Feature Update: Manage Trash in the Admin Console

Product Updates | 2013-2-13 | Alex Muramoto 13 Feb 2013 | By Alex Muramoto

Evernote Business

Today, Evernote Business added an important new feature to help Admins better manage their company’s Evernote Business account: the Manage Trash menu in the Admin Console.

Previously, Admins only had the option to permanently delete everything in their company’s Business Trash. With the new Manage Trash menu, Admins can select specific notes to be permanently deleted, as well as view key information about notes in the Business Trash before deciding whether to delete them permanently, including note title, the contents of the note, the name of the Business Notebook the note was deleted from, the date it was deleted, and the user that deleted it.


Deleting, Restoring and Previewing Notes

Admins may hover their cursor over any note listed in the Manage Trash menu, and select any of the following options:

  • Delete: Permanently deletes the note from the Business Trash.
  • Restore: Moves the note from the Business Trash back to the Business Notebook it was deleted from.
  • Preview: Displays the full contents of the note. The note may also be deleted or restored from the preview window.

Admins may also use the checkboxes to delete or restore multiple Business Notes from the Business Trash.

Searching the Business Trash

Because the Business Trash contains any Business Note deleted by any member of a company’s Evernote Business account, browsing to find a specific note in the Business Trash can be time consuming. To solve this and to make managing the Business Trash as easy as possible, we also built a search feature into the Manage Trash menu. Just type any search terms into the search field to view matching notes.