have a solution let me know.)

    I like the new full-screen design. Just trying to embrace the fact that I need to rethink how I use the app.

    • Ethan

      I spent several hours today trying to develop new workflows and methods of using the new version. However, this new version seems to have removed almost every feature that I loved about the old version. I actually completely deleted the app from my iPad today. I can’t tell you how sad that made me.

  • Hiro

    After the update, I feel that the writing experience is not as good as the previos one. The handwriting is not as smooth, it’s choppier. The zoom box doesn’t drift along with my writing, it scrolls by itself when you klick play and it’s faster than i would like to write. The older version had the “drift” follow my writing speed perfectly. I’m not using a bluetooth stylus so I haven’t test it with one. I’m using a wacom bamboo stylus.

    • Sander

      I’m also using a Wacom Bamboo Stylus. Since today’s update the writing experience has rendered Penultimate useless. Is this a business strategy for selling the Evernote branded Jot Script stylus? I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible, as this current writing experience is a de facto devaluation of my Evernote membership.

      New GUI + old writing experience would be much appreciated! (Or a free compatible stylus for memberships over 5 years if this solves this issue 🙂 )

    • Tony

      Hiro–I agree. The writing experience is now very choppy. Also, the older version’s drift feature worked very well for me. I liked how it adjusted to my writing. Also, I liked being able to simply zoom and start writing…now I have to zoom, adjust the box to where I want it, and start writing in a different spot on the screen.

      Regarding the infinite paper–I might get used to it, but I did like the feel of a notebook with pages. Having pages gave me a mental reference point and helped me remember where I wrote certain things.

      I feel most of the updates are a huge step backwards. The biggest issue: the choppy writing. I can hardly ready what I have written. This was not an issue in the previous version.

      • Tony

        *read…not ready 🙂

  • Peter

    Boo! Really Evernote? You make a change to how people work this major with no warning? And no ability to access prior functionality that folks are used to? I’ve a big meeting today, and I’ll be using paper to take notes.

  • Peter

    Just got 6.0 forced on me
    No titles on any notebook….aghhhh
    No way to zoom back to find particular notes
    Poor job transitioning a 3 year customer

    • homeion

      For titles:
      go to settings.
      activate “show titles”

  • Wiezman

    Sorry, but you broke my notebook. The ZOOM option is horrible and it is completely off the place where it is zoomed on, the writing is so choppy that it became useless. I LOST MY DRIFT writing that was following me, went forward when I did and stopped when I stopped. This “new” PLAY thing is too fast, and it still doesn’t recognize that I have reached the end of the line and move me to a new line (mainly when using a lined paper).
    I am in the middle of the semester and I notes (100 pages worth) that I cannot continue and add. REALLY BAD.

    I am missing the old penultimate features.

    TURN OFF the automatic update on the iPAD (my app was updated automatically. Bummer!!)

  • RB

    This is a terrible update. I think I understand where you were going with this, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to rid the app of the affordances and useability that so many people (judging by the comments on the app store update and the comments on this page) came to love about the app. Please make the old version available again.

  • Nic

    The update. No clear page option. PDF only export option. Not able to export a single page. Moving through pages awkward and inconsistent. Loss of notebook feel. Not able to simply turn to a new page. No longer able to clear an entire page.

    • Nic

      Follow up to my previous post. The zoom selection appears but the enlargement of that area does not. For a brief fraction of a second I saw other export options but could not get it to appear again. I will shut down my iPad, restart and see if your very buggy update repairs itself.

  • Matthew

    Lesson learned. Turn auto-update off on your apps. I had a meeting this morning and I can’t even find my notebooks now. Most are “notes” under Penultimate. No longer organized by title. If I wasn’t rushed for the meeting maybe I would have not skipped the “what’s new” when I loaded it. I had to take notes with actual paper and pen. Here’s a clue: If you release an update to your app #penultimate, update your help and guides, please! ( I can’t even figure out how to change pages now.

  • Wilbrecht

    Based on my own use and the user reviews on iTunes this product update has left a lot of people confused and angered including myself. The removal of notebook names from the overview area and removal of the undo function are among the most frustrating changes.

  • Jose Baellar

    This version is broken! I cannot access my notes! Pan and zoom are KILLING the app
    Cannot connect Jolt either.
    Please, fix it ASAP!

  • Jay

    So far I cannot find how to manipulate individual pages (change their order, delete pages, etc.). The description makes it sound like all of these options are gone. If they are this version is definitely not an improvement.

  • Arnold

    So disappointing ! It looks nice but takes out differentiating features like navigating the pages. The scrolling experience is terrible. Is there a possibilty to downgrade to older version ?

  • Emzar

    This is just a disaster! Once best note taking app became totally unusable after the upgrade. Let people install previous version back if you want to preserve them for the future. I would personally say you BIG thank you should I able to roll back!!! Otherwise will have to find another app and, reading comments of many others, not only me.

  • Nico

    After this update all of my notes for my classes were ruined, since everything is on one giant page. My lecture notes for today all look horrible because of how choppy it is. Worst of all the automatic drift is gone, so I was constantly pressing play and pause on the drift box, and missed a couple notes. I also feel like the entire app is less responsive overall. Right now my studying for exams is going to be brutal since everything is on one giant page now. Please does anyone know how I can downgrade?

  • George

    Previous version of zoom worked better for me. The new is horrible 🙁 Somebody knows how can I clear the whole page? In the previous version I had to click twice on the eraser icon.

  • Jose Luis

    Version 6 is really bad. I don’t like the infinite paper. I did like the pages option and you took it out!. The scrolling with the two fingers is not working, it does not keep up, is slow to react and I end up placing lines that the undo button cannot take out. I cannot find easily my old notes, and I used to like the view where I could see all the pages and I could quickly go to the notes that I wanted. I never liked the Evernote way of looking to my penultimate notes… Is there a way to revert back to 5?. Version 6 does look pretty, but is unusable. By the way, the zoom rectangle runs way to fast, the old one used to allow me to control the speed easily.

  • Fer

    The new update is awful. You destroyed the idea of aNotebook, no name, no organization, no going from the first page to last, no right zooming in landscape mode and…
    How does someone come up with these horrible ideas?

  • Mike

    Overall I really like the changes. The one thing that was a little strange was how low-res the paper options are. Quite distracting. Also the “ink” is surprisingly pixilated at the .02 setting.

    I second the request for iPhone support.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Sander

      Hi Mike,

      Your experience seems to be very different than most of us. Makes me curious: how can this be? What stylus are you using?

  • Jorge

    There is a bug when you try to cut a marker’s line the line just extend and sometimes I couldn’t erase until I closed the notebook.

  • Nic

    Conclusion: this update completely destroys everything I like to have for a notebook or sketchbook app. I downloaded and will now use SketchBook X. Once I am able to print my last booklet from Penultimate–hopefully that becomes possible again–I will no longer have any use of this app. It will be hard to ever trust an app maker that releases such a mistake.

  • Ashu

    Wow Evernote – I am your Premium User – I liked Penultimate and was happy when it was bought over by Evernote – I liked the backup integration with Evernote. This Version 6 – is no longer – what it was. Penultimate was a Digital replacement of carrying around a Physical Notebook albeit I still cherished the notion of a page, and how I could organize them. Now it is NOT a Notebook – but a Note. I have Evernote for that – why would I need Penultimate? This version of Penultimate could have been integrated into the Evernote app – I wish I had known what I got myself into. I had a paid for Penultimate when I bought it and you have ruined the experience for me.

  • Mike

    I’m pretty impressed with this incarnation of Penultimate. My script stylus works very well with it and there is no longer any lag-time between writing and it appearing on the display. For me it is a much more realistic ‘writing-on-paper’ experience than before. I’ve experienced some confusion with the change in workflow but this has resolved with a little practice and taking the time to adjust to the new UI. If anything, I think some of the prior criticism may have been addressed by an instructional video which would help existing users to understand the difference between 5 & 6 and transitioning to the latest. A little bug (I think) I’ve noticed when adding to an existing note…the stylus allows an initial stroke, then drops out for only a couple of seconds, then recommences. Also, a little more clarity is required on the revised use of the zoom function and certainly, as mentioned below, a variable drift speed when ‘play’ is active in the zoom box that is sensitive to the stylus touching the display would be great. Otherwise, this is a great improvement. Well done.

    • Peter

      You are obviously the author of version 6.

      • Mike

        Such disrespect is really unwarranted in a forum like this. I’m just a user like everyone else and this has been my experience. It’s obvious that my experience is not shared by others and that will be a problem for the Penultimate team to try to address.

        • Temple

          Makes me wonder, too, as with about 90% of Raters giving the update a 1 Star on the App Store, and the feedback on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook and several influential blogs being overwhelmingly not just negative, but vitriolic, for someone to say something positive is, well, unusual.

          • Mike

            I’m happy to be considered the ‘unusual’ outlier. It’s worthwhile remembering that all we are seeing in a forum like this are ‘hits’ of negative experiences as a majority, and not the ‘misses’ of positive ones. One probably needs to ask the question: how many people are using the new version, are happy with it, and have not bothered to respond? However, I think that when criticism of a product descends into discrediting a user’s experience–or opportunity to deliver vitriol as you’ve stated–then the purpose of the forum is lost. Anyway, the software team seem to be responsive to some of the points that have been made and so the product evolves.

  • Rex

    Now this is my fourth time posting, but they are always “awaiting” moderation.

    So, it appears the ability to organize pages is completely gone in this new version.

    You cannot duplicate pages. You cannot reorder pages. You cannot delete pages. You cannot view all your pages as thumbnails if you want to tap on a specific page to jump to. You cannot export specific pages (you can only export the entire notebook)…

    This is a complete disaster if so!!! I hope I am missing something, and my review is completely in error. But I’ve looked all over, and I cannot find the ability to organize pages.

    All of the other improvements are great, but they are all for naught if you’ve taken out the most useful feature of the app… organization.

    Please, please, please fix this. Otherwise penultimate has gone from an app worthy of being held in the same useful regard as Evernote, to a child’s doodle app.

    • Michel

      Well said. Also, it is one big note. Impossible to go to last page without scrolling and scrolling with two fingers which does not always work and leaves marks on the page.

    • Temple

      I have several posts “awaiting moderation” as well. I think Evernote knows they produced a stinker and they are trying to calm the negativity as they scramble to put out an update this week before the App Store explodes with the negative reviews.

  • Temple

    Let’s just hope the lack of chiming in from Evernote staff to these overwhelmingly negative comments is because they are hard at work repairing this disaster or, better yet, giving us back the app we all loved before they “improved it” to oblivion…..

  • Eric

    The whole idea of a notebook is to be able to flip through the pages. That’s an organization method which is now lost. I previously used this to make quick graphs for math class, and now I can’t find a way to capture an image easily because there are no pages. The zoom function doesn’t work and it doesn’t reorient well. Please give me the old version back and I’ll never upgrade again. Otherwise, this app is deleted.

  • Michael

    The update is a good refresh of the look; I like the new papers. However, the writing experiece is no longer usable. Penultimate had something unique and very helpful with the scrolling zoom that kept pace with your speed of writing. The new “play” feature makes it virtually unusable for me. From what I’m reading here and on the app store, I’m not alone. This was, by far, my favorite writing app. If the new version is supposed to evision what writing on an iPad is supposed to be, the I would never use a iPad to write. I’m back to using Notes Plus. If the stability and capabilities of the previous version were restored, I would be back in a heartbeat.

  • Adam

    The thinner ink is great. It seems like the ability to duplicate a notebook has gone…that is a pain. It would probably make so many more users happy by just allowing a new type of ‘Handwriting’ note in evernote (like you did in Android).

  • Jamie -

    This update is awful!!!! I loved the other version – please go back!!! I agree with so many of the comments already provided.

    – The scrolling doesn’t follow the speed of your writing, it just keeps going even when you are not writing
    – Can not clear a whole page
    – Can not rearrange pages within a notebook
    – Can not add pages in the middle of a notebook
    – Can not view all my pages in a notebook – I used that sometimes to find something I was looking for
    – Doesn’t feel like a notebook anymore
    – The only two things I like are the highlighting feature and that it can be used horzontally (even though that wasn’t a big deal to me before)

    I used this app every single day for work and school notes. I recommended it to EVERYONE!! I HATE it now!! Please go back to the other version or fix this so it works like before. At a minimum at least bring back the old features. If there is a solution for all my issues, someone please tell me!!

  • Simon

    I’m not that concerned about the color change from brown to blue, or that the notes are being organized differently – I’ll figure that out and adjust how I work. But, the ability to write is a disaster, where has the drift mode gone ? Did anyone actually test and sign of the feature as usable ? Please add the drift mode back ASAP, and some sort of official acknowledgement that you are working to return the list functionality would go a long way to making me feel more comfortable about continuing to use your products.

  • Joe

    This update is a disaster. Apparently, Evernote app designers don’t even use their own product or they wouldn’t have made a mess of what was a good writing experience. Can’t see notebook thumbnails anymore, writing speed is unreasonable, functions no longer available, I could go on and on. It’s a disaster and I’m sorry I updated.

  • Andrew

    This is terrible. I have been using the penultimate app for a long long time. I have 60+ notebooks. And now they are not notebooks with pages I can view separately, but one long string of paper? Really? This is just a horrible idea. It was one of my go-to apps for note taking. Now I will be moving over to another app. I liked the fact they they were arranged like actual notebooks. And I could view them in all pages view. This is just disappointing. I like the Evernote integration, but to retool this app in such a large scale way seems to be a bad idea. I will no longer recommend this app to anyone. NoteShelf here I come! Sad to lose so much previous work.

  • Juha

    As much as I like fresh look&feel and having separates notes rather than lengthy notebooks, I’m very disappointed about the lack of basics in the new update. For me the update turned Penultimate completely unusable for taking handwritten notes.
    – The precision with Jot Script Stylus is worse. Even my 15 bucks Targus works better.
    – Zoom box drift really doesn’t work at all for handwriting purposes. Old version did much better work here. Also the pan-and-zoom very often goes blank and doesn’t display anything.
    – I cannot move individual pages between notebooks. I would like to reorganise old “Penultimate” notebook pages more aligned.
    I hope the next update fixes the basics, so I can have my Penultimate back.

  • Stan

    Very disappointed. Most of the constructive comments have been added. I’ll check back here to see if any positive word from the developers on addressing the issues, but meantime am looking for another app. Am rethinking my relationship with Evernote, which has been great until this.

  • Scott

    evernote, you are going to lose your customers if you don’t reverse this “upgrade”. Its not intuitive; I can not get to my previous notebooks easily and looks like I may have lost data; I can not add a page easily; I can not cut and paste a section of text. quite frankly, I can not continue using it. I’m looking for another solution now. bad move evernote.

  • hans

    the order of individual pages is lost. i used that to be able to read and sort my notes later. why change an app so fundamentally? hate it

  • Cliff

    Wow. Please help. I have over 90 note books. Where did the names go? How do I add pages to the front of a note book? Help please. I rely on this software to do my job.

  • Carl

    The update is the worst update I have every seen. What were they thinking, the drift / zoom feature of the previous version was awesome now it is useless. I was able to restore my tablet from my pc to the old version but now the import pics does not work. Great Job evernote…. if this is not fixed I will remove them from my life.

  • Jean

    What a way to screw up a great app. This had taken a great, beautifully functioning BUSINESS app and tried to make it look/feel/act like FB – what a waste! I have lost access to 100s of pages in dozens of notes. Individual pages are a good thing for business apps. I loved being able to look at all the pages and go and select the one page I needed. It takes FOREVER to scroll through and there’s no way to know where in the note you are. Please!!! Go back to the old version. Create a SEPARATE/NEW app if you want it to look like this. I am now looking for your replacement. So sad…this was a great app.

  • Peter

    Wow, this update has transitioned the penultimate application from my favourite application of all time that I would sprout to all that would listen to something that is worse than useless. Can I revert to the previous version PLEASE. Most of my specific complaints have been summarised by Ethan and others below. Can I revert PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. 6.0 is absolute rubbish.

  • ben

    terrible update. the assertion that the page based format is antiquated is absurd. organization of thoughts into groups by page is essential for many tasks. infinite paper could be an option, but by no means should be the only option. i also agree with the numerous other complaints regarding drift and book titles.

    luckily, i was able to delete v6 and restore v5 from my mac backup, so I’m back to using the proper version of the app, which is great.

  • VG

    very unfortunate update for the historic owners of the app. lost data, no notebook titles, choppy scrolling. used to be my goto app for notes and sketchbooks. truly disappointing now. in fact the company has done unacceptable thing by not warning the customers about the substantial “upgrade”. not good.

  • Soraya

    Oh man – looks like I’m not the only one hating this new upgrade. I’m all for upgrades as long as functionality is kept. I, like many others here, have found a great app made completely useless by developers.

    1. I cannot write with the new app as the speed doesn’t adjust to my writing speed – it’s not that I’m a slow writer but sometimes you have to pause while writing notes to listen to the speaker. This click to run feature just keeps going, so instead of me pausing and assuming the app has paused, no I have to take an extra millisecond of time to hit the pause button
    2. The writing is incredibly choppy. I don’t have a jot script but if this is how you expect us to buy a bluetooth stylus it won’t work.
    3. The pages are all gone!! Months of notes are all jumbled into one long page with the pictures having been moved around. I’m so happy I backed up my penultimate into evernote a few days before this upgrade. But it’s completely unusable now for note taking.
    4. I appreciate that you’re trying to use the features of the ipad with continuous scroll – and that’s cool – but add a feature within the page you’re working to add a page rather than backtracking out to the home screen of the notebook.

    I unfortunately will stop using this app until these features are fixed.

  • Nick

    Fully agree with Ema and Alan – how can I read my notes written on the previous version ? I only see the top page, how can I read all of them ? How can I scroll down / up ? Thank you for answering !

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi Nick,

      You should be able to scroll off the top page of your note using a two-finger swipe up or down. We’ll be introducing a thumbnail tray that will help you more quickly navigate larger notes within the week.

      • Jasna

        Hi Ronda.

        I’m glad of your reply. Hopefully the tray will be like the previous version. I just bought the pen and I would hate to have to delete Penultimate. The previous version was fantastic. Let’s hope that the glitches are fixed.
        Zoom terrible
        Pen lags
        Put back page thumbnails
        Bugger the ‘infinite’page. I want a book and pages to turn. That’s part of the charm of your app.
        As a teacher I love this app. Please fix it.

  • Ashkan

    I ve been using this new version today and Im in mixed opinion.
    1. I like the fact that I can now work in single note form (i.e not have to have one big notebook saved back to evernote). However, I did like the fact that I could use the thumbnail view to view multiple pages within a note. So this capability being brought back would be good.
    2. I ve been taking pictures and noticed that only the first picture taken and saved to the note is being saved. I ve re tried this about 10 times and it still wont add the new photo taken. Very annoying.
    3. There seems to be a lot of lag with this when writing. Not all the time but sometimes.
    4. Why cant I delete a page!!!! Its ridiculous to have notes being added to evernote with blank pages.
    5. When in Evernote and I add a tag and change the title, I ve noticed it deletes the tag and the title and puts it back to the original as it was in evernote. Very annoying…
    6. The zoom feature has improved, but I still dont understand why we cant have a left/right arrow key next to the return button so we can move to the next section of the page. The auto feature always makes me feel like I am rushing the note taking..

    Overall I can see the idea of what is trying to be achieved to make penultimate and evernote more integrated, but these issues with the pictures being added, lag time with note taking, being able to go to the page we want, delete a page and being able to control when to move along rather than the auto move for zoom mode MUST be fixed. I am really tempted to stop using penultimate and move to a different note taking app. The only reason I use penultimate is because of the strong integration with evernote, but at the moment really really dissapointed.

  • Ronda Scott

    Thanks to all for your feedback on Penultimate 6.0. We are currently working on adding a few key features to the app that should hopefully address many of the concerns listed here. First, the dynamic drift experience will return along with a resizable zoom box. There’ll be page breaks again and we’re adding a note page thumbnail tray so quickly finding the right page in a longer note becomes much easier. And we’ll be turning note titles on as a default (currently, people who are missing their note titles can turn them on by selecting Show Note Titles via Settings > General).

    We expect this update to be available within a week. We will continue to read comments posted here and will update with more specific timing information on the update when we have it.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    • Peter

      Or you could do what we all want and revert back to the old version. If you must persist with this then split it out into a new app.

    • Coos

      Good to see that changes will be made. I cannot see a date on the blog. So what does “within a week” mean?

    • Tamas Hak-Kovacs

      at last

    • Rex

      In addition to the page tray to navigate, PLEASE add back the page management functions… particularly the ability to “insert” pages. We don’t always create note in “one conscious stream of thought,” but an ongoing one.

    • Carl

      It is a good thing that you listen to the feedback given on this page. I´m sure you are getting quit a lot of it and here´s some more.

      I´m lefthanden, when in zoom the “controls” re placed to the left which means that i´m constantly “pushing them with my hand, is it possible to add a lefthand mode which places the “cent rolls” to the right side.

    • Jasna

      Thank you Ronda, and thank you Penultimate for listening.
      Will keep my eye on this blog. Cheers.

    • Temple

      A “We realize that we put something out that wasn’t good, and we are making our best efforts to rectify that” would have been a better way to begin your response. Evernote’s slow response and lack of anything resembling contrition for this major fail, despite the absolutely mind blowing negativity expressed in every front, is really telling. I love Evernote and Penultimate (before the update) and have been a Premium user since the get go, I am incensed and disappointed with Evernote’s blasé attitude. I just don’t get it. Contrast it with the Apple handled the Maps debacle: We screwed up, we are sorry. We’ll make it right, with the reply I got from Evernote when I sent a list of my problems with the new update. Please refer to our FAQ. Seriously?!

  • Ethan Fineout

    Argh! Infinite paper is theoretically great for writing but not for remembering the page to look for. Need a red line to denote new page and keep infinite. Also, as everyone has said WTF happened to the awesome scroll while I wrote? That stupid box at one speed is so full of fail. Don’t you test your products? I loved it before…I would hope to love it more after an “upgrade” but it made me want to throw my Adonit in the trash and delete the app

  • Ali

    Well, I prefer the drift mode, I want to create a note within an existing notebook I cannot, I also like to add the tags feature, I cannot rotate images, also if there is crop feature for the images, but I like the new full screen mode and the new design.

  • Coos

    By the way, good that the photo-taking-option has returned. However now the resizing and rotating is no longer possible! Please redo!.

    When scrolling through the pages (by lack of thumbnails) with two fingers, smudges occur. A suggestion is to include a “hand-button” which can be selected for browsing through a notebook/note.

    In the previous a paper type could be set per page. Now the whole note will be changed into the selecte paper type! This is not helpful.

    Please also change this.

  • Coos

    Suggestion / request:
    Please make previous version available until all items are solved in the version 6!!

  • Gan Sharma

    I just noticed that Penultimate is going to be revamped. Thank you. One suggestion. Please ensure that the sync between the app and Evernote is better implemented. I don’t know about others, but I would love to see the functionality of being delete a notebook in my iPad app without the corresponding notebook in Evernote being deleted as well. A toggle setting will do as well if there are people out there who want notebook deletions to be synchronized.

  • Jon

    I am really interested how these updates have been tested, it is quit obvious this update is really horrible. I really enjoyed using it untill now. IT has forced me to use pen and paper again. I am amazingly dissapointed….

  • David

    I gave up ink and paper when I started using Penultimate a few years ago, and I now have a few dozen notebooks with all of my business and personal work.

    And with the update, I can’t use any of it anymore. I can’t recognize notebooks without titles, and I have yet to be able to navigate and zoom to find anything.

    I tried a lot of apps to find something appropriate for a left-handed stylus user, and I was thrilled to find Penultimate and then even more so when they were bought by Evernote so that I could browse notes without my iPad.

    But now I’ve gone back to ink and paper and have a ton of work inaccessible. Really hoping another update improves things.

  • Brian

    I am thoroughly disappointed with this update. You took a really good product and made it inefficient amd rendered it practically useless. It was so intuitive before and worked really, really well. Now, the work flow makes no sense and the responsiveness is clunky and slow. You can’t even find information in the help section (only videos of the older version). Really??!! Please make the older version available again. Otherwise. Like so many already, I’ll be forced to migrate to a new product. Terrible update.

  • Ben S

    One useful feature: pause sync. Now I dont have to worry about the server overwriting my changes when I flick back & forth & edit. The rest is a mess. Infinite pages? To bad when you pdf to a printer it doesn’t have infinite pages. Overall? Completly useless now for doing Maths & sending it off to the prof… Maybe my daughter can do a few crayon drawings. Will be rolling back versions & thinking how I can migrate off. And, dammit I paid for that expensive pen.

  • Hiro

    Feature Request: I like to write my daily journals in the Penultimate (at least the old version). But when it’s updated in Evernote, you would have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see my last entry. Please add a feature to reverse the newest page to be on top/the first page. Thanks.

  • Bob Vineyard

    The reason your older version was successful and well loved is because it combined a familiar metaphor with new technology. You say you now have totally ditched the familiar to embrace the technology. This should be a new application, v1.0, and let the market decide if your new way of doing things is better than the old familiar, well understood ‘notebook’ metaphor.

  • fred nzo

    thumbs up for the new design, the new interface etc etc…but when it comes to functionality the old version was much much better. its true, i have a two and a half year old ipad, but then again you should ve limited the new upgrade to newer ipads if that is why i m having so many issues with hand recognition and parts of the “paper” that just wont react to my evernote jot script.

  • Ronda Scott

    We’ve posted an update on Penultimate 6.0. Please see this post to learn how we’re addressing the many concerns that have been raised in this thread:

    We appreciate your feedback and will continue to update the community on our planned changes to Penultimate 6.0.