• Scan to Evernote in 1-step with a ScanSnap

    Scanning into Evernote is a great way to bridge your physical and digital worlds. If you’re anything like me, then you probably have pieces of paper, business cards, documents, and precious napkins thrown across every available surface. Unlike me, you probably don’t have a compulsive urge to scan everything within arm’s reach. But you could! […] Read more

  • Scan to Evernote: Fujitsu ScanSnap

    Some time ago we published a post explaining how to scan directly into Evernote for Mac. In this post, I’ll explain how to set up the Fujitsu ScanSnap to work with Evernote for Windows. Fujitsu ScanSnap We’re big fans of the Fujitsu ScanSnap for a bunch of reasons: it scans both sides of a multipage […] Read more

  • How To: Scan to Evernote (on a Mac)

    I am constantly trying to keep my desk clear of miscellaneous scraps of paper. Anything ranging from receipts to business cards to post-its that manage to accumulate in piles around my keyboard or in the pockets of my jacket and backpack. As these piles grow larger, more unmanageable, and completely unsearchable, I decided to find an […] Read more