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Posted by John Hoye on 01 Feb 2016

Posted by John Hoye on 01 Feb 2016

Evernote has long helped people live and work across all their devices. A few years ago, we realized that though our days were centering more and more around our devices, we were far from living in a 100% digital, paper-free world. There was a real desire for innovative products that would span and organize our digital and physical spaces and all the points in between.

To address that need, we launched Evernote Market. We worked with best-in-class partners like Adonit, Moleskine, and PFU to create products that plugged directly into Evernote and we enlisted the help of accomplished designers to bring order to our workspaces.

Through Market sales we’ve learned a tremendous amount about how people capture and organize information. We learned that despite all of the digital notes we take and the paperless goals we set, we’re still taking plenty of handwritten notes and continue to find value in having a quality scanner as a part of our work flow. We also learned that there was an appreciation for well-designed products like the Triangle Commuter Bag that, while not a digital integration, embody Evernote’s promise of helping people lead more organized lives.

Over the past few years, more than 800,000 Evernote Moleskine notebooks and 300,000 Jot Script styluses were sold worldwide. Through Market’s website alone, we sold nearly 20,000 ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanners. Market gave us the opportunity to illustrate the true value of Evernote to folks who hadn’t yet considered a Premium subscription. In fact, nearly half of the folks who shopped the Evernote Market were paying us for the first time.

Ultimately though, Evernote is a software company. Building and perfecting the Evernote experience is where we’ll be focusing our future efforts. Instead of selling and fulfilling orders ourselves, on February 3rd, we will transition the Market to promote Evernote-integrated products made and sold by our partners at Adonit, Moleskine, and PFU. We plan to continue adding partners and integrations that strongly and elegantly complement Evernote to that list.

We hope that the products we created for Market will continue to enhance and add a bit of Evernotey-ness to people’s daily lives. We greatly appreciate the support and enthusiasm so many of you have shown since we launched Evernote Market. We are confident our partnerships will deliver more of the same in the future.


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  • Nathalie Marquez Courtney

    Is the Pfeiffer collection still going to be available?

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi Nathalie — The Pfeiffer Collection will be available via Evernote Market until 4 pm PT on Wednesday, February 3rd. It’s also available at the RISD Museum Store in-person and potentially via their website in the future.

  • David

    That was a lot of words to say that you’re only selling things that directly integrate with Evernote. I feel like I wasted a lot of my time trying to understand what you really wanted to communicate.

    • Bob

      That’s not what they said at all. Try reading it again.

    • GG

      A lot of your time? It’s six paragraphs. Sure, it could have been “We’re giving up on Market, thank you”. But how about actually stoping for a second to appreciate that everything doesn’t have to be fastfood. They explained where they were and where they are headed. It’s fair when you let stuff go..

  • Dan

    Evernote, thank you for your informative article that I read in less than one minute. 🙂

    I look forward to seeing the new things you will be doing with the Evernote app.

  • Johnny Fontaine

    So is the evernote app going to be affected in anyway? I don’t have to quickly find a backup right?

  • Yuri

    Will you continue to support the Evernote Edition Scanner or make it compatible with the ScanSnap software?

  • alex

    As a loyal user, I feel frustrated with the recent actions that evernote took. They closed most of the side projects and the market, while not making any eye-catching improvement to Evernote itself.
    So what’s the plan? Evernote is already not the best noting tool in the world (onenote beats you out of crap on desktop version). And it is also not the cool app I want to introduce to friends any more. (back in a couple of years, small apps are so proud to announce that they supports evernote sync. How about now? Who cares?)

    • Brian

      Why in the world are you a “loyal” customer if Evernote isn’t the best product you’ve found. I find Evernote simple yet robust, elegantly designed, and easy to connect with from other platforms. That’s why I’m “loyal”…If you’ve found something else, by all means…

  • This form is buggy

    “A few years ago, we realized that though our days were centering more and more around our devices…”

    That’s unfortunate and maybe explains a lot. Maybe Evernote would be in a better place today if a few years ago they would have realized that it is difficult, if not impossible, for something to center around something else. Not sure if a day can center upon a device either. It definitely cannot center around one.

  • Yolo Spinks

    Will these still be available with the cardboard backs. If so, where will I purchase them from?

  • Alistair

    As a premium user for many years, this is music to my ears. Core product innovation and reliability is what I value most. Things like chat need to go too. This renewed focus over the recent months is great to see.

    • Christopher

      As long as Evernote still works with my Jot Script pen this is a good idea. I’d like to see the core app squash some bugs as well as Penultimate treated with a little more care.

  • Tim Edwards

    I’ve read this six times and I’m still not sure! Maybe “transitioning the market” means something in American business English? I take it to read that Market items will still be available but only directly from the individual manufacturers. Is that correct?

  • WY

    Hello. Here is a big fan of Evernote (premium user, of course). I carry Evernote backpack and water bottle (sometimes put on Evernote t-shirt as well) and enjoy their accompany to start a productive day. Thank you, Market.

  • Ramniwas Bhushanrajwada Dheet

    What about the socks? I can’t make fashion decisions without you socks

  • Mark

    Thank you! Evernote is an indispensible part of my business and personal life. It is an irreplaceable tool that has literally replaced much of my memory since a car accident reconfigured my brain a few years ago. Focus and discipline are powerful tools for success, and I’m thrilled to see you are expanding both in the company’s inner workings. Best of luck!

  • Bill

    This is good news! I’ve been disappointed to see evernote selling socks and backpacks while evernote is unusably slow on iphone and the new mac app is devoid of color. Thank you for focusing on the software.

  • Fraser Smith

    Can’t wait to see if this new focus causes the product to emerge from the stagnation it’s suffered from over the last few years and innovate.

  • Neil

    Thank you for finally making a good decision to focus on your app and its core ecosystem. Please aggressively modernize it, and leverage some of your acquired technologies and partnerships to do simple things, like supporting a pen in Windows. Because, um, notetaking. 🙂

    Longtime Premium user, looking forward to the renewed focus.

  • Anselm Lionel-Rajah

    I’m going to miss the store but I really welcome the development of EN across all platforms. I’d like to see notes being able to create documents with a broader range of headers, customisable tables (like Word), you can’t really do this in iOS. Evernote should let your notes etc sing and retainfunction, form and aesthetic to be a natural reflection of what you’re trying to achieve. Perhaps now is the time to go for broke and make it the all-round tool for all types of notes and image/audio integration whilst keeping the app size down to a decent size. Now there’s a challenge.

  • Grant

    As a premium user I must confess that I believe that Evernote is still the best note taking application for a number of reasons. Having said that it is concerning to some degree to hear a lot of the negative press being received, as well as the relative silence from the company relating to strategy and enhancements to the core product. I like the idea of more focus on the core.

    There are some questions that have been raised regarding UI and other forms of functionality. However it would be great to hear where the product strategy is going. Will continue to be a Evernote fan, albeit a slightly frustrated one.

  • Albert G

    Still waiting on being able to do presentations from the web app…

  • Jason

    Is the Evernote Commuter bag still going to be available via partners?? I was just orienting and came to find out the Market is closed:(

  • daniel

    I agree with this but please…start developing evernote as a software for the future or you’ll be a indie app by 2020. Dropbox paper is about to be officially released and it has already showed some skills comparing with EN. Windows version comparing with MAC is so weak that leaves me thinking as a premium…why do I invest every year and you still don’t listen to your customers?

    – Styles (just look what Dropbox paper did)
    – Decent Image formatting
    – Free placement of text/images
    – Not even Code blocks are automatically detected?!
    – Presentation mode in Windows is weaker than MAC
    – Easy to understand how presentation mode Styles conversion works, I can’t seem to understand how it interprete if it’s a title, subtitle or normal text
    – Tables are rigid as steel, we need Onenote table control with styles,versatility

    this are few but old requests…no one wants workchat…we all have slack/hipchat/hangouts/skype for business…we don’t want more chat to communicate with only people that have EN.

    Please PLEASE EVERNOTE…make GOOD use of my money and give US what we Want.

  • Franky

    I am sad to hear about the news – I was about to get another commuter bag and socks, because my wife said she likes them, only to find out they are no longer available. Unlike the scanner/notebook/pen, there is no external link to the bag/socks. I wonder if Evernote has any left for sale or could kindly direct me elsewhere to make the purchase?

  • Chris Plummer

    Thank you for another change that reinforces the impression that you are focusing on the Evernote PRODUCT. And not all the cute stuff. I would like to see the Mac version return to standard interface elements, that work as expected. (And I am making those suggestions on the product blog.) As for the few comments from Windows users complaining about the Mac version..guys, the shoe was on the other foot for about, uh, thirty years. Know exactly how you feel. Now get over it, and get a Mac. 🙂

  • Did

    I think this is a good idea but I did not have enough time before it was closed down. Is the commuter bag available anywhere?

    • Cara

      Say it ain’t so! Is the Triangle Commuter Bag available anywhere?

  • Rebecca

    Can I buy an Evernote commuter bag anywhere. My colleague has hers today and it is amazing……, I need one!

  • Brendan Murphy

    I found the commuter bag!!! ( Only problem is it’s in Japan.

  • Chuck

    So are t-shirts gone – I would love one

  • Eric

    Hi Evernote, I miss the Evernote “lifestyle” brand third-party products and gear like the backpacks, molded-ply accessories, books, and apparel. I understand that having the store was a test in consumer analytics and demographics, but it also is a great way to attract new Evernote users and retain loyal ones as an extension of the brand. The Evernote Market will be missed.

  • olaf

    And where can I buy the scanner or has it become disintegrated from EN? phew… too many disruptive changes in the product offering. the note taking is by far not the best (try GoodNotes or Paper 53), the in-app note taking is great, but has many flaws still (clunky inking, clunking zoom in-zoom out, no handpalm recognition, and i am using it with the EN Stylus.

    • Forrest Dylan Bryant

      Olaf: The scanner is available from Fujitsu. See

  • Joy

    I get to know evernote by your lifestyle product. Maybe… I am minority in this case, but I do wonder do you have a final sale for all these inventories?

  • Nelson Estrada

    I miss Phil Libin. He understood that people loved Evernote because we believe in Evernote’s mission… which is to do your best work, be productive, and never forget things. Most of the things on the Evernote Market existed just to help do that. Notebooks and Post-its to help you capture analog notes. Bent plywood furniture to help you declutter your workspace. And the Evernote merchandise helped us proudly show that we believe in Evernote’s mission too. Evernote isn’t just software… It’s a set of beliefs to live a productive life. And that’s what Evernote Market purpose was and why it sold $12 million worth of product. Please reconsider the Evernote Market ( although the socks can probably stay discontinued).

    If any of you have read the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek you will understand what I mean. People buy what you believe not what you make. And Evernote I subscribed and bought stuff from Evernote Market because I believe in living a productive life… Sure maybe OneNote is slightly better at some stuff… But they don’t have a mission I believe in.

    Evernote needs to return to a focus on its mission and it’s values not just on its software. If you do that I think Evernote will prosper if not it will fail.

    • Darren MacDonald

      I bought a ScanSnap just before Evernote launched their wireless one and I have been waiting for mine to die to get the Evernote version…sad to see the market go! I am a proud owner of a few T-shirts, shocks, stickers and moleskins…I was on here looking for the water bottle but alas all the products are gone. Very sad…longtime Premium subscriber…


  • Cathy

    Very disappointed. I have been counting on getting one of the Triangle Commuter Bags! While I understand cutting your expenses, it does seem to me that good customer service would mean that you would at the very least product your clients with a means to find the products that you have discontinued. If you have any information, it would be greatly appreciated by me and others. Ordering from a Japanese website is not an option for me. Thank you.

  • Thomas

    Evernote instantly impressed me because it was different from the usual sober helpers who have more the sexyness of an Excel spreadsheet than a tool, which we want to use for storing and organizing our personal ideas and notes. The look and feel of the OS X application and the apps were very appealing.
    When the market was come I ordered the Evernote scanner and Evernote Moleskine. For many people, not only the ones from the creative community, the user experience of Evernote is just like the feel of a Moleskine. I hoped Evernote is the Moleskine Journal of the notes solutions. But lately, the look and feel of the application has cooled down and with the omission of the Evernote Market products around writing, organizing and notes I fear now that Evernote will loose its lifeblood and switches more to pure profit / loss strategies and that the end result is indeed a stable and comprehensive solution, but also a boring one without magic, where the fun comes to short and it makes no different any more if you are using Evernote or a solution from Microsoft.

    I just hope it does not come that far. Please!