Evernote for Managing a Small Business: Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Tips & Stories | 2013-1-9 | Alex Muramoto 9 Jan 2013 | By Alex Muramoto

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After a year of travelling around Australia, quenching his thirst with delicious Aussie Iced Coffee, Jim Cregan returned to the UK to a lot less sunshine, even less surf and a sweet and sickly version of the iced coffee he’d enjoyed on the other side of the world. So, in true entrepreneurial style, Jim and his sister decided to make their own.

Jim uses Evernote for every aspect of his business; everything from capturing important meeting notes to sharing exciting new ideas, as you’ll see from his video as the UK’s Small Business Ambassador.


I use Evernote, Everywhere (to check)

  • iPhone
  • Mac

Evernote makes running my business so much easier:

Evernote helps me to be more efficient and save time. I am always researching my industry online. It is vital for me to be able to find information easily. Whether it’s doing research about the milk, coffee and iced coffee markets, distribution, supermarket trends, macro and micro stuff, I need to be able to search for it, capture it and then find it again either when I’m on the move or in the office. It’s so much easier to use Evernote than saving it in Safari or to my computer. With Evernote I can save it to all devices, tag it and then find it quicker.

I have just started using Evernote Business. I was one of the first to use Evernote Business in the UK and I love it. I can now communicate more effectively with my colleagues. It creates the ideal situation for small and fast-growth businesses because the whole company can seamlessly discover important company information, as well as storing their own knowledge about the business, which will never get lost.

I use Evernote Web Clipper. To save blog posts, as well as images and reviews about my business that I find online, I simply clip them into my Evernote account. This is great for when I do presentations to buyers, shareholders and investors, as I can pick out real life images and comments very easily, which makes presentations look great.



I use the forwarding email function. Evernote email is brilliant.  I used to email myself things that I had to do, but they would simply get lost. I can now email myself a to-do list and simply place a #TODO at the end of the subject line and it saves it all to one spot.

I use Evernote to manage and save my ideas. I work on a whiteboard a lot so it’s good to photograph these and save them to Evernote.  I can then happily erase the whiteboard and start again!



Evernote is great for saving important photos. Taking photos of stuff and saving them to Evernote is useful for me, especially when I’m on the road. I’ll see a truck which distributes food and drink products and I’ll photograph it then save it to Evernote under #distribution.

As long you can have all your memories in one place, then everything just becomes easy, which is epic!