Evernote Business: Coming to Your Office This December

Product Updates | 2012-10-16 | sgupta 16 Oct 2012 | By sgupta

We’re firm believers in building for ourselves. That’s always been the driving force behind Evernote’s development. It’s been amazingly rewarding to learn that there are nearly 40 million people around the world that also need help remembering things across their personal and work lives.

The interesting thing is how the definition of ‘building for ourselves’ has begun to change. These days we don’t only think about ourselves as individuals, but we also think of ourselves as a 200-employee small business. All of a sudden, the feature requests that we’ve been getting over the years from small businesses for improved data continuity, better group sharing and easier user on-boarding started making a lot of sense.

So, here we are once again building for ourselves, and for the hundreds of thousands of companies just like ours around the world. We give you: Evernote Business.

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Evernote Business

Evernote Business includes everything Evernote has to offer with a number of powerful new features designed exclusively to meet the needs of our business users. Here are a few of the things you can expect to find in Evernote Business:

Admin Console 
Administrators get access to an Admin Console that lets them manage their company data and who has access to it.

Powerful Sharing
Businesses can create a Notebook directory that contains content important to all employees. In addition, employees can publish notebooks to the business directory to collaborate with others in the organization.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager
To ensure that all your questions and needs are addressed and help you get the most out of Evernote Business, all Evernote Business customers will get a dedicated Customer Success Manager that’s always just a phone call away.

Smart Data Ownership
Any content that is placed into designated Evernote Business notebooks within user accounts is managed and owned by the business. Anything created and stored in a user’s personal Evernote account is controlled by the user.

Easy On-boarding
Once a company is set up for Evernote Business, employees can upgrade their Evernote accounts simply by entering their business email address.

Simplified Billing
Easily pay for your entire organization using a single credit card or invoice.


Evernote Business will launch in December of this year.  We’re really excited to bring this solution to small and medium businesses around the world. It’s the same Evernote that’s used by nearly 40 million people around the world, but with additional features that make it great for companies like yours and ours.

* Originally posted by Andrew Sinkov on August 24th, 2012