Quick Tip: Adding New Users with Automatic Approval

Tips & Stories | 2012-12-20 | Alex Muramoto 20 Dec 2012 | By Alex Muramoto

Evernote Business

Getting everyone in your company to join your Evernote Business account is fast and easy when you enable automatic approval, which allows any user with an email address in your company domain to join your Evernote Business account. This saves you the time of having to invite each user individually and is the preferred method of adding users.

To make getting all of your users to join using automatic approval even easier, we’ve created an email template in a Public Note that you can copy or send directly to your employees with all the information they need to get started. Click to view the Public Note.

Enabling Automatic Approval

Add Users tab

To enable automatic approval, do the following:

  1. Log in to Evernote Web with your Admin account
  2. Click your name in the top-right corner of the screen to open the ‘Account Info’ menu
  3. Click ‘Admin Console’
  4. Click ‘Add Users’ in the sidebar
  5. In the ‘Automatic approval’ field, enter the email domain you want to enable automatic approval for, e.g. evernote.com
  6. Click ‘Add’

Please note that you can only enable this feature if your company has a dedicated email domain, e.g. evernote.com. Enabling a generic public domain, e.g. gmail.com, is not possible.

Adding Users

Once automatic approval has been enabled, users can simply visit our Evernote Business site, enter their company email address in the ‘Get Started’ field, then click the green arrow next to the field.

get started box

Evernote Business will automatically send them an invitation email that contains a link and instructions on how to complete the process of joining your company’s Evernote Business account.

Whitelisting evernote.com

Evernote Business Admins are strongly encouraged to ask their company IT administrator to add evernote.com to their email whitelist. This will ensure that Evernote Business invitation emails are received by your users and not filtered as spam.