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Friends & Partners | 2013-3-13 | Mie Yaginuma 13 Mar 2013 | By Mie Yaginuma

Evernote Business

kustom note
  • App/developer name: KustomNote
  • Platform: Web
  • Price: Free
  • Type: Note Taking


As part of our series on partner apps that work with Evernote Business, today we are highlighting KustomNote. For businesses that use Evernote to input specific information repeatedly, such as work orders, project specs, or customer call notes, KustomNotes creates easy-to-use note templates that allow information to be captured and formatted consistently. This helps standardize the look and feel of notes across teams, and also ensures required information is never left out.

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You can create your own templates or choose from available templates provided by KustomNote, including ones for inventory, new leads, legal briefs, customer inquiry, estimates and more. In addition to text input, you can add drop down menus, checkboxes and tags, as well as specify colors and themes so the notes in Evernote Business match the style of your other business documents. For each template, you can also designate the Business Notebook that completed notes should be saved to.


KustomNote won the Silver prize at last year’s Devcup. Since then, they have continued to improve the app with soon to be released business features that include privately shared templates, and online forms that businesses can use to collect information directly from customers and save it in Evernote Business. KustomNote will also be releasing versions for iOS and Android version in early April.

Download Kustom Note

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