Context Makes for More Informed Work on Android and Windows


Context Makes for More Informed Work on Android and Windows

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 19 Dec 2014

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 19 Dec 2014

Evernote’s newest augmented intelligence feature, Context, plays a central role in our mission to build software that helps you be more productive all through the workday. Today, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Context on our Android and Windows platforms.

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Context informs your work right as you’re doing it by connecting you to the most relevant information in your account and in the outside world. Using it is as simple as working the way you normally would. As you write or research in Evernote, pieces of information related to the topic you’re working on start flowing in at the bottom of your note.


This information comes from sources including your own past notes, notes shared by a coworker, and articles from trusted news sources, like The Wall Street Journal. Other Context sources include Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Pando Daily, and TechCrunch.

Click or tap a note or article to view it, then save it to reference later or share it with Work Chat. With Context, you’ll find the information you need just when you need it, all without having to leave your workspace.


For your benefit only

Your privacy is at the core of Context. We do not share any information about you or your account with any publisher. These are not ads. All of our augmented intelligence is performed within the Evernote service. The links we use when sending you to a publisher’s content do not contain any identifiable information. Like we say in our 3 Laws of Data Protection: your data is protected. If you’d like to know more about how Context works, check out our Context FAQ

Special Wall Street Journal offer

All Wall Street Journal subscribers that are eligible for a WSJ+ membership can enjoy a year of Evernote Premium with their subscription. Redeem by logging into your WSJ account.

Available now

Context is a Premium feature, available in the latest update for all major platforms. If you don’t have Premium yet, upgrade your account now to see it in action.

If you’re an Evernote Business subscriber, you also have Context. In addition to the sources mentioned above, you’ll see shared notes from coworkers who may know more. If you’re also a Factiva customer, you can enable Factiva in your Context Settings to see information about companies mentioned in your notes.

We’re incredibly excited about Context’s role in helping us get even more out of the time we spend working. Let us know what you think below.


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  • Jaymoon

    Ah, and it includes the ever so important “off” option. A lot of these new features are great, but just not for me (Chat & Context mainly). I appreciate that Evernote is sticking to its early philosophy of providing a platform, and leaving it up to the user to decide how they wish to use it.

    • forevernote

      These features are nothing but distractions for me. Pretty useless. Hence I am not a premium user.

    • su

      where please is the off button? Context nothing but an irritation at the moment.

  • Nate

    I like that you guys are continually innovating. However, how about adding some basic features on Android, like the ability to multiselect notes.

  • Cortex

    I’m hoping there will be a broader selection of context sources in the future. It seems like the only sites available at the moment are tech-oriented. I can see this being a fantastic research tool if it could be connected to something like google scholar, or even sciencedaily.

  • John Tarnoff

    Annoying. I like the idea, but I’ve had to shut if off because it is constantly popping up a reminder in the middle of my screen. How about a setting allowing me to dismiss the pop-up? I’m fine with having the source(s) appear at the bottom of the Note, but do they have to be so intrusive?

  • Mark

    Have to agree – the pop up context message in the Windows version is *INCREDIBLY* annoying! I don’t know what is triggering it to pop up again and again every few minutes but I had to disable it. Not only because it was a big distraction but also because it covers up the end of the note – where I’m typing much of the time.

    Might be a useful feature but the presentation is too much.

    • rp

      how can i turn off the context alerts on the desktop app?

      • Dennis

        The registry fix to remove context from desktop Evernote.