Business Card Scanning Arrives on Evernote for Android


Business Card Scanning Arrives on Evernote for Android

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 20 Nov 2014

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 20 Nov 2014

One of our most-requested Premium features is now available on Evernote for Android: business card scanning! All across the world the business card exchange is a powerful, daily ritual. Evernote gives this meaningful interaction a significant upgrade.

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Swipe over to the Business Card camera mode in Evernote for Android, then snap a photo of the card. Evernote will instantly recognize and digitize the information on the card.


For added accuracy, connect Evernote to LinkedIn. When you do, we’ll enrich the contact with additional information and the individual’s photo and let you connect to them on LinkedIn.

Connect to LinkedIn and Scan for a Year

If you’re a free user, simply connect Evernote to LinkedIn and you’ll get unlimited business card scanning for an entire year!

Business Card Notes Are Different

Unlike most notes in your account, Business Card notes are very structured. For example, when you open the note, you’ll see a phone icon next to the number and an envelope near the email address. Tap on either to perform the expected action. Tap the edit icon to add notes or update the information. You can also add this individual to your phone’s contacts.


New: The Snap Case Business Card Holder

As if adding this feature wasn’t exciting enough, we have a new addition to the Evernote Market that just happens to be this feature’s perfect companion: the Snap Case Business Card Holder.



This beautiful, soft microfiber case comes in three different colors and holds up to 20 cards. Like all of our Market products, there’s more to this case than meets the eye. Lay the case open and place your new contact’s card on it. Now you have a contrasting surface that will make for better photos with the Business Card camera.

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  • Brian

    When does this happen? Tried my smartphone and Nexus 7 and don’t have a “Business Card Camera mode!”

    • Ronda Scott

      Please make sure you’ve got the latest version of Evernote for Android – 6.2. When you tap on the camera to capture an image, swipe to the left for Business Card mode.

  • Bonnie Rauwerdink

    How do I access this feature? I just took a picture of a business card and nothing seemed to happen.

    • Tony Anderson

      I found it by going into the main menu then Explore Evernote. Then “try this feature now.” And, it’s the only way I can find it.

      • Carla

        Hey Tony Anderson- Your trick fixed it for me! Thanks!

  • Dave

    I fear (with the introduction of a $70 card holder) that perhaps Evernote is still leaving trouble focusing on its main product – functional, efficient software.

    It’s been months since Evernote Food functioned (it died with iOS8).

    The Penultimate debacle seems to mirror several versions of Evernote Mobile for iOS a while back.

    In general – if Evernote is going to be the 100 year company it hopes to be, it would do well to focus sufficient attention on the products at the center of its ecosystem.

  • Dmitriy

    Just tried it and it generally works fine. However, it can’t distinguish between phone number and fax number. I always have two phone numbers and no way to change one field from phone to fax on my Android devices. And even though I can change one of the fields on my Windows client from phone to fax it will change back to phone upon next sync. It can get pretty confusing trying to guess what is a phone number and what is fax number. Need a way to change field from phone to fax on the Android device.

  • John Carrroll

    I am an Evernote business user and have downloaded the Business card update. For some unknown reason, when the camera is in Business card mode, neither the camera nor I can see the business card. I have placed pens and coins next to the business card and pens and coins show up perfectly. Is this a bug in the system, or is there some method of tweaking the camera. I have noticed that in when in business card mode the very bright camera light is constantly on, is this perhaps blinding the camera ?

  • Kyle

    2 questions:
    * Is there a way to include a 2nd picture? I often come across cards with information on both sides, but I can’t find a way to add a 2nd picture to a Business Card note.
    * Is the automatic scanning coming to Android?

  • Cole Brodine

    I would love the ability to rotate these business card images. It doesn’t always seem to get them oriented correctly.

  • Ken

    I’m glad this feature has finally been added, and I have already started using it. Now, my hope is you have definite plans to bring the Scannable app to Android. I don’t mean to sound like an ingrate, but I use Evernote as my primary workspace and would like to have access to the best tools on the platform I have already invested in. Keep up the great work!

  • Samir

    Very cool. I agree that separating fax number from phone number would be great, and double sided features would be great too. What about exporting into Outlook, or can gmail do that (since I saw it will add to gmail contacts)? What about tagging? I used to use CardScan to scan business cards and putt them into Outlook. Then I got a small ScanSnap and now I just scan business cards into Evernote, since for most, I don’t need to put them into Outlook. This could be cool.

  • Jorge Arturo

    Great, just tried and worked great!, Finally, please Evernote consider your Android users too as you do with the iOS ones.

  • Scott

    I got it to work. Pretty cool.

  • Akheel

    How do we connect Evernote to LinkedIn? I am not seeing this option.

    • Craig

      I’m also struggling to find this option on my Note 4.

  • Harry

    It would be an awful lot more useful if it syncronised to Outlook. Great as Evernote is, I don’t want to have to refer back to it to look up contact details.

    I appreciate it can sync to the contacts on my phone, but what if I don’t want all my work and home contacts mixed up?

    • Tony Anderson

      The business cards will sync to what ever contacts are sync’d with your phone. It takes me directly to Contacts (Samsung Note 2) and in Contacts I’m able to choose which account I want to save the contact to.

  • Tony Anderson

    So…is the only way to get to the business card scanner to go through “Explore Evernote”?? It’s the only way I can find. AND, it would be SOOO great if I could attach the business card to another note. Most of my notes are business records anyway. I use Evernote as a poor-man’s CRM.

  • Clash of clans wiki

    I love it, but how do I access this feature?

  • Barry Graham

    This is absolutely amazing once you figure out how to do it!

  • Paul

    When will this be available for Apple products?

  • jim

    Where is the connect with LinkedIn command after scanning business cards for Android? This command was easily accessible on the iPhone app.

    • Zac Zheng

      On Android:

      Click on top left’s vertical … button
      Camera(I’m guessing the English name here as I’m on the Chinese version)
      Then scroll down for LinkedIn.

  • Chris Palmer

    Or better still, use the information on the business card to establish appropriate phone number formatting.

  • Jim

    Sounds like a not-quite-ready-for-primetime BETA product being tested on its user base.

  • David Schultz

    I was having same problem where I was unable to scan business cards unless I used the “explore new feature” method… Found out to get this working using normal + camera method (from within evernote) you first need to go into settings, camera and make sure the “Activate multi-shot” is enables (checked)… Then when you use camera across the bottom of the camera screen you will see the options for “post it”, Business card, Document, etc).. Choose Business card and take picture of card… nice new feature… works great!!!

    • Daniel

      Great answer, David. I couldn’t find that search evernote web site itself. Not the most user friendly way to activate the feature on their part, but very happy you shared it!

  • al

    When i tap camera and swipe to the left, I can not see any business card camera. I do have 6.2 and I’ve made it work 3-4 times…but can not find a business card camera 90% of time. Thank you.

    • al

      Sincere thanks to David Schultz. When I finally found and activated multi-shot feature in camera inside Evernote, it makes the business card function appear!

  • victor

    OK, But, it is not coping with two phone numbers Office and Mobile.

    Also, can you link into Salesforce, create contact or lead, please.


  • Alfredo

    I have the version 7.9.3 for Android on a ASUS Zenfone2 but the camera doesn’t open the business card mode. Can you help me to find a solution? thanks

    • prosen

      Thanks for reaching out to Evernote! We recommend checking out our Help Center and/or submitting a support ticket via Or, you can tweet at @evernotehelps on Twitter for assistance. -Pam R

      • Alfredo

        Thank you!