Lindsey C. Holmes, Evernote Small Business Ambassador Shares Her Business and Marketing Tips

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We’ve heard from many of our small business users that Evernote is an invaluable tool for keeping track of ideas, projects, and to collaborate with teammates. Today, we’re excited to announce our newest Ambassador, who will be sharing her tips for using Evernote in a small business setting. To kick things off, we’re handing the mic over to Lindsey C. Holmes. 


Lindsey C. Holmes is the founder of LCH Business, her digital marketing agency. Her company develops mobile applications and works with clients to create social media marketing campaigns. Lindsey’s passions include GTD, digital marketing, digital PR and Evernote. See how she runs her business on Evernote.

I use Evernote, Everywhere

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Web

I use Evernote for Running my Business

I’ve been an Evernote user for three years and in that time, it has changed the way I think; a phenomenal feat for a free tool. In the context of my business, I use Evernote for a combination of marketing and GTD (David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology). Here are some of the reasons Evernote has become invaluable to me:

  1. Evernote is seamless. As a business owner, I travel a lot, work from home and in the office. I have a staff of 8 and Evernote helps me manage my workflow, regardless of where I am.
  2. Evernote is totally flexible. It has just enough structure to it that I can organize my notes however I want. The more I started using it, the more it helped me with my productivity, and allowed me to actually process information faster.
  3. Evernote helps me create. Because I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to adjust myself to a structured system, I’m able to focus more on the creation process, and organize however I see fit. The tool doesn’t own me, I own the tool.

How I use Evernote for Marketing

I’ve been using Evernote to capture and create for years, but recently, I’ve realized its huge potential for distribution. Evernote is the most cost effective marketing tool I use and it has allowed me to completely streamline my process. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Evernote’s sharing features. At my company:

  • We create Shared Notebooks for all of our events. It’s easy for me to be out in the field and drop something into Evernote and know that anyone that has access to it will see it. I also love the ability to share something with my Twitter and Facebook networks, straight from my Evernote account. I love that I can use one tool to do so many different things. [Learn about sharing from Evernote]
  • I use Evernote for document storage. I store all of my documents in Evernote, where I can easily edit them, export them as PDFs and drop the edited version right back into the note, where it will always be available to me.
  • I use Evernote as my distribution tool. I’m able to send emails to my team right from my Evernote account, which makes the communication flow extremely efficient and effective.
  • My office is completely paperless. I rely on my Doxie scanner and Shoeboxed (a service for digitizing paper and saving it to your Evernote account)  for helping me process paper and then get rid of it.

Every new company staff member is trained on how to optimally use Evernote; it’s invaluable to our business!

Evernote for sentimental mementos, serial numbers and more

The more I use Evernote, the more uses I find for it. Here are a few ideas:

  • I take pictures of outfits before trips. This helps me pack whatever is appropriate and know which pieces in my suitcase go with what.
  • I keep information about my dog, Banks, in Evernote. When we arrive at the vet, I can pull up my dog’s medicine and immediately provide the vet with all the information he needs.

  • I have a notebook for my parents and my little sister. These notebooks include photos and even medicine information. If I’m visiting my sister in DC where she lives, and my parents need me to pick something up for them, I’m able to find everything I need in Evernote.
  • I take pictures of birthday cards. I realize that with Evernote, it’s about the sentiment. By snapping photos of cards with Evernote, I’m able to look at my collection in Evernote much more than if it was kept in a box somewhere. I’ve become a digital hoarder!
  • I store computer serial numbers in Evernote. To keep my gadgets’ serial numbers handy, I snap photos of them using Evernote.

The bottom line is: whenever I come across something that I think could be made easier, I go to Evernote first.

Evernote for networking and events

I go to a lot of events. Since I’m a very organized person, I take lots of notes and photos of business cards. I drop them all into a Shared Notebook that other people who may have attended the event might want to access. It takes the stress out of trying to share notes and tips!

Originally posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on March 1st, 2012